Monday, February 28, 2011

Powerful Freya Love Spell

All good love spells court the favor of the ancient gods and goddesses. When this is combined with help from the nature spirits, you will find your work, and yourself, irresistible. 

Here is a sample love spell so that you can become familiar with the idea. Later you can add to it, or combine them, adding your own personality, preferably in a simple rhyme to take the age old powers of love. 

The approach is a natural one. Love seeks it's own fulfillment and you have only to help it a little bit to let it find it's fulfillment through you. As you work with the chant, you will feel a special affinity to one or two of the love deities of old.

I follow the Northern path; so I feel comfortable with Freya, the Norse love goddess. But whatever love goddess's you summon, you will feel the presence and power of your special ones a constant source of comfort and help. 

Powerful Freya Love Spell:

Freya Love Goddess hear my cry, 
Without true love, my soul shall die,
Goddess of the Vanir come to me,
And bring the one I ache to see. 
Freya Queen of men's hearts hear,
This call I send you loud and clear. 
Bring a Love that's good and bold, 
I charge you mighty goddess of old.
My true love must now come to me, 
And as my will so mode it be.

Good Luck, Good Love, and Good Magic!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ostara, and Vernal Equinox

Spring Equinox ( March 22) is the full manifestation of the return of the vital powers of nature. The name of this celebration was always Teutonic. In Germany the Goddess that reigns supreme at this holiday is known as Ostara. She is the virgin goddess of Spring in ancient Germany. It is for her that this festival is named.

At Ostara, the Teutons honored their goddess of Spring, Eostre - for whom the Christian holiday of Easter is named. It is simply one of the names that the evangelists could not obliterate. Easter falls near Ostara and celebrates another resurrected deity.

Perhaps one of the most lasting symbols of Ostara is the egg. Since ancient times, eggs, being the universal archetype of new life, were held in reverence as symbols of sacred objects and eternal life. They were decorated and placed on Spring altars. They were exchanged as cherished gifts. 

Our present day myth that eggs are delivered by the Easter bunny, comes from the Goddess Eostre, who we honor at Ostara. Legend has it that the rabbit wanted to please this goddess so much that he laid sacred eggs in her honor, beautifully decorated them, then presented them to her.

Eostre was so pleased with the rabbit's gift that she wanted to share her happiness with all of mankind. As a result the rabbit traveled world wide giving out eggs, little decorated gifts of life. 

Wearing new clothes at Easter also comes from an earlier Teutonic pagan tradition. Germanic people would work through the winter in secret sewing elegant clothes for this Sabbat celebration. It was considered bad luck to wear one's new Spring clothes before Ostara. 

At Ostara  the whole pagan community would gather for feasting, games and celebrate religious rituals showing off their new outfits. 

The lamb is a symbol of Ostara. The lamb was sacred to all the virgin goddesses of Europe, north Africa, and the Middle East. This symbol was so ingrained that it carried over into the religious rituals of Christian Easter. 

Many of the Vernal Equinox myths from the Nordic and Germanic lands concern trips by deities into the netherworld, and their struggle to return from the land of Death to the land of living. When they do return to the land of the living, they have a new life, both figuratively and literally. Odin would be one of these resurrected deities.  You can easily see how this theme used the grafting saintly feast days onto any pagan festival they wanted to eradicate. 

The Ostara celebration was nonexistent in Celtic lands until the Vikings, invading these lands, celebrated it, and it became another cherished festival. The Celts renamed it "Ladys Day." It was a time of the Goddess's return after her Winter sleep.

Happy Ostara and Spring Equinox!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Karmic Astrology and Sagittarius

The Karmic Destiny of your sign is ruled by the ninth house of the solar chart, with powers of the higher mind, religion, philosophy, metaphysics, and travel. You are ruled by the planet Jupiter, which gives you a tendency to work well with the public.

The symbol of your fire sign is the Archer, half man and half animal, shooting arrows into the sky. You may be earthbound physically, tied to a boring job and routine, but your thoughts are heaven bent. You are always searching for spiritual knowledge that will help you break earth's gravity. 

You love freedom and enjoy beauty and nature. Sagittarius is companionable and friendly, even highly romantic; but you do not like to fenced in by marriage, by work or any conditions that seem limiting. You need to be free to follow your own pursuits in life. 

You can marry someone compatible with yourself and find happiness in love and marriage. But be sure to ally yourself with a person who understands your desire for privacy and freedom. 

Sagittarius is trusting and loyal. You expect the same qualities in your soul mate. 

Your Karmic pattern on the Mystical Wheel of Fate, is generally more fortunate than unfortunate. Jupiter often blesses you life with prosperity, health, romantic fulfillment and joy. But sometimes the dark shadows of Karma will bring their problems. It is wise for you be prepared for them when they come. 

