Thursday, September 30, 2010

Everything Has Power, Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics says that we are co-creators, creating much of our world around us. For many people this idea is daunting and confusing.

When people play with the idea that they are the creators of their experience, they often get the strange idea that no one else has anything to do with it. From the extreme of having no power they leap to the other extreme of having all power.

On the contrary, everyone has the power to create their own experience. In any situation or event, all the people involved are creating their own experience. Everyone has the same power. 

And everything the same power. The wind, trees, flowers, stars, mountains, seas, rain, clouds and all the rest of the elements and objects of the natural Universe have the same power to create their own experience. A well trained magician,witch or shaman  wouldn't be surprised at the idea that computers are making use of humans to put themselves together. 

The wonderfully curious thing is, that we really don't have any way of proving this is so. I know my computer "Bragi" thinks it's true. In any case by taking this point of view that everything in Nature has it's own power, you learn to work respectfully with those powers, rather than trying to impose your will on dead matter. 

In true shamanic style, you will become able to learn their powers for your own use. In traditional societies the shaman or witch learns the invisible power of the wind, the movement of the jaguar, the healing power of the tree, and so on. 

While we can still do that today, as modern day shamans or witches we can also become updated by learning the power of electromagnetism, the movement of machines and the healing power of music. There is power to be found everywhere, and all power can be useful.

Brightest of Blessings!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Witch Circe (Music of the Sirens)

The Greek witch Circe sits in her island palazzo spinning and weaving; she is understood as magically weaving destiny as well as crafting tapestries. She is often portrayed at her loom and so spinning became explicitly associated with witchcraft. 

                                      The Music of the Sirens

Circe, Witch, Daughter of the Sun, am I, who sees what is beyond knowledge of men. By my magical arts, I send my thoughts here and there, as if borne on falcon's swift wings, and thus I know much that lies under light or in shadow: tricks of transformation, strangely - woven songs, the sea's secret ways, the desires of mortals... 

I once granted hospitality to famed Odysseus, as he journeyed home from war. Some years he stayed with me, and at our parting I advised him of dangers that yet remained before him. I told him of the sea-monster Scylla, who strikes like a serpent from her cave and bears victims away in her six ravenous mouths.

Of Charybdis I spoke well, and warned him not to dare the rushing waters of the abyss. Yet despite this fore-knowledge, he was not able to prevent the deaths of six of his followers, lost in the passage between these twin threats: I could give him only warnings, not guidance.

In the realm of the Sirens, though, I could offer better advice, for their lures are easy to escape. These great, dark birds have the faces of women, and when a ship nears their green and lovely island they raise a song of enchantment that draws close all who hear it, but the shores of their country are white with the bones of those who come to land.

I directed Odysseus to block the ears of his crew with wax; for himself, however, I suggested that he should be bound to the mast by his men, in order to hear the Siren's calls. 

The Sirens steal the wind from passing ships. Thus his craft becalmed just off their island, and out of the midday heat the burning stillness of the sea their voices came floating, shimmering.

Odysseus had listened to my words, and his men rowed calmly on, their ears stopped up with wax. But Odysseus himself - ah, his cries, and his struggling! For the Sirens sing of wisdom, of the understanding of the past and the future, and they sing with the terrible clarity of the mad or the enlightened. 

How Odysseus shouted to his followers, pleading for his freedom even as they tightened the ropes which bound him to the mast! Then he cried aloud to the Sirens themselves, begging them to come to him, as he could not go to them. Yet they did not appear, and the island was gradually left behind.

Only when they were long out of sight of the Siren's isle, and Odysseus had ceased to struggle and hung exhausted in his bounds, did his followers finally release him, and offered them many words of thanks. 

Yet I wonder whether those words came truly from his soul, or whether there was a taste of disappointment like ashes in his mouth as he spoke them. Was he ashamed that, in hearing those sweet, strange songs, he had forgotten his duty to his homeland, to his followers, to his own wife?

Or did he regret that he had not been free to obey their summoning?  And I wonder, too, who on the ship left was most utterly desolate: Odysseus, who could hear the Siren's calls and yet slowly, achingly, was drawn away from them, oar-stroke by fateful oar-stroke; or the deafened, oblivious sailors, who could not hear them at all. 

I hope you enjoyed the story of Circe, the witch, as much as I enjoyed re-telling it. 

Brightest of Blessings, 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love Magic Attraction Spell

This magic spell is best worked on a Friday evening.  Friday is sacred to Freya, the Norse equivalent of Venus. Venus is the goddess of friendship, courtship, love, romance, marriage, and family. The planet Venus is also associated with creativity and peace. 


Rose Water

Vanilla bean or extract
Gold glitter or two gold stars
Almond oil

This love magic recipe comes from a New Orleans voodoo spell. Prepare this magical perfumed oil using almond oil as a base. Add seven drops of rose water, three drops of lemon extract or three drops of lemon juice, a vanilla bean or seven drops of vanilla extract, and gold glitter or two gold stars. Anoint your pulse points before going out or add to bath water for a magical love attraction bath. 

