Monday, June 6, 2011

Love the Magical Art

As an artist myself, it is not difficult for me to grasp the idea that "all" of us are artists and that life is our canvas. So many of us have difficulty in thinking of our selves as creative people. But I disagree. I believe with all my heart that the ability to bring forth Art from real life is a gift every person possesses. It is the true reason why we are here; it is the "Magic of life", to be creative. 

You may not draw, paint, write, sculpt, knit, sing, play an instrument, dance or act but any thing you do with dedication and individual creativeness is "Art!" Whatever you are about to do today can be transformed into an art, if your heart is willing to be the Great Creator's conduit. The world does not applaud everyday art, so we must.

As an artist I have come to know that there are three very different layers to creation: the labor, the craft and the elevation. The man/woman who works with their hands is a laborer. The man/woman who works with their hands and head is a craftsman/woman. The man/woman who works with their hands, their head and their "heart" is an Artist.

Labor is in creation showing up to do the work. Craft is how you go about doing it. Weather it is elder care, child care,  office work, housework or gardening. Are you there in body, mind and spirit? Are you taking your time or are you rushing? Are you concentrating or are you thinking about twenty other things that need to be done? 

If you can answer yes to being there in body, mind and spirit and you are taking your time and concentrating, Love is present. Love is the spiritual energy that induces elevation - the transcendent moment in creation when craft becomes art. 

It takes a lifetime to create the work of art for which we were born. But it only takes five minutes to center yourself before you begin each task today. It takes five minutes to acknowledge in your soul that you are a "Magical Artist" of the everyday. So herald your personal gifts. Offer your love, creative energies, and enormous talents to the person, idea or projects awaiting your attention. 

Brightest of Blessings,

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