Being born on the ninth spoke of the Tibetan Wheel of Fate, you stand for the things the ninth house represents. You are of a serious frame of mind, you enjoy studying philosophy and religion, you like to travel and you are highly idealistic. 

Sagittarius has great honesty, integrity and trust. These qualities can lead to Karmic suffering. You must constantly be on guard against being deceived in business, being cheated out of money or being betrayed. Develop a bit more caution in dealings with others. 

Romance for Sagittarius:

It is in love and marriage that your sign faces it's greatest challenges. But if you choose the right signs in the Zodiac, there is no reason why you cannot have your romantic cake and eat it too. 

Two signs that are considered first choices for Sagittarius are Aries and Leo, both strong signs with the same desire as you to run the whole show. All will be well if you insist on having the same rights they demand; you can marry either and be happy. 

Your opposite sign Gemini attracts many Sagittarians. But there is some danger in marrying this sign as there could be emotional problems and misunderstandings. 

Other signs that could get along with yours are Virgo and Capricorn. Both are earth signs and have a great deal of stability. 

Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces, the three water signs, are good for friendship and perhaps romance and business relationships, but would be too confining for marriage. As they are inclined to be somewhat possessive and jealous. 

Creating Karmic Destiny:

Sagittarius should give full reins to your wonderful creative imagination. Develop your powers of visualization and mental projection, so you can project mental images of yourself doing great things. You can build a great fortune, or be one of the worlds greatest talents, and you will be using your natural Sagittarius desire to rise to the to the Stars!

Brightest of Blessings,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thirteen, Is It an Unlucky Number?

We often hear that the number thirteen is unlucky. It is even said that there should never be thirteen people seated at the table together. 

In order to understand why thirteen has always been considered an unlucky number, we must begin by talking about the number twelve. A day is divided into two halves of twelve hours each. A year is divided into twelve months and there are twelve signs of the Zodiac. 

Twelve is the number of completion, of wholeness: in a day, a year, and in Astrology. Thirteen is twelve plus one, and this one that is added on is extraneous to the whole. It is, as it were, a foreign body, and if it is not pure, if it's vibrations are not attuned to those of the whole, it poses a threat to the whole.

This is why thirteen is considered  a difficult number which can bring trials and even death in it's train. Even the thirteenth trump of the Tarot deck is "death."

However, one can also say that the one that is added on to the twelve, represents the beginning of a new cycle, a new whole. In Initiatic Science, death is never seen as an absolute conclusion but as a beginning of new life. 

Therefore, Thirteen, is not an unlucky or malefic number, but it rejects all impurity and disharmony.  It is also an extremely active number. 

On the physical plane, thirteen is associated with the cross (1+3=4) and, consequently, with suffering. The cross is the two-dimensional development of a cube, and the geometrical representation of a cube symbolizes a prison. 

But if the number thirteen has a adverse effect on people, this is not due to the number itself, but to the way in which each one receives its influence and the influences that surround it. 

This is just as true of water, air, light and, even, of food. Each individual receives them in his own way, depending on their health, basic structure, degree of evolution and spiritual development. 

People in general think of numbers as being very remote from human beings. But in fact rivers, trees and mountains are simply numbers, numbers that have been materialized. If you look a little closer at the question, you will find that nothing exists but numbers. Everything is "number". Nature, the whole universe is built on numbers.

As for the number thirteen, it may bring good fortune to some and misfortune to others. Is that the fault of the number itself? No, it depends on who you are and whether you know how to use it or not. 

Good Luck and Good Magic,

Monday, February 21, 2011

Odin's Ravens, Magical Myth and Fact!

Norse myth tells us that the god Odin has two ravens perched on his shoulders. Their names are Huginn (meaning thought) and Muninn (meaning memory). These ravens, are more than Odin's pets, they are his informants and messengers. He sends them out everyday  into the world, upon their return they relate to Odin everything that they have seen and heard.

But what do we really know about "ravens" in general? I thought it would be interesting to explore this subject.   Ravens, are in a family of birds called corvids, and are powerfully associated with witchcraft and magic. 

Ravens are in the same family of birds as crows. But ravens hunt more than crows, who are mainly scavengers. When mythology distinguishes between the two, ravens are usually associated with transformative  magic while crows are identified with healing. Both are teachers and sponsors of magic and shamanism. 

Ravens are characterized by their shiny black color and their raucous, loud voices. Daytime birds they noisily greet the sun. As a result they are identified with solar power and may be understood to venerate the Sun themselves. 

Ravens, are in many worldwide myths, and are generally considered to be "trickster" heroes. This includes Celtic, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Native American, Scandinavian, Vietnamese, but most especially in the indigenous traditions of Siberia and North America's Pacific Northwest. 

