Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Magical Moving Spiral

Energy is constantly in motion. The balance of the Universe is not static, but dynamic. Using water as a metaphor, when we block water's flow it becomes stagnant and foul. When it flows freely it becomes clean and pure. The rituals, spells and meditations of Magic, Shamancraft and Witchcraft focus on aiding energy to flow. 

Energy flows in "Spirals." It's motion is always circular, cyclical and wave-like. The spiral motion is revealed in Nature in the shape of galaxies, shells, whirlpools, and DNA.

Light, Sound and radiation travel in undulating waves - which are merely spirals viewed in a flat plane. All is cyclical, the Moon waxes and wanes, as do the ocean's tides, the economy rises and falls, even our own energy levels and vitality increase and decrease. 

The implications of the spiral model are many. In essence it means that no form of energy can be exerted indefinitely, in only one direction. It always will reach a point of climax and then begin to decline. 

In order for one to achieve balance in their lives, activity should be balanced by becoming passive. Exertion must be followed by rest, creativity by becoming quiet. One of my favorite axioms is: "Don't be into "All-ness!"(Meaning don't be all one thing or another; strive for a middle of the road philosophy.)  In today's world where the push is on to be at one's peak and driven 24 hours a day 7 days a week, how contrary this is to Nature's simple philosophy. 

No one can constantly be creative, constantly working,  constantly running here and running there - or constantly anything the requires energy. Working oneself at these levels is to burn up our precious resource of Magical Energy. Recognizing this need for alternation can help us keep a dynamic, healthy balance.

A Brahman parable eludes to the fact that we only have a measured number of "Breaths" in a lifetime. Meaning, watch where we place our precious energy and  how we use it. 

Brightest of Blessings,

Monday, November 29, 2010

"Powerful" Old Norse Magic House Blessing

The following is a very old Norse House Blessing, for Protection of your home and family. This Blessing is "Potent," extremely effective and it works on many levels. It should be expressed with a firm intent. 

Old Norse Magic House Blessing:

In the names of Odin, Balder, Frey and Thor, 
And by the might of Earth, Wind, Water, Ice and Fire,
Ward off all harmful evil sprites,
The ill-natured demons, 
The friends who injure our bodies,
Who sap our strength,
Who blight our lives,
Who attempt to destroy us,
Ward off the ill-fortune of bad spirits,
The awsome giants,
The fearful trolls,
The mischievious yarthkins,
Envious humans,
Bad Omens, injurious portents,
Unwanted on-lays and laid air,
And the ministrations of malignant entities.
May we be freed from all kinds of injury,
And instead be favoured with those real gifts
Which we seek.
In Accordance with Eternal Law. 

May the power of Odin, Balder, Frey and Thor protect you,

Magic Gebo Odin's Rune of Giving

In the alphabet the rune Gebo corresponds to the letter "G". It's Norse names are: Gebo, Gifu, Gyfu, and Gipt. The short term interpretations are blessings, gifts from the Gods, hospitality and generosity. 

The deity most associated with Gebo is the Norse god Odin, but sometimes Freya. Deep blue is it's color. Astrologically it corresponds to Pisces and the Tarot card association would be the "Lovers" card. 

It has the magical meaning of exchange of force or power between the gods and humans. It is indicative of Weddings, legacies, promotions and unexpected "windfalls" of money and good fortune. 

In ancient Norse legend it was suggested that an outcast could be rehabilitated by being offered a "gift", indicative of rune Gebo. Which would imply that a gift was expected in return. "A Gift for a Gift." By this means the "outcast" would be reintegrated into society. As a result Gebo implys the law of compensation. 

In today's world, there are too many people who are willing to "take," but reluctant to "give." Of course superficially they may seem to get away with it, with no second thoughts. But on a deeper psychological level they are paying with it by a loss of their self respect and compromising the rights of others. 

The "X"-Shaped sign representing a kiss at the end of a letter is in fact a hold-over from the Gebo rune. 

The positives of this rune include, generosity,hospitality, and the ability to accept gifts with honor as in most cases it is easier to give than to receive well.