Good Luck, Good Love and Good "Magic"

Monday, September 27, 2010

NOW! The Magic Moment of Power

In some Eastern traditions (as well as some Western metaphysical ones) your present circumstances are the effect of decisions and actions in past lives. If those were good decisions and actions, you have good experiences now, but if they were bad ones you have pain, suffering and sorrow now to the same degree you gave it out in one or more of those lives. 

This is called Karma, a Sanskrit  word usually translated as "cause and effect" or "reward and debt," but really means "action and reaction." The good actions you perform "now" create good karma and the bad actions you perform "now" create bad karma for your next lives. In these traditions karma isn't usually something you can change; all you can do is reap the rewards or work off the debts of the past.

One common Western tradition holds that you are rewarded in this life for obeying specific social or religious rules and punished in this life for breaking those rules. 

Another, more modern Western tradition lays the praise or blame for your present attitude, actions and circumstances on heredity and your early social environment. The implication is that you were shaped by forces beyond your control and cannot be held responsible for what your genes, your parents, or society did to you. 

Quantum Physics and the shamanic magic tradition are sharp contrasts to the above views. They say that the past did not give you what you have today, nor make you what you are today. But that it is your beliefs, decisions and actions today about yourself and the world around you that give you what you have and make you what you are. 

Karma exists and operates only in the present moment. Your environment and circumstances in this moment are the direct reflections of your mental and physical behavior in this moment. Thanks to memory we may carry over habits of body and mind from day to day, but each day is a new creation and any habit can be changed in any present moment - although that doesn't meant it will be easy. 

Your genes do not determine what you are or what occurs in your body. Instead, as an effect of your beliefs, you select out of the immense resources of your gene pool those characteristics that best reflect your present beliefs and intentions. 

In the same way, your parents or social background have nothing to do with your present circumstances, but what you believe about them now and how you react to those beliefs now most certainly does. To the degree that you change yourself in the present moment - your thoughts and your behavior - you change your world. 

Want to change your world, change your beliefs and change your mind.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Norse Shamanism and Magic Today

The Norse were adventurous,daring Viking warriors who worshiped the Aesir and the Vanir (The Norse Gods and Goddesses). These words conjure up shining images of helmet-clad men with huge swords in hand, sailing their dragon ships over choppy seas. 

They were comprised of Scandinavians, as is generally thought but also northern Germans, northern French and people from much of the British isles. They left much of their culture, religion and racial blood in these areas.

The Northmen, like the Celtic tribes had strong ties to the Earth, the Elements, the Gods and the "Little People", hidden people. From the Norse come many of our ideas about trolls, dwarves, elves and giants.

They believed in an afterlife and an end of the world, or Ragnarock, long before the Christians permeated their culture. They gave us the concept of the "Thing", public assembly, where justice could be administered. 

Theirs was one of the few cultures where women had a great amount of freedom and protection under law. Norse women were among the most liberated at the time. They had much status. The Norse concept of marriage allowed great cooperation and companionship between husband and wife. 

In addition to housewives, women were priestesses, wise women,(versed in Magic) rune-mistresses, healers and warriors. They could go before the Assembly and be granted justice, or even a divorce, just as the men could. Women were listened to by men, especially if they had prophetic dreams or impressions. And dreams were considered important, as they were one of the ways the gods contacted humans. 

The people of the North were individualists and deeply resented any attempt to curb their freedom. But at the same time they were capable of great self control, accepting adversities without self-pity. 

The Northmen loved a good story or jest. They were shrewd traders with an instinct for commerce. They loved fine design and artistry. They treasured their ships and swords for their beauty as well as for their function. 

The Norse were firm believers in retaliation for injustices. There was no room for softness or a door mat existence. The land they farmed was harsh and full of hardship. But in spite of all they maintained a strong belief in family and clan. Their stories show an immense, tender love for spouse, children, friends and family. 

Their deities were strong but not immortal. These gods and goddesses were pictured as men and women, but on a grander scale; wiser, stronger, more beautiful guardians of humankind. Norse men did not invoke their gods on bended knee, as in Christianity. They worked with the gods on equal ground inviting the different aspects of each archetypical god to imbue them with these energies.

Norse Magic and Celtic Magic are the only two true Western European magical traditions. The Northmen were among the last European societies to fall to Christianity. 

Norse Magic for today fits the type of personality that is a "doer," someone who definitely dose not believe in taking a servile approach to life. It interests those who want to actively shape their own future, rather than just waiting around for change to come on it's own. 

It is a Magic of pride in oneself with the courage to face whatever comes, and the knowledge to mold results into a particular life plan. It attracts only a strong person, open to changes and the acceptance of new ideas. 

The Norse Gods do not drop results in your lap. These gods only help those who help themselves. 

You must ignore the old cry of, "Magic doesn't work!" And instead attune yourself to the power of the Elements calling upon the Norse Gods and other supernatural beings. 

Magic works if you think it works! Preparing for magic begins with the subconscious mind, and reprogramming it to accept the unseen and the disprovable. It begins by unlocking the creative part of the mind. 