Ravens are assertive and unafraid of people; and willing to play a joke on a person, as well as a dog, cat or on each other. Shiny things attract them and they have been known to steal them. 

The associations of Ravens with witchcraft and shamanism pre-date  Christianity. After Christianity took hold the perceptions of Ravens changed. Rather than positive associations with wise-women, shaman, and seers Ravens were now associated with diabolism and sin. 

In the eyes of the Christian Church this probably had a lot to do with their color, black, their sharp harsh voices, intelligence and assertive nature. Shades of the wicked queen's ravens in Walt Disney's version of,"Snow White"?

Because Ravens are black birds and daily herald the light, the church identified them with Satan in his guise as Lucifer, the fallen angel and light bringer. 

Brightest of Blessings,

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pisces and Karmic Astrology

The typical Pisces Karmic destiny is one of change, variation and sudden shifts of fortune from good to bad. You may be on the top of the world one day, then slip into a a reverse and find yourself scraping the bottom.

The ancients knew of this Karmic burden carried by Pisces, but it is the twelfth house of the Zodiac, called the house of misfortune and self undoing. But take heart, your highly sensitive nature is intuitive and highly developed spiritually.

The symbol of your sign is two fishes-one swimming upstream and one swiming downstream. You can reduce your Karmic debts by making up your mind that you will constantly aim yourself towards the heights of idealism, beauty and good. In this way you will direct your concentration on swimming upstream.

Your ruling planet is Neptune, the sign of mystery that rules nebulous, strange phenomena and the dream world of unreality. You are changeable, vacillating, uncertain and often misdirected by people who are close to you.

Yet this sign is one of the most intuitive, psychic and spiritual of all the signs in the Zodiac. When you choose the upward path, overcome your tendency to daydream and escape responsibility.

You often sacrifice for others. Members of your family and  your friends know they can depend on you; because of your kindness and inability to say "No", they often use you and abuse you. This can often bring difficulties as you do not want to believe that people can be evil or that they can harm you. When you do discover that you have been betrayed, you suffer deep hurt and become extremely disillusioned.

Pisces people are fascinated by the mystical things in life. You usually investigate astrology, metaphysics, Yoga teachings, meditation, psychic phenomena, spiritual healing and related subjects. You are a mystic in the true sense of the word.

Because of this tendency towards escapism, you may find yourself unable to cope with practical reality; problems regarding finances, romance, marriage and work often swamp you.

Your Karmic destiny is to build an inner spiritual strength and to rise above the physical and material forces of life. You will be guided to your right destiny if each day you withdraw into quiet meditation and ask for guidance from your higher psychic mind centers.

You tend to be touched by compassion for the suffering of humanity and you constantly strive to relieve the pain of others. The sign of Pisces has a great deal of personal magnetism to those born under this mysterious power.

Romance for Pisces

Your sign is very magnetic; you have a great ability to attract those who love you and want to be romantically involved. This is a great asset but sometimes can be troublesome.

Never rush into marriage until you have known the person for at least a year. Use this trial period to test the other person's character in various situations. You are highly sensitive to the moods of others so try to avoid people who are moody or depressed.

The signs of Capricorn and Taurus are too stubborn and hardheaded for you. They might shock you with their regimentation and outright actions.

The air signs Libra, Gemini and Aquarius might be too changeable and independent for your sign.

You are romantically attracted to those born in the water signs. Scorpio is an excellent sign for you, being loyal, romantic and passionate. But avoid a Scorpio who is not highly developed. They can sting you with their sarcasm.

The water sign of Cancer is good for Pisces. These people are highly sensitive, emotional and idealistic. But do not choose a Cancer who is overly moody and depressed.

With the earth sign of Virgo, your opposite, there will be attraction and detraction.

The signs of Leo, Aries and Sagittarius, all fire signs, should be avoided by Pisceans. They tend to be too strong and dominant for you sensitive, highly emotional nature.

The emotional water sign of Pisces is the sign of patience and tolerance for all people.

Brightest of Blessings,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quantum Physics and Nature's Symbols

In ancient societies symbols found in Nature are called Omens or Signs. They are really symbolic interpretations of natural events. Or they are are meaningful information about the past, present, or future that comes from "seemingly" random events or sources. 

The ancient Chinese examined bumps on a persons head or cracks in the shoulder blades of sheep for omens. The Greeks and Romans studied entrails of slaughtered animals. The Persians looked at fire.

Today's typical scientist gets all hot and bothered about these types of practices, because of course it doesn't make any sense from a first level point of view. They argue, "How can there be any correlation between events widely separated in time, space and essential nature?" 

You might as well take psychological counseling from the patterns of rain on a windowpane. But from a second level point of view, any one of these methods could work. 

That's because of the first-principle idea that life is a dream, and the second-principle idea that everything is connected. With his idea of synchronicity Carl Jung came close to explaining the effectiveness of the I Ching, but synchronicity is just another world for coincidence. 