May you receive many of "Gebo's " gifts,

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Magical Moon Foods

For as long as can be remembered, the Moon has been believed to rule Magic, water and women. Certain foods are identified as Lunar foods; believing they transmit the effects of the Moon and are able to impart great psychic power. Since we are coming upon the season of Yule, when the power of the "Full Moon" is considered Strongest, it could well be beneficial to consume these foods to increase one's "Moons Power".

Those wishing to align themselves with the Moon are encouraged to consume these foods. 
Among these Lunar Foods are the following:

*Cake, specifically round cakes with candles. The traditional round Birthday cake derives, from this ancient ritual practice. An alternative option is crescent - or horn-shaped bread or cakes, such as "croissants".

*Cheese, not the legendary "green" cheese of which the Moon is supposedly composed of, but round white cheeses, such as goat cheese, brie or provolone. 

*Crabs and Crayfish; the creature assigned to the Astrological sign Cancer, the only sign belonging to the Moon, is the crab. Those born under the sign of Cancer are believed to resemble crabs, leading to many jokes about crabby personalities. In Mediterranean regions, crabs are intensely affiliated with the Moon. 

In Central and Eastern Europe, especially in those areas whose magical traditions were heavily influenced by the Romany, the crayfish is the lunar animal par excellence. Crayfish, being fresh-water crustaceans, are cooked in many ways. Their shells are traditionally dried and preserved for amulets, particularly for "fertility" long believed to be the Moon's magical gift. 

Good Luck, Good Love and Good Moon Magic!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Secrets of Norse Yule, or Winter Solstice Revealed!

Yule,or Winter Solstice, occurs about December 21. This is known  to the Norse as Jol (Wheel) or Mother Night. This is a time of the death and rebirth of the Sun God. 

Yule originally lasted from about December 20th to December 31. The old "Yule-tide", is also remembered as the "Twelve days of Christmas." Yule-tide began on Mother Night and ended on Yule itself, twelve nights from the Mother Night. 

The days are shortest and the Sun is at it's lowest point. The Triple Goddess rules with her aspect of the Crone ruling cold and darkness, and her aspect of the Mother giving birth to the Child of Promise. An oak Yule log (burned in honor of Thor) is still a tradition in Norse/Germanic countries. The ashes are scattered over the fields, or the charred remains kept to start next years Yule log.
Mistletoe is hung over the door to keep out malicious spirits. The same is done at Summer Solstice. The Full Moon after Yule is considered the most "Powerful" of the whole year. In this time the whole year is magically contained; out of it the year is regenerated from it's own depths.   The Yule ritual is always held indoors and is intensely personal, done only with family and coven members. 

Tradition says that if there is a knock at the door this day, it wasn't answered. I suspect this was true on all pagan holy days to keep from being persecuted by the Christians. 
This ritual is a "light" festival, with as many candles as possible on or near an altar to welcome the Sun Child. 

Here's Wishing you and yours a Joyous Yule-tide!
Lory, Ragnar and "Dixie"
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Magic, Religion and Science are Arbitrary (Quantum Physics)

In this new Age of Aquarius, the age of Quantum Physics and the mind, we are beginning  a break down of old systems of thought and belief. It is a time to start "thinking outside the box." It is a time to caste away old outmoded systems of Religion, Magic and Science that we have been spoon fed; and start thinking for ourselves.

For untold ages humans have sought to find the Ultimate Meaning and the Absolute Truth, something solid and eternal for their souls to cling to. They have tried Mysticism, Religion, Science, Metaphysics, Art and Philosophy in order to make sense of life so they will feel more secure within themselves, and often, to control life in order to feel more secure outside themselves. 

Shamans, Witches and Magi have come up with their own solution to the problem of meaning by a logical extension of the ideas that everything is a dream or in "flux," and the world is what you think it is.

If all those are accepted as basic assumptions, then obviously all meanings are made up and the Absolute Truth is whatever you decide it is. The meanings of experience depends on your interpretation of it or your decision to accept someone else's interpretation, and the decision to accept a basic  assumption is also arbitrary. 

Therefore, all systems that describe life and it's workings are arbitrarily made up based on certain decisions to accept certain interpretations of experience. So what really matters is not weather a particular system is "true"( an arbitrary concept), but rather how well it works for "you." 