True magic is the way of the individual, not society. It encourages self growth and a restructuring of thought and living. 

If you become successful and happy through magic; why worry about the opinions of others who are less open? Learn, practice and perform! Enjoy every new success to the fullest.

As the old Norse would say: "May the Gods of Asgard guide your steps. May Thor's hammer protect you. May Odin give you wisdom and may Freya give you magical power and prosperity!"  

Brightest of Blessings,
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Magic, Quantum Physics and Energy

                                  Everything is Energy

It is not new to either Quantum Physics or metaphysics to say that everything is energy, but the logical implications are interesting because they include the idea that thought is energy. And that one kind of energy can be converted to another kind of energy (magic?). 

This happens when the pressure energy of steam pushes a turbine to convert magnetic energy into electrical energy; and it happens when electrical energy pushes through a resistant wire to produce heat for an iron. 

Heat is also generated when a group of human beings in a room get excited or do certain breathing or meditative exercises. This idea also provides a neat explanation of how thought can produce it's physical equivalent, especially when amplified by emotion or confidence. 

                                Exploring Energy Flow

To demonstrate how energy flows where attention goes; and how thought affects physical energy, pick up a chair by it's seat and feel the weight of it. Then put it back down.

Now focus your attention on the very top of the chair's back and pick it up by the seat again. If your focus is good the chair will feel lighter. Regardless of how you want to explain it, the practical fact is that if you have to lift anything you will find it easier to do if your attention is focused on the very top of the object or even in the air a foot above it.
I believe "Magic" is the taking of energy from another plane of existence and weaving that energy by specific thoughts, words and practices into a desired form or result. Or the "art of changing consciousness at will." If you found the chair lighter the second try, after focusing on the top of the chair, seems to me you just performed a small feat of "Magic". 


Friday, September 24, 2010

All Power, Witchcraft and Magic Comes from Within

Most philosophies teach that we are relatively powerless, that real power exists outside of ourselves in the form of a god separate from his creation. Gods and Goddesses act at their own whim. Then there are fate, past events, genes from our ancestors, society (meaning other people). And it appears that we are under the control of Government, parents, a spiritual hierarchy of ascended masters, forces of evil, and Nature, any thing but inside ourselves. 

But the Magical Shaman philosophy teaches that "all" the power that creates your experience comes from your own body, mind and spirit. By just observing an event we change things. If there are no limits, then all the Universe or Source of Life is infinite, and if it is infinite, then all of it's power is at every point of it. This would include the point which you define as you. 

Nothing ever happens to you without your participation. Every event that you experience you creatively attract it through your beliefs, desires, fears and expectations, and then react to it from habit or respond to it consciously. 

No one really makes us unhappy. You may make yourself unhappy because others don't act the way you want them to or the way you think they should. If you are the victim of some kind of injury or abuse, it is important to realize that something inside of you helped to bring this about.

This does not mean that you are to blame, because you were probably not consciously aware of the beliefs, attitudes, and expectations on your part that were involved. 

Also it does not mean the other person was innocent, because what ever they did came from their own beliefs, attitudes and expectations. And to what ever degree they made conscious choices to do harm they are subject to the laws of society. 

Never the less, it is important to realize your part in the event so that you can change the factors in yourself that helped bring it about. If the power and magic are in you to create it; then the power is in you to change it. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Witchcraft and Menstrual Power

Women are usually thought of as the "weaker" sex, with men having that great upper body strength. But women were once considered to be the more magically potent gender. This was due to their spiritual alliance with the Moon, tides, and the Earth herself. Here are some examples of proof of "Women's magic Power.":

The ability to bring forth "life" from their bodies.

Women's ability to provide food from their bodies.

Menstruation, the monthly flow of blood that indicates the potential for fertility. (Even the promise of Life after Death.)

Women were initially revered, respected and worshipped because of this power. The earliest sacred images took the form of females. 

No material on Earth, nothing is considered more magically powerful than menstrual blood. And no practitioner more powerful than a menstruating woman. Except in the case of "menopausal" women who were thought to the most powerful. As women were perceived as not loosing power as they aged, but in fact gaining it. 

Traditional metaphysical wisdom suggest menstrual blood creates a solid wall of magical protection. It can break curses, hexes and confound the evil eye.

Consumption of as little as a single drop of menstrual blood is believed to stimulate undying devotion for her. This can be done knowingly or unknowingly. After this she will command your heart forever.

It is even believed by historians, scholars and anthropologists that menstrual blood may have provided the first blood sacrifices where no one got hurt.

But with any thing so potent it is also potentially dangerous. The real reason why some cultures separate women from men when they menstruating is not because they are unclean as we have been led to believe. But in fact it is because women in this condition were temporarily too powerful and dangerous to be left unsupervised. 

Where women live or work closely very closely together, menstrual cycles tend to become synchronized. Therefore the women in one community might simultaneously menstruate, creating a formidable magical army.