Shamanism says the methods already mentioned will work because everything is related. But some things are easier to interpret than others. 

Omens are all around us, because our thoughts are all around us. That is, everything around us is a reflection or symbol of our thoughts. By paying more attention to the patterns in our environment, we may be able to understand the patterns of our thought better. 

There are innumerable ways to seek and read omens. The only difference between natural symbols and casting techniques, such as the runes, is that we are purposely creating symbols with casting techniques. And with natural symbols we are looking for symbols that already exist. 

Bibliomancy is the art of randomly opening a book and getting the answer to a question. It is mostly used with the Bible or a dictionary, but an enjoyable and creative variation is to use any kind of book or magazine picked at random. 

The second thing you can do is to ask the Universe a question about your life or your career and then go out into the world with an open expectant attitude. The omen will come; something you experience will seem significant. 

It might come in the shape of clouds, the shape of spaces between things (like tree branches), an object you notice, in a song, a conversation or a billboard. But it will come to you.

Brightest of Blessings,


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Egyptian Cleopatra Spell to Invoke Beauty

The Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra was known for her bewitching power and enchantment over men. Julius Caesar and Mark Antony certainly succumbed to her charms. The ingredients in this salad may well have been part of her arsenal of magical secrets

This salad is consumed to make yourself more attractive, to invoke beauty, or bewitch someone. Lettuce is sacred to the Egyptian phallic god Min. Asparagus is sacred to the sexy Roman god Mars. Tomatoes and snow peas are sacred to voluptuous Venus. Hearts of palm, garlic and black olives are aphrodisiacs. Red radishes create lust but can also protect you from unwanted sexual advances.

Ingredients for your "Spell Salad":

Romaine Lettuce
Snow Peas
Hearts of Palm
Pitted Black Olives
1 Clove of Garlic
Orange flower water or rose water

As you wash all the veggies visualize your sexual aura increasing. As you chop the vegetables visualize the sharpness and definition of your beauty. See yourself captivating the man you desire. Lastly, place the ingredients in a wooden bowl you have rubbed with garlic. Then sprinkle with orange flower or rose water. Or you can use the juice from a tangerine.

All are used to attract love. If you consume the salad, it will increase your animal magnetism and drawing power. If eaten by another in your presence, it will make you irresistible to them. Look out Caesar. The Queen of the Nile has a salad to Bewitch and Beguile.

Good luck, Good Love and Good Magic,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eihwaz Norse Rune of Yggdrasil

Norse Name: Eihwaz, Eoh, Yr, Ihwar
Alphabet Correspondence: EI, I, Y
Tree: Ash, Yew, "Yggdrasil"
Deities: Odin, Uller
Color: Dark Blue
Tarot Card Indicated: Hanged Man
Astrology: Scorpio

Quick Reference Magical Meaning: End of a matter, situation or problem. Drastic change. "Daring" to take on a problem or situation. Death of a relationship. Negative: Old conflicts an situations cause trouble.

Eihwaz represents the yew or ash tree, as a result in the Northern tradition the Yggdrasil tree is indicated in this rune. It also represents the human spine or backbone of the body. Just like Yggdrasil contains the nine worlds and supports creation;  our  psychic centers  contain eight chakras, allowing an exchange between the the psychic and physical levels. The human body is counted as the "ninth" center.  

The element of Eihwaz is hard to define, since Yggdrasil and our energy centers partake of all the elements. Eihwaz like Yggdrasil is rooted in the Earth, but extends skyward. The elements air and Earth are the more significant ones pertaining to the Eihwaz rune. 

Eihwaz is one of the most powerful runes to be used as the back bone of a bind rune. It is the rune that comes up most often in rune-casting, when we are unsure if we should do something or not. If Eihwaz shows up it is telling us to "Go for it!" 

Brightest of Blessings,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Karmic Astrology and Virgo

The Karmic destiny for this strong sign is to rise above the gravity pull of Earth into the celestial realms of inspiration, nobility and greatness. 

You were born in the sign of the Zodiac which gives you a head start over most people; you have Mercury as your ruling planet. Mercury rules the workings of the higher mind and gives you the ability to communicate your ideas to others with great ease.
Your sign is called the Teacher in the Zodiac. Many Virgo women go into the teaching professions, and Virgo men are generally seen in positions where they must communicate their knowledge with others. Virgo's are natural teachers, speakers, writers and creative artists. 

Your nature is dual; Mercury makes you practical and at the same time, a dreamer. Your head is in the stars, but your feet are firmly planted on the Earth. This is one of the reasons why so many Virgos go into work that requires the use of the higher mind, while also demanding practicality. Professions such as cosmetologist, accountant, executive secretary, court room reporter, legal assistant, and lawyer are excellent for Virgos. 