This system with it's seven principles, is acknowledged as being just as arbitrary and made up as any other system. So it isn't presented as Truth, but as a set of hypotheses that allow you to practice your witchcraft or shaman-craft more effectively.

It is similar to learning the scales in music or the rules of perspective in painting so that you can practice those crafts more effectively. The principles of any craft are useful for the practice of that craft, but they don't necessarily apply to a different craft or to a different aspect of life. 

This is why the Seven Principles, (see in my past articles) are not presented as dogma, and why they do not have to be defended. If they work for you, use them; if they don't then use something else. 

A wise shaman or witch feels free to change systems at will, according to the situation at hand. This corollary also allows a great deal of tolerance  of other systems  because they aren't seen as antagonistic or threatening, but simply as different points of view. 

Good Luck and Good Magic,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sif Norse Goddess of "The Golden Hair"

Sif is an Asa-Goddess; she symbolizes Earth, Mother and is the second wife of Thor. She is described as the Lady with the corn-gold hair. The Eddas say that she has the gift of prophecy. 

From older sources, we find that Sif is a swan maiden and can shape-shift into this form. Having previously been married to Orvandil, she is viewed as one of the older race of gods. 

Sif signifies summer fertility, and corn. Thus the following tale of Sif and Loki:

An incident occurred, while Thor was gone, in which Loki sneaked into Sif's bedroom and cut off all her beautiful golden hair with a sharp sword. Sif's hair representing harvest, corn, abundance  and prosperity. 

Thor was furious at what Loki had done to his wife's hair.  So with Thor's threats ringing in his ears, Loki went to the sons of Ivaldi who made magic hair made of "gold" for Sif, the spear Gungnir, and the ship Skidbaldnir. Some translations call these craftsman Elves and other Dwarves. 

On his way home Loki met two other craftsman, Brokk and Eitri, who were kinsmen of Sindri, a second family of Elf-smiths.  Loki bet his head against their ability to make equal or better gifts. 

Brokk and Eitri forged Odin's arm-ring Draupnir, Thor's hammer  Mjollnir and Frey's boar Gullinbursti. The gods decided that the gifts were as good as the first ones, and Brokk demanded Loki's head. Cleaver Loki agreed, but said Brokk could have none of his neck. So Brokk settled for sewing Loki's mouth shut. The other God's laughter at Loki's pain made Loki decide to plot revenge.

Sif is the goddess of peace, friendship in a happy family. She is chaste and is associated with "Kin" or "Kindred." The runes compatible with Sif are Berkana and Inguz.

May the Blessings of Sif be yours,

Monday, November 22, 2010

Widdershins, Magic of the Left Hand Path Explained

Widdershins, literally means, "the left-hand Path." It is when one goes in a circle counter clockwise, this is called circling Widdershins, walking or dancing in the direction opposite to that of the Sun.

Traditional magical wisdom associates the left side with the moon, women, and yin forces. Non-dualist societies perceive "left" as neutral and necessary: as there is no "right" without "left" and vice versa. However dualist philosophy associated "left" with the evil side of the eternal chessboard of dueling forces. 

Modern day usage betrays the implications: "Mr. Right, the Right decision, the Right way" versus "Left handed Left hand Path."  Need we say more? 

Post-Christianity, circling Widdershins was known as the "Witches Way" and the "Devil's Way." Being observed circling Widdershins was sufficient grounds for an accusation of Witch Craft. 

But perhaps, in this New Age of Aquarius we should not be into so much "All-ness". Perhaps it is time to consider "Balance" and to think out of the box, considering things in a "gray" area, rather than terms of White or Black.  Many spells incorporate Widdershins movement, as they do the opposite - Deosil. Eliminating either one eliminates balance.

However suspicion of Widdershins survives, within many Wiccan traditions, who associate Widdershins with baneful magic. But those who "do" incorporate Widdershins into magical practice, tend to use it for banishing purposes. 

Good Luck and Good Magic,

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Magic Spell To Get a Job

In these hard economic times so many people are out of job. This spell is sure help you find the job that is just right for you.  And to have "you" be the one they select for it. 