Menstrual blood is such a yin (female) power, it may counteract or deviate yang (male) energy. It can defuse men's amulets and deactivate men an their magic as well. The admonitions to avoid sexual contact with menstruating women may have been instituted to preserve male power. 

In today's culture even those with access to true menstrual blood may not find it convenient or socially acceptable to use, so there are substitutes that could be very powerful magic spell ingredients and serve as a facsimile. They are henna, iron, iron oxide powder, ground hematite, vermilion powder, red ochre, or red brick dust; blood root, dragon's blood resin or red sandal-wood powder. Or dried scarlet carnation petals. 

If the witch is understood as embodying this primordial potent female power, then this is the reason why she became so feared and why she is perceived as being potentially dangerous and so capable of destruction. It was because of her ability to access this power. 

Brightest of Freya's Blessings,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Witches - Magic- Moon - Spell

Cooked rice
A bright full Moon

In Norse witchcraft the Moon is believed to be a masculine energy and the Sun is generally accepted as a feminine energy. But in most of Western society Lunar energy is considered to be feminine.

Our society is very Solar (masculine) oriented. Everyone responds to the sun kissed fruit or vegetable ripening in the Sun. People still partake of Sun bathing despite all kinds of warnings about skin cancer. In some circles of the occult, Solar energy is considered more positive than Lunar energy.

In the Tarot cards, the Sun trump is believed to foretell happiness, health and good fortune. Where as the Moon trump is associated with danger, illusion and "Howling at the Moon!" There are still many fears and superstitions surrounding women's mystery and (Moon) power.

Hopefully this spell will shed a more positive light on the image of the long - maligned secondary orb.

An apple sprinkled with nutmeg charged by the light of the full Moon, and shared by lovers can strengthen a relationship and make the couple more intuitively aware of each other's needs.

Apples are used to find and preserve true love. Nutmeg increases the psychic vibrations and fine tunes spiritual and Tantric awareness. You can also hold a bowl of cooked rice sprinkled with nutmeg under the light of a full Moon. Rice is believed to bind the souls of lovers. Eat the bowl of rice with your partner under a full Moon.

Brightest of Freya's Blessings,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seven Magical Cosmic Principles

In an earlier article we discussed the "Seven Magical Rays of Development." Now let us go on to enumerate the principles as defined by the Magus Incognito in the  exposition, The Secret Doctrines of the Rosicrucians. These Seven Magical Cosmic Principles are:

1. Correspondence - alluded to in the adage, "As above; so below, as below, so above." This principle indicates the correspondence between tangible form of matter and the energy contained within the form. Correspondence recognizes the innumerable parallels between man (the microcosm) and his universal environment (the macrocosm).

2. Law and Order - just as everything in life is relative, this principle underlies the sequential phases to any ordering process. In any action we set into process certain causes that lead us through a sequential process to arrive eventually at our considered effect.

3. Vibration - this principle emphasizes all life as energy and energy patterns as manifesting in various shapes and forms. We have seen this fact operative in our differentiated color rays, where vibratory rates of the wavelengths of light rays determine what color of the ray.

4. Rhythm- this principle returns to our idea of alternation between the dual poles of nature. Life phenomena pulsate through the rhythmic process of ebb and flow, waxing and waning, output and input, Through rhythmic living we can attain health and well-being in our own lives.

5. Cycles - not only does life alternate rhythmically between poles, but this principle indicates a continual progression in this alternation. Recall our symbol of infinity. To incorporate more than one rhythmic alternation, we would not have the singular lemniscate, but rather something akin to the ribbon candy that fascinated us a children. Our lemniscate would become a series of such figures, spiraling both upwards and downwards.

6. Polarity - This principle enumerates the duality in life. Within every living thing is contained it's opposite. Within form is the containment of energy. Within energy is the latency of manifestation in form. By becoming conscious of the polarities of nature, man has the opportunity to heed the Buddha's advice of the following the middle way where man seeks the center as the point of equilibrium.

7. Sex- recognizing two polarities of masculine - feminine in our nature, this principle indicates the need for our third factor, our mediating factor,our catalyst for union. For generation through sex comes creation, and the dynamics of life process are set into motion.

We have discussed the continuing spiral of evolution and the idea of our ribbon-candy existence in the cycles and alterations of duality. Again we interpose the number seven. In this process of earthly conditions we discover a phenomenon that will be in a further article, the Law of Octaves.

Brightest of Blessings,

Firey Witches Love Spell

a knife

This is a very simple yet quite effective spell to keep the desire eternally alive in a relationship. You will need a fireplace or an open campfire to perform the ritual. Please do not attempt to perform this spell in your oven or your microwave.

You and your beloved must sit together by a warm fire. Once the fire is burning brightly, carve your initials together into a piece of wood. Once the initials are carved, seal them with a kiss.

You should kiss your lover's initials and your lover should kiss your initials. Throw the wood on the fire and kiss each other as it burns.

Hold hands hands and fingers interlocked and gaze into the fire. Let your faces, hearts and entire bodies be warmed by the heat of that flame. Make a wish for your passion for each other to last forever.  Do not let the fire go out with this log. You must add at least three more logs before the fire can go out.