Your sign makes you an excellent diplomat and peacemaker; you have the ability to influence others and make them do your bidding.

You take to higher education with ease and if you were not permitted to go to college because of financial restrictions when young, you naturally seek out wisdom through books and life experiences. 

The ruling passion for most Virgos is to be of service and to give something of value to the world. Your mind is extremely efficient and you enjoy attending to numerous details. This makes you an excellent organizer and worker. 

You are very critical and instantly see imperfections in yourself as well as others. You are your own worst critic and constantly strive to achieve perfection in your personality. You excel in any work where  you can use your instinct for social service; you desire to achieve perfection and elevate the standards of the world. 

Strive to get into work where you can use your fine intellect, your sense of discrimination and your organizational ability. If you choose the artistic professions - music, art, interior decoration, cosmetology, designing, inventing, composing, acting, singing or playing an instrument - you should strive to achieve perfection. But, do not overburden yourself with too much criticism and analysis.

You are an idealist and always working on achieving high goals. Seek out people who are in the creative and artistic professions and you will find your greatest longest lasting friendships.  

Strive to avoid being overly critical of other's faults; do not zero in on their limitations. Avoid pointing out these defects in others, as it will make you extremely unpopular. People like to think of themselves as heroes in life not villains. So learn how to curb your tendency towards fault finding; it will help you advance your own personal interests. 

Your inclined to be almost too honest for your own good. You sometimes trust people too fast, giving them the opportunity to take advantage and cheat you out of what is rightfully yours. 

Romance for Virgo:

Your sign is the most reserved and cautious in romance. More than any other sign, Virgos need to have emotional security in love and marriage. As this sign is sensitive to environmental factors. It is vitally important that you have peace and quiet in your romantic life. 

If you marry the wrong sign it will have serious effects on your nervous system, making your frustrated and miserable. You will be happiest if you pick a partner who equals your high idealism and standards.

Earth signs are  the most compatible with Virgo. The sign of Taurus is ideal. Taurus mates are affectionate, loving and become good parents. Capricorn is another good sign for love and marriage. But it must be a highly developed Capricorn as they can be Karmically severe.

Although water signs are good for friendship for you, Cancer is the only sign suited for marriage. For marriage you should avoid the signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aries, Leo, Gemini and Libra. 

Karmically your sign has been given some of the greatest talents and potentials for achieving success. If you can avoid being caught up in tiresome boring details, recognizing the unlimited horizons of your inner potential, you can rise to the achievement for great goals in your life. 

Brightest of Blessings,

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Loki, Norse Trickster God

Name: Loki
Also called: Father of Lies, The Trickster; Shape Changer
Invoked for: Trickery, Destruction, Big Change
Color: red
Totem Animals: Snake, Seal, Fox
Incense to Attract Loki: Dragon's blood, pepper, yew
Plants: beech, yew, Elm, ivy, Juniper, mullein, thistle
Rune: Dagaz
Day: Saturday

Loki appears to be a very ancient Norse God. Perhaps even predating the Aesir and the Vanir. He may even be the the original God of Fire going all the way back to the Stone Age. His element is Fire. He is impulsive, destructive and the immature aspect of human nature. Loki is a shape-shifter and sex changer. 

Loki has been seen as being the most "evil" of all the Gods. But this could be mainly attributed to a "Christian" concept. Christian commentators blamed Angerboda, Loki's wife, for fostering Loki's ambition to be chief of the gods, supplanting his blood-brother Odin. Eventually Loki became identified with Satan, and Agerboda as an ugly, wicked witch. 

Loki's three children will allegedly be responsible for the apocalyptic twilight of the gods. According to Norse mythology, Loki the trickster fathered three dangerous children. They were the Fenris Wolf, also known as Odin's Bane, destined to slay Odin. Jormungard, the Midgard Serpent, fated to slay Thor. And Hella, ruler of the Dead, destined to lead an uprising of rebellious spirits and ghosts. 

Loki is held responsible for the death of Baldur, Odin and Frigga's son. He is bound to a rock, where a poisonous snake continuously spits venom into his eyes.

But on the positive side of Loki's character, during his exploits with the swartalfar, when he brought back as gifts Thor's hammer, Odin's spear, and Frey's magical ship, his actions here are good. More than that here his actions seem to be selfless, as he does not keep any of the gifts for himself but gives them all to the Aesir.  As a result he has no attachments to anything. 

I do not encourage the practice of invoking Loki. Asking for his help you must always give something in return and Paybacks are "Hell" to pay. This is playing with "fire" which is always a dicey operation. But here are some examples of chants to do so at your own risk:

Chant 1: (As Master Thief)
A thief has taken what is mine.
Return it all, Loki Divine. 