Use a square of green cloth. Fill it with bay laurel leaves, lavender, and High John Conqueror Root. Add four other herbs which are governed by:

*Mercury -(Dill), for a job involving communications

* The Moon -(Camphor, Jasmine), for a job involving healing, woman's work or health, or psychology.

* Mars -(Basil), for a job requiring aggressive, assertive action. 

* The Sun -(Chamomile), for a job outdoors, in agriculture or nature, or for an easy going enjoyable job.

* Saturn - (Patchouli), for architecture, history or any job where you will be limiting other's actions or freedom (police work, or guard work for example.) 

Add a silver coin, for wealth, and pictures of any important tools you may use in your work. Tie it with purple thread. 

Good Luck, Good Magic and Good Job!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kenaz Rune of Magical Knowledge

Kenaz corresponds to the Norse names: Kenaz, Kaun, Cen.
Deities that correlate with this rune are Freya, Heimdal and Loki.  Kenaz's color is light Red. It's quick reference magical meaning is "Torch", and crafty or sly. It is a controlled energy for a "knowing of a craft,"(Norse Witchcraft), as well as art, life-strength, ambition, determination, and inspiration. 

The central aspect of Kenaz is the torch, the torch of knowledge which is past on to future generations or Kindred. Kindred could either mean the members of the same family, blood relatives, or like-minded people of the same tribal origins. 

On a deeper psychological level Kenaz indicates thinking clearly, insight, knowledge of self as well as an innate knowledge of ones hereditary "roots." Together with Raido, which is the rune that directs us to the right spiritual path, Kenaz will represent the "torch" to light our way. 

The rune's element is fire in a contained form. It is the fire of inspiration and enthusiasm. The rune Kenaz has a number of varied magical uses. Gaining knowledge and insight into the deeper occult mysteries is the most obvious. Kenaz is the "light within" that helps us explore inner realms. The spiritual and magical quest is going within oneself rather than going outward. 

This rune is connected with "teaching" or learning the greater mysteries. Freya is connected with this rune as she taught the feminine mysteries of Seidr to Odin. Seidr is a form of witchcraft and includes "sex magic." 

A verse from an Anglo-Saxon Rune-Poem describing Kenaz:
The Torch familiar
To the living, a flame
Is binding and brilliant.
It burns most often 
Where royal folk
Are at rest within. 

May Kenaz light the way on your Spiritual Quest,

Friday, November 19, 2010

Norse Rune Magic Fourfold Wheel

The Fourfold Wheel is a powerful tool for Rune divination. When used correctly, it is invaluable for great insight and introspection in readings.

The Fourfold Wheel is a symbol common to both Norse and Celtic Myth. It takes the form of a circle, which represents the Universe. This is dissected by an upright, equal-armed cross. 

When this symbol is used in divination, the horizontal line of it's cross represents the line of time with the left-hand side showing the past and the right hand side the future. The vertical line represents the line of space, intersecting the line of time and producing events in time and space. 

The wheel allows us to look at our problems from four angles. By placing the appropriate rune, (such as Fehu) for finances, in the center of the wheel. Then, by random selection, four more runes are placed at the other four points of the wheel. Here our unconscious will recognize that the horizontal line of time on the left shows influences from the past, that which has already been formed, and in turn which has possibly given rise to the present situation.

Opposite on the right, is the future which shows where you are going and the future that you can shape. The beauty is that the "Web of Wyrd" is not predestined, and there is flexibility to change our future, by working in the present. The vertical line represents space.

The upper part of the Fourfold Wheel represents higher consciousness such as gods, archetypes, and our higher self. The lower part of the vertical line shows influences from our own unconsciousness. 

Wunjo and Freya Bless,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Magic and Spell Casting in the Age of Aquarius

Many people think that in today's world, the Age of Aquarius, that a belief in magic and spell casting is living in the "dark ages" and the past. 

I say not so. A spell and magic are merely symbolic acts done in an altered state of consciousness, in order to cause a desired change. To cast a spell is to project energy through a symbol.