If you drink a glass of wine in front of the fire, you will gain more spiritual or tantric wisdom about each other. If you share a glass of beer in front of the fire, your relationship will be protected from negative and interfacing influences. If you drink fresh-pressed apple cider in front of the fire, you will never be able to be unfaithful to each other.

It is said that spirits live in wood, and they often grant wishes to petitioners. The magical notion of carving lover's names into trees is centuries old. The element of fire represents passion. Fire is also a powerful way to release magic. According to ancient legend, fire is the greatest gift ever given to humankind. I would argue that the gift of love sits right beside it.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Psychic Grokking, Communicating With Animals

Before you begin this article; if you have not already read it, please refer to my previous article about "Grokking."

In every shaman / witchcraft culture I know of, animals are treated, at least in part, as teachers and guides for how to live harmoniously with the Spirit and Nature.

The normal Western reaction to this is that of course we can learn a lot about Nature by observing the behavior of animals. That's not what I mean, as you can probably guess. To learn the most we can, we must learn to communicate with animals, and even go farther and grok them. Then we'll be on our way to learning more than we've ever known about Nature.

All the oldest shamanic magic cultures tell of a time when humans and animals could talk freely with each other, and some have stories of how that ceased to be. Our culture has many accounts of intuitive rapport between humans and animals, mostly dogs and horses, so the talent isn't dead.

But most of this rapport has to do with love, friendship, and mutual assistance, and maybe learning on the part of the animal from the human.

The best modern account I know of about learning from an animal was given by J. Allen Boone when he told of his relationship with Strong-heart, a German Shepherd who starred in the movies. Assigned as  part-time caretaker for the dog, Boone first started out with the common humans - are- superior attitude, but that changed dramatically as he learned how to engage in silent talk and reception.

"When I was willing and ready to be taught by a dog, Strongheart shared precious wisdom with me, wonderful secrets having to do with the great dog of living abundantly and happily in the present tense regardless of circumstances."

Though he didn't use the word, what he had learned how to do was "Grokk", for the state that Strongheart taught him to reach was one in which each, "without sacrificing the uniqueness of his own individuality, harmonizes himself with the other so that they seem to function as a single unit. "

The way to "Grokk" animals and learn from them is to be aware of and imitate their behavior in an open, egalitarian, receptive way. Being aware means more than just looking at them; it includes using all of your inner as well as outer senses.

Imitating their behavior means more than just copying movements. It also means practicing their sounds, moods, attitudes, and characteristics. One fascinating thing Boone did was carry a dictionary and book of synonyms around and note the characteristics that Strongheart displayed, as if he were a Universal being who just happened to be in a dog's form. So besides sniffing, running and barking, there were courage, confidence, compassion and host of others.

Every thing an animal does has purpose, and every purpose has to do with the present moment. Animals don't dwell in the past or the future. If a dog performs a task that we taught in the past, it is always a response to a stimulus in the present.

When a squirrel stores nuts, it isn't planning for the future, it is responding appropriately to signals in the present environment that indicate it's time to store nuts. Until you have grokked animals enough to share their experience of life, you really don't know what the present moment is. I'm not saying that reflecting on the past or planning for the future is bad. I'm saying that experiencing the present is good. Very good.

Practice - Grokking Animals

Grok an animal just for the experience, using a pet, animals at the zoo or around your home, or the Power Animals as patterns. Grok a sick or stressed animal and use the shaman techniques you know to ease your pain and heal yourself as the animal.

Grok and animal to learn more about life and living, or for special characteristics that the animal has.

Brightest of Blessings,

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Witchcraft and Grokking

With Magic there is a responsibility to perform service for others; rather than just self interest.Grokking is one of the tools you can use to help our fellow man, loved ones, pets, planet etc. 

Grokking can be defined in four different stages:
1. Copying - unconsciously adopting patterns in your environment.

2. Imitating - consciously adopting patterns in your environment for personal safety and development.

3. Role -Playing -consciously adopting patterns in your environment or in your mind for influencing other people.

4. Becoming - consciously adopting patterns in your environment or in your mind to change what you are (as a mystic might do)

For our purposes we want to find and use a position somewhere between 3 and 4. That is, we want to adopt the pattern of a thing so well that we can think of ourselves as being that thing and have such resonance with it that changing our behavior will change "it's" behavior. At the same time we want to remember our original pattern so we can return to it at will.

The name I have chosen to represent this delicate position is "grokking." This is a word from a book by Robert Heinlen, "Stanger in a Strange Land", in which the hero has the ability to merge with the pattern of something, know it from the inside by directing intent. 

More recently you might recall Mr.Spock from "Star Trek" who was able to perform the "Vulcan Mind Meld", "My mind to your mind....".

Grokking implies the ability to remember your original pattern and your purpose in grokking.
This is also called "keeping the 1 percent shaman." This means retaining at least 1 percent (an arbitrary metaphor) of your own self-awareness no matter how deeply you grok.