Chant 2: (Other Aspects) 
Oath-Breaker, Troublemaker, 
Master of Lies, 
Blood-brother of Odin,
Cunning deceiver, evil spell-weaver,
Skillfull Shape-Changer, 
Son of Giant, Asgard defiant,
Keep me from danger.
Cunning and fire, treacherous liar,
Come to my aid,
Teach me your daring, mischievous faring,
That trouble be made.
Wondrous dark magic, Loki, teach me,
But hearken that my spirit stays free. 

Good Luck and Good Magic,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Day, Chocolate and Norse Witchcraft

Chocolate did not really become known in Europe until Europeans had come to America. In the seventeenth century, the first account of a drink made from cocoa beans was recorded. 

It was not until the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that a chocolate drink became well known and widespread in Europe. Later after the drink had come to be enjoyed and part of their diet, people began experimenting with chocolate as a desert. 

Valentines Day is named after the Norse God Vali, son of Odin.  It  falls within the "Witchcraft" season of Candlemas, Norse Pagans honor this celebration as well. It has been recorded that ancient Norse Pagans honored the "loving" event. 

If marked by love, they often wore a "Lovers knot" on Valentines Day. This symbol of two intersecting circles side by side can be either woven into clothing or fashioned with ribbon or yarn and tied to the garment. 

Love and Happiness are essential in our lives. The joy of giving and receiving special treats such as chocolate are sacred, as well as being just plain fun. 

Chocolate is now one of the most common treats given during Valentines Day as well as Candlemas. It is common for friends and lovers to offer this as a drink to honor the "love" we share. 

Recipe for Valentines Day Hot Chocolate:

4 1/2 cups Milk
4 ozs. Semisweet Chocolate
5 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 shot peppermint schnapps or whiskey 
4 to 6 sticks cinnamon for garnish

(This drink can be made without alcohol, use 1 teaspoon of peppermint flavoring instead of schnapps)  

Brightest of Blessings,

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Secrets of Norse Valentine's Day Revealed

Few people realize that Valentine's Day is a continuation of the Pagan traditions of both ancient Rome and Northern Europe.Valentines day is so tied to Norse myth and religion, that it's dedicatory name is even a version of the Norse god "Vali," the archer-god, son of Odin. (Shades of Eros, ie Cupid, the little guy who shoots arrows through our heart to have us fall in love?)

The dedication of the day was transferred to one of the two St. Valentines, about whom little is known, and who appear to be a southern European version of Cupid. As with all the ancient festivals, the divinatory part of the celebration was performed at the beginning of the day according to traditional reckoning - after sunset on February 13th. 

Valentine's Eve, girls would decorate their pillows with five bay leaves, one for each corner and one in the middle, in order to dream of their lover and husband-to- be. 

Valentines Day is associated with a purification custom, which involves carrying an arch of brambles, the plant of spirit banishing. 

Good luck, Good Magic and Good Love,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Karmic Astrology and Gemini

If you were born in the air sign of Gemini, your Karmic pattern of destiny is to be turbulent, ever-changing, emotionally somewhat ambivalent and inconstant. Mercury is your ruling planet, and the symbol for your sign is the twins, which represent the two sides of your nature. 

When you learn to unite these two warring sides of your mind and pull them into one cohesive unit, you will become mentally stable, emotionally secure and constant in your affections. 

Gemini is the one sign in the Zodiac that Fate seems to have given the greatest latitude in the choice of destiny and career. 

Being a Gemini makes you quick-witted, impulsive and inclined to be somewhat restless. Mercury is known as the planet of communication; you are able to transmit ideas with fluency and be persuasive. You are excellent in public work where you meet people and sell them ideas or goods. You are a super salesperson and diplomat. Gemini knows how to win people to their cause. 

You are interested in meeting  new people, seeing strange lands, and if you have the money early in life, you will probably spend a good deal of time traveling. 

Gemini people are highly restless and ever searching for the elusive will-o-wisp of peace, happiness and love. Your sign makes you intellectual and interested in Art, music, literature, history, poetry and communications. 

You will always be popular, winning many fine friends, and people will like you and admire your wit and charm.

But there is a side of your character which often can make you moody or depressed, lonely and withdrawn. When this happens you have to work hard coming out of your negative bio-rhythm cycle. You must realize that life really is worth living and that no problem is so great that it can rob you of your peace of mind and real joy. 

Romance for Gemini:

Gemini is known to be a sign of inconstancy and fickleness. However when you live up to your good Karma, Gemini is a sign that can surely find romantic happiness in love and marriage. 

You often attract people born in Taurus, Leo and Pisces. These signs may be good for friendship or a romantic episode, but they are Not good for marriage. Geminis should also avoid marriage with those born in Capricorn, Scorpio and Aries. Some Geminis marry Virgos who are also ruled by Mercury, with great success. But the signs of Libra and Aquarius should be considered first for any romantic alliance. 

If some other sign seems compatible remember, "the stars impel, they do not compel." You can work hard to make your marriage a success even if you do marry a so-called incompatible sign. 

Brightest of Blessings,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Norse Witch Love Spell for a More Serious Relationship

Cranberries or Cranberry juice
Brown Candles

Use "this" spell when you feel your partner is dragging their feet towards a higher level of commitment. This is sure to kick your relationship up a notch to "Marriage," if that is your desire. 

Brown and black are the colors of Saturn. Many astrologers believe you should not get married until Saturn's return. This occurs anywhere from the 28th to the 30th year of life, depending on the individuals chart. It is believed that maturity and responsibility are learned and achieved after the transiting Saturn is conjunct with the natal Saturn. 

Red is traditionally the color for deep and abiding love. However, in the Amish tradition, the color brown is used in drawing or painting "marriage" hexes. Brown is used as the color to represent serious matters of love between two individuals. 

It is also believed by astrologers that when Saturn transits through the seventh house (house of marriage and partnerships), it can make or break a relationship. Saturn rules the length of a life, as well as longevity of a relationship. Brown can certainly be used to cause quarrels or sever ties, but when offered as a devotional to Saturn, it can be used to empower and strengthen bonds. 

Cranberries are used for magical protection and healing. They are also sacred to Saturn. The cranberry, because of it's bitterness, is believed to drive out any evil forces that would come against the petitioner. 

Of course, due to it's bitterness, cranberry is sometimes used to sour relationships between couples. Both cranberry and the color brown can be manipulated for purposes of strength or destruction. Obviously our purpose here is to strengthen the relationship.

To keep a couple bound together, use one brown candle and inscribe the names of both parties on the candle. Surround the candle with a circle of dried cranberries and light. make sure the candle burns to completion without the circle of cranberries being broken. 

Good Luck, Good Magic and Good Love

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dream Symbols and Expanded Awareness

Dreams are our "door" to expanded awareness. This is the bringing forth of dream material from our unconscious to our waking conscious. Freud called it the "Door of Dreams," or the "Door without a Key." 

Dreams besides containing objective elements, are our most direct line into the subjective processes of our Younger Self. Some dreams reflect a symbolic language. They may give insights into other people's motives, emotions or plans. Or they may even give information about external events.

Dream figures are not always an aspect of the individual. Sometimes they are the person or thing they seem to be. Although generally there is something in the individual that resonates to the external force. 

Once we begin consciously working with magical symbols and mythology, our dreams reflect those images and should be interpreted in that light. An example would be: dreams of a "snake" to a Witch or Shaman would indicate renewal or regeneration. Where as some would interpret the snake as a sign of Christian malevolence or a Freudian phallic symbol. 

The keeping of dream log, remembering them, sharing them, and re-entering them in trance or guided imagery are all ways of opening this door without a key.

By learning to take a pro-active roll in our dreams, to suggest the subjects we are dreaming, to change dreams as they happen, to confront attackers and defeat enemies, are ways of "going forth by night."

Brightest of Blessings, 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Quantum Energy Creating a New Dream

One way to change our existing dream of the outer world is to create a new dream to replace it.  This is done in a step by step process to bring the dream into manifestation. 

First, you must decide what it is that you want to "dream" into existence: be it better health, a new relationship, perhaps improvement of an old one, more money? a new car or home? 

The more people who will be involved in the experience of your new dream; and would lend you moral support, the better. As getting others into this effort will help increase the energy, making it an even more effective manifestation process. But first you must decide what it is you want. 

The process itself is divided into a short process, or "Magical Spell," and a long process. The short process is what you do all day, every day until the dream is real enough to manifest itself. This is what really creates the dream. The long process is like a meditative practice that serves to enforce the short process. 

Here is the short process for dream manifestation:

Remember your dream frequently while breathing deeply and building up positive emotions about it. 

Speak positive words and affirmations about your dream all the time, mentally and out loud. The exact words are not important but keep it in the present tense (I am, and It is).

Vividly imagine with every sense all the pleasures, benefits, and changes that the new dream will bring as if it is happening right now. Do it often through out the day. 

Do something physical to reinforce the dream like making a special gesture or touching a symbol of the dream ( a lucky coin, or charm that symbolizes the outcome, or a picture that represents the realization). Touch don't just look. 

Stay away from negative thoughts memories and reactions from yourself and other people about your new dream. If negative thoughts or comments from other people creep in immediately cancel them out with positive pictures and verbal affirmations about your dream as soon as you are aware of it. Say the positive opposite out loud or silently. 

A phrase used by many shamans and magicians is EWOP, (an acronym for: Everything's Working Out Perfectly, a reminder to turn things over to our Higher Self). 