Our purpose in grokking is bring about healing and harmony. If you were to grok a sick tree 100 percent, you would feel like you were the tree and forget to do any healing. You wouldn't turn into a tree, however. Most of the time you would just snap back into your original self-awareness without having accomplished anything. A complete change of pattern requires consciously applied skill of a level that most humans will never reach.

The process of grokking is simple.
1.Close your eyes.
3.Enter a spirit body.
4.Merge with the grokee (person, animal etc)
5.Check for appropriateness of action.
6.Change your behavior.
7.Ungrokk by re-emerging with your spirit body and returning to your physical body.

Closing your eyes diminishes distractions. Energize can be done by attracting a love light and deep breathing. Entering a spirit body is like entering a dream body, but the spirit body is more like a borderless ball of pure light or energy that you create in your imagination. Imagine you have a formless spirit body rather than a physical one.

Of course all should be done from a stand point of unconditional love. Merging is done by imagining that your spirit body is merging with the spiritual,mental, emotional and /or physical pattern of the grokkee.. You want to imagine what it feels like to be what you are grokking.

My next article will concern Grokking with Animals.

Brightest of Blessings

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Freya Magic Cat Spell

Cats are sacred to the Norse Goddess Freya. In Norse Shamanism the Volsi venerated the cat. I have a cat with beautiful blue eyes, named Kee Kee who has assisted me in this spell.  I have used her in my magic many times.

A cat's brain is always in an alpha state, so it is easy to communicate with physically. So-called cat experts would say that cats are hallucinating when they stare at certain spots of the room. But we know that they are seeing the spirit world. Cats become familiars the more you pet them.

Here is some cat potion you can use to anoint your cat, bringing him or her protection and magical empowerment, followed by a cat spell.

                                                  Magical Cat Potion

1 dram catnip oil                                       1 dram olive oil
1 dram heliotrope oil                                  shedding fur of a live magic cat (just a few strands)
large pinch catnip leaves
Blend all ingredients and keep in a magic bottle.

                                                   Magic Cat Spell

Putting a cat in the Magic Circle is not always a good idea, because during a ritual they often decide to get up and leave and have a snack. It is better to use fur or whiskers to represent the cat in the circle. Never cut a cat's whiskers! They will use their whiskers to judge the width of their bodies. Gather them up when they fall out. For the following spell you will need:

cat potion above                                    1 magic mirror
1 statue or picture of a cat                      1 bowl of cat food or sliced chicken or turkey for special treat
1 white, 1 black, 1 yellow candle            1 wand
1 small bowl                                           1 black magic bag
1 thurible and charcoal                            3 foot black cord
                                                               Parchment and 1 black pen

Light the candles and anoint with cat potion, and say: I call upon Freya to come to this sacred space and bring their power and love to cast this spell.

Pick up the picture or cat statue and pass it through the smoke of the incense. Place the "cat" in front of the magic mirror as if the cat were looking into it. On your parchment write:
"Cat, Cat show to me what my future is to be. Cat, Cat to me send a future I may shape and bend. Cat, Cat protect the animals and the human race. I ask that this will be approved in the eyes of Freya, by my will so mote it be.

Place three drops of cat potion and whiskers on the spell. Roll it up and put it in the black magic bag. Then tie the bag to the black cord so that you may wear it for three days and three nights. While you wear the black bag, expect your cat to act a bit strange.She will see Freya and Faeries around you.

When you have a chance, pet her and look into her eyes to see the other world. If you do not have a cat use the stature of the picture and keep it front of your magic mirror every time you need an answer or protection. After the three days and nights, hang the cord in your living space.

If you want you can make a cat collar, taking black fabric and forming a tiny tube to fit around her neck. Place tiny crystals or some herbs inside. Or buy a collar and tie on a pentacle, but charge it in a Magic Circle first.

Brightest of Blessings,
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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Seven Magical Rays of Development

Besides just the geometrical significance of the number seven, we can find the number repeatedly in our understanding of Earth conditions. Seven days of creation in the Book of Genesis, Seven Archangels in Christian theology.The magical seven creative spirits of differential energies, which are referred to as the Rishis or Sons of Wisdom in the Eastern teachings.

These seven creative spirits are seen in spiritual teachings as the formative forces of man's evolutionary path. According to spiritual teachings, there are seven rays of development open to the individual entity by which he can learn the lessons necessary for continued evolution toward the light of perfected awareness. 

The Seven Rays of Development include:

1. Will - By means of the will all things are set into motion. Based on an instinctual understanding of one's function in life; the individual focused on the ray of will has a determination and persistence to achieve his purpose no matter what obstacles come up.  This is the meaning of the "Magician" card in the Tarot deck; the power to do magic by taking the power from above and directing it.

2. Love - With the love ray accentuated the individual entity gives totally of himself. There is no holding back but rather a total sharing of oneself with others and with no thought of a reward involved. this idea of love conflicts with the present mode of love, where desire assumes the form of love and dictates possession of the loved one.