The Long Process:
The long process is when you can spend more time clarifying, strengthening and reinforcing your new dream. You go through the same process of energizing, affirming and imagining and "Acting as if it is true"  in a comfortable place, perhaps with your eyes closed for as long as you like. It is a good idea to end with a positive physical gesture of completion (such as a clenched fist, hand over your heart).

Good Luck, Good Love and Good Magic!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Norse Magic Sowulo Rune of the Sun

Name: Sowulo, Sigil (Anglo Saxon), Sol (Old Norse)
Letter Correspondence: S
Planet: Sun
God: Thor

The rune Sowulo is equated to the Sun. The Sun is the bringer of life and sustains us. It is the nurturing force of the North. This was especially true in the cold, Northern European lands. Here they valued the Sun and it's warmth and light simply because they saw so little of it.

Perhaps this is why the Sun is seen as being essentially feminine in German mythology. Sunna is the the Norse goddess of the Sun. The Sun banishes and gently and persistently destroys the forces of restriction and constraint -especially in it's form of "ice." 

In the Greek and modern Celtic schools and Wicca it is seen as masculine and the Moon as feminine. But the notion that the Sun is feminine is in fact very ancient, most likely stemming from an ancient matriarchal traditions. The female principal which predates the development of the futhark, was perceived as life giving. 

Sowulo (the Sun) is the rune or sign according to which initiatory journeys are oriented. It is by the light of the "Sol" that spiritual navigators steer their courses. 

Magically Sowulo is the most beneficial as a guiding beacon to higher consciousness. It can also protect the magician. It is the power by which the magician can break through the "Ring Pass Knot" to higher being. 

The ancient Vikings found it to give success in navigating rough seas. It promises success. 

In divination the S-stave offers hope and guidance. It also counsels you to set goals and stick to them. 

One negative aspect of this rune is that you may become deluded into thinking you have been successful, or that you have set your goals, when in fact you have not had contact with your higher self. There is caution to consult first with your higher Will and intent.  Or like it's shape, similar to a lightening flash, it can strike suddenly, destroying everything in it's wake, usually in order to prepare for something better. 

Brightest of Sowolo's Blessings,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Psychocosmology and Norse Magic

According to Germanic tradition the individual being is really a "Body-Soul," or psychosomatic complex. The body and it's appearance are different aspects of this, as are breath (athem), the inspiration (wode), the mind, the memory (personal as well as collective), the heart, the will and certain magical faculties which individuals may or may not have acquired.

Individuals may have more that some of these magical faculties, such as hamingja, which is a repository of personal luck or fortune. Acquiring these magical bodies or the strengthening of them is one of the main tasks of Northern Magic. All exercise the Will and of consciousness increases this power. 

Because the psyche or soul and the cosmos or world are both symbolically seen as trees in Northern Magic, we can speak of a Germanic teaching of "Pschocosmology". This teaches the way of the linkages between the soul and the world. If the inner world of the soul is explored and understood, the gateways are opened to a greater understanding of the larger world. 

The fact that both of these structures are symbolized by trees makes it all the more meaningful that the runes were almost exclusively carved into wood in their earliest usage, so much so that the word for a stick of wood, "stave", came to mean the same thing as "Rune." 

The runestaves are literally and symbolically the bridge between the inner tree of the soul and the outer tree of the world. Both of which are modeled on the Yggdrasill pattern.

Brightest of Blessings,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Magic of Meditation

When you decide that you want to practice meditation, you will probably conjure up an unpleasant image of sitting uncomfortably in the lotus position, your back aching and your mind racing on all the things you should be doing besides "meditating." 

This image of meditation is not only unappealing but wrong. But it explains a lot about why many people do not meditate. However, there are compelling physiological, psychological and spiritual reasons why we should practice a daily form of meditation. It is the glue that holds the mind, body and Spirit together. 

There are many ways of meditating. Meditation can be explained as an intentional concentration on one thing, which can be either secular or spiritual. 

Perhaps you have become so absorbed in gardening, reading or even balancing your checkbook that your breathing slowed and you became as single-pointed as a lioness stalking her dinner! In this state creativity flowers, intuition leads to a deeper wisdom and the natural healing system of the body is engaged. And our best physical and mental potential manifests itself and we feel satisfied from a psychological point of view. 

Spiritual meditation on the other hand, will help you become aware of the presence of the Divine in Nature, in yourself and in other people. The love and joy inherent in Spirit - that is the very core of Spirit - will begin to inundate your life. 

Today, retreat to a quiet place where you can sit or even lie down in a comfortable position, so that you can relax your body. Do not fall asleep though. Now close your eyes and let your breathing come slow and steady. Get in touch with your silence "within." Consider how you might be able to take twenty minutes a day to meditate. 

Brightest of Blessings,