3. Activity - The individual concentrated upon this ray of development is concerned with organization, order, and the carrying out of the details of any situation. The intellect is attuned to the development of the reasoning faculties.

4. Harmony - By means of harmony, there is an understanding of the balancing of life. Beauty, gracefulness and the aesthetic come to fore in the individual on this harmonic ray.

5. Science - For those on the scientific ray life becomes appreciation of the mathematical formula behind everything. Exactness and total immersion in study of any object are represented in these individuals. These people constantly search for knowledge and understanding.

6. Devotion - This ray focuses upon faith and intuition. People with this ray emphasized in their beings are seen as true patriots, supporting the established foundations of the culture.

7. Ceremonial - This ray gives an understanding of the universal order. Recognizing the fact that all life has an magical order and a structure for it's proper functioning, people on this ray are seen as great orderers in their own lives.

Seven comes up repeatedly in the context of existence. I hope you find this interesting and informative. In a future article I will deal with some "Secret Doctrines of the Rosicrucians". And the Seven Cosmic Principles. 

Brightest of Blessings,

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Norns and Quantum Physics

Since I am interested in both the study of Norse Shamanism and Quantum Physics; I am always looking for parallels between the two. I specifically want to focus today on the Norns in the religion of the North. 

The simplistic definition of the Norns is  that they were goddesses of fate who live by the well of Urd, or Wyrd.  An accepted description is also that they represent the three aspects of time: past, present and future. They shape the fates of everyone according to the decrees of "orlog," cosmic law. Thier names are Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld. 

Urd is the oldest and most powerful of the Norns. She rules the past. Verdandi is the second Norn and she controls the present. Skuld is the youngest of the Norns and rules the future. And it has been speculated that the other two Norns are in fact aspects of "Urd" herself. Consensus of thought is that it is not unlike the Wiccan's "Triple Goddess." 

The well of Urd, Wyrd has also been identified with the Well of Mimir, which is the well of all collective memory and origin. Mimir's name even means memory. 

In Quantum Physics we are taught that every thought that ever was is contained in the "Quantum Ocean." This would be much the same as the Hindu Philosophy of the Akashic Record, where all knowledge is contained. It is not far to stretch one's imagination that the Well of Wyrd or Mimir is in fact one in the same as the "Quantum Ocean." 

In Quantum Physics we learn that there is in fact no linear time, ie. past, present and future. That there is only the Now to create our reality in. And that we really only live in the Now. Not the past or the future. 

The Norns often explained as representing "past, present and future" is in fact a misconception. The "idea" of a linear timeline which was inherited from the Greeks and Romans is not triple. But is dual in nature. For our forefathers had only one idea of time, "that which is." They lived only in the "NOW." This is where the oldest and youngest layers were all in existance simultaniously. One was just as close and real as the other. There is the current moment, and "That which is becoming." 

There was no idea of the "future." Statements of Wyrd, the Now, were seen with wisdom that knows the affect of an existing cause. 

In both Quantum Physics and Magic if you consider the past as part of the present; one can then alter the past by shaping the emotional and vibrational frequencies that then shape one's future. 

Brightest of Blessings

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Magic Spells That Keep Your Love True

                            Magic Spell to Keep Your Man Faithful

Want to keep your guy from having a wandering eye? Or do you suspect he is staying at work late too many nights for it to be "just" work?  This magic spell is sure to keep your man at home where "you" can love him up.

Orange juice
Coriander seed
Kitchen matches
White Taper candle
Paring knife

Although oranges can influence the occurrence of love and marriage, it is said that drinking orange juice can tone-down an out of control sex drive. Serving your guy a glass of orange juice each morning before he goes out to work is the equivalent of giving him a "cold shower. 

As he heads for the door slip some coriander seeds in his pocket. These are known to insure his fidelity. Give him a kiss good bye and wave seductively. Then take a kitchen match and strike it on the heel of your shoe while whispering, "Be True." Go to the bedroom and light  a white taper candle into which you have carved your initials with a paring knife.

Okay,  fair is fair,  so now it it the guys turn to keep the woman faithful.  This one is a little more complex because, well we woman are more "Complex." 

                             Magic Spell to Keep a Woman Faithful 

plastic wrap
1 string that has been bound around a whole chicken 
40 twist ties
1 anklet (your choice, diamonds are great; but not every one can afford such extravagance.) 

"To keep your woman home tie a withe around her feet." So says an old Irish spell. A withe is a band made of twisted, flexible shoots usually straw. The closest substitute you'll find are every day "twist ties."

Some authorities claim that the saying goes more like this, "To keep your wife at home you shall tie a hen around her feet." Now I am not actually suggesting you tie a wife's feet with hens or twist ties to keep her from leaving. 

What I am suggesting is that you "bind" her left ankle with a pretty anklet. Preferably with diamonds and gold ( or a reasonable facsimile) as these symbolize fidelity and a lasting relationship.  The way she unwraps your gift will foretell her faithfulness in the future to you. 

Wrap the anklet in plastic wrap (the clinging kind). Then braid forty twist ties around the "chicken" string, like when you make lanyard.  Forty ties symbolizes the perfect couple in witchcraft. Make two strands of twenty ties each and use the string as the center of the braid. Bind the gift by tying a bow with your string of braided twist ties.

Present the package to your woman and watch closely. She "must" open the gift with out breaking the string. But you can not tell her to do so. If she breaks the string is an omen that faithfulness is not a part of her nature, or that perhaps being devoted to you is against her will. 

To insure success, try tying a very loose knot and giving her a long leash with lots of loop holes. She must also open the plastic wrap without tearing it. If she tears it, she will "break your heart."

When the anklet is revealed, if she puts it on herself it means she is selfish in bed and hard to satisfy. If she asks you to help her fasten the clasp, rest assured that your money was well spent and that the two of you will live happily and faithfully ever after.

I wish you much luck and brightest of blessings!

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Three Sexes

                                                         The Three Sexes

In Plato's image we were once eight-limbed and double-sexed, but were bisected by the gods who feared for their power. Moved by erotic desire, we now perpetually and unsuccessfully seek our "other half."

Plato speaking:
First of all I must explain the real nature of man, and the change which it has undergone - for in the beginning we were nothing like we are now. For one thing, the race was divided into three; that is to say, besides the two sexes, male and female, which we have at present, there was a third which partook of the nature of both, and for which we still have a name, though the creature itself is forgotten.

For though "hermaphrodite" is only used nowadays as a term of contempt, there really was a man-woman in those days, a being which was half male and half female.

And secondly, each of these beings was globular in shape with rounded back and sides, four arms and four legs, and two faces, both the same, on a cylindrical neck and one head with one face one side and one the other, and four ears, and two lots of privates, and all the other parts to match. 

They walked erect, as we do ourselves, backward and forward, whichever they pleased, but when they broke into a run they simply stuck their legs straight out and went whirling round and round like a clown turning cart wheels. And since they had eight legs, if you count arms as well, you can imagine that they went bowling along at a pretty good speed.

The three sexes arose as follows. The males descended from the Sun, the females from the Earth, and the hermaphrodites from the Moon, which partakes of each sex, and they were round and they went round, because they took after their parents. 

And such was their strength, energy and arrogance, that they tried like Ephialtes and Otus in Homer - to scale the heights of heaven and set upon the gods.

At this Zeus took counsel with the other gods as to what was to be done. They found themselves in a rather awkward position; they did not want to blast them out of existence with thunderbolts as they did the giants, because they would be saying good bye to all their offerings and devotions, but at the same time they could not let them get out of hand. 

At last, after racking his brains, Zeus offered a solution. I think I can see a way, he said, to put an end to this disturbance by weakening these people without destroying them. What I propose to do is to cut them all in half, thus killing two birds with one stone, for each one will be only half as strong, and there will be twice as many of them. 

They can walk about upright, on their two legs, and if, said Zeus, I have any more trouble with them, I shall split them up again, and they will have to hop about on one.

So saying, he cut them all in half just as you or I might chop up some apples. And each half was ready he told Apollo to turn it's face, with the half-neck that was left, toward the side that was cut away - thinking that the sight of such a gash might frighten it into keeping quiet - and then to heal the whole thing up. 

So Apollo turned their faces back to front, and pulling in the skin all the way round, he stretched it over what we now call the belly - like those bags you pull together with a string - and tied up the one remaining opening so as to form what we call the navel. 

As for the creases that were left, he smoothed most of them away, finishing off the chest with the sort of tool a cobbler uses to smooth down the leather on the last, but he left a few puckers round about the belly and the navel so to remind us of what we suffered long ago. 

Now when the work of bisection was complete it left each half with a desperate yearning for the other, and they ran together and flung their arms around each other's necks, and asked for nothing better than to be rolled into one. So much so, that they began to die of hunger and general inertia, for neither would do anything without the other.

And when ever one half was left alone by the death of it's mate, it wandered about questing and clasping in the hope of finding a spare half-woman- or a whole woman, as we should call her now a days - or a half man. And so the race was dying out.

Fortunately Zeus felt so sorry for them so he devised another scheme. He moved their privates round the front, for of course they had originally been on the outside - which was now at the back - and they had begotten and conceived not upon each other, but like the grass hoppers. 

So now as I say, he moved their members round the front and made them propagate among themselves, the male begetting upon the female - the idea being that if, in all these clippings and claspings, a man should chance upon a woman, conception would take place and the race would be continued.

So you see how far back we can trace our innate love for one another, and how this love is always trying to reintegrate our former nature, to make two one, and to bridge the gulf between one human being and another.  

I first became acquainted with this story of Plato's years ago; after watching the movie "The Butcher's Wife". In the movie the main character, played by Demi More relates that her granny, who had psychic powers says she must find her "Split Apart,"her other half.  Besides being a delightful movie which I enjoyed immensely this led me to seek out the story of the "Three Sexes" by Plato.  I hope you enjoyed the re-telling of Plato's tale.
Brightest of Blessings