With the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, we are coming more and more to the realization that "All is Energy", the Magic of yesterday will be the "Science" of tomorrow.

Spell casting forces us to come to terms with the material world. Many people who are attracted to Magic and Witchcraft in the first place are uneasy about using magic for practical ends or toward material goals. They think it seems wrong to work for oneself, to want and get things. But this attitude is a holdover of the world view that sees spirit and matter as separate and identifies matter with evil and corruption. This will change in the Aquarian Age, this idea of everything being separate and apart. All is connected.

"Work for yourself, and soon you will see the Self is everywhere." The paradox is that in spell casting we may start with the personal self, but in order to work the magic we are forced to expand and recognize the Self that moves through all beings. Magic involves a deliberate self-identification with other objects and people. To do a healing, we must become the one who is healed, and the energy of healing. To attract love, we must become love. 

Spells actually go one step further than psychotherapy. They allow us not only to listen to and interpret the unconscious, but also to speak to it, in a language it understands. Symbols, images, and objects used in spells communicate directly with the Younger Self, who is the seat of emotions and who is barely touched by the intellect. We often understand our feelings and behavior but find ourselves unable to change them. Through spells and Magic, we can attain the most important power- the power to change ourselves. 

The practice of Magic also demands the development of what is called the Magical Will. Will is akin to what Victorian school masters called "character", honesty, self-discipline, commitment, and conviction. What better tenants to embrace in this new Age? 

Brightest of Blessings,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Age of Aquarius Myth,Magic, and Religion

In this new age of Aquarius, we are discovering and creating new myths, symbols and rituals that are shattering old, outmoded molds. This process of change is just beginning and will be a long difficult one.   We need images that move us beyond the boundaries of our every day lives to that space between worlds where we can see clearly. 

The most important underlying cause is the dawning of the "All that is One" concept.  The All-That-is-One is "Nature", in human beings and in human community. The All-That-is-One is not now and never has been separate from this existing physical world. It is the "Now", and is each of us in the ever changing present. 

I believe the new world view of Myth, Magic and Religion will come to a knowing of what it has been. That it is cyclical, spiral. It will dissolve dualities, seeing opposites as compliments. Diversity will be valued, as both poles of any duality are always valued because between them flows the on-off pulse of polar energy that sustains life. 

We will return to the circle. The form of ritual will be circular. There will be no hierphants, no messiahs, no avatars, and no gurus. We will face each other, not on an altar or a podium or sacred shrine, because it is in "each other" that our deity is to be found. We will find our god-force and power of magic within ourselves, for we will never find it without. 

Brightest of Blessings,


Attract Love with a Magical Herbal Charm

The herbal charms that I make are small bags filled with herbs and other symbolic objects. The charms are made of a simple square or circle of cloth of the appropriate color, tied with thread of the proper color, and then charged with energy. You can either wear them or keep them in the house to attract what you desire. 

Love Charms are best configured on Friday, which is sacred to the Norse Love Goddess, Freya. They can be made of silk or velvet, your choice, and elaborately embroidered with symbols-or they can be simple cotton tied with string. You can create your own herbal charms specifically tailored to your own needs. 

Herbal Charm to Attract Love:

Use a circle of rose-colored or red (for more sexually passionate love) cloth. Fill it with acacia flowers, myrtle, rose petals or buds, jasmine flowers, and lavender. 

Add a few red felt hearts and a copper coin or ring. Tie it with blue ribbon or thread, in seven knots. 

Good Luck, Good Love and Good Magic!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Raido Thor's Rune of Council

The rune Raido corresponds, in the alphabet, to the letter "R." The Norse names for it are Raidho, Reidh, Rit,and Rad. The God that it is aligned with is Thor but sometimes Forseti. It's color is bright Red. 

The short term definition of Raido is: journey by horseback, chariot, riding or wagon. But it also represents getting to the truth of a matter, and seeing past illusions. 

Raido is also a rune of control, movement and direction; it can also be associated with the repetitive movement of of "ritual." 

In the beginning, (from the Volupsa) we are told that the Gods created order from chaos by setting the Sun and Moon on their courses. In doing this they devised an order of time, nocturnal and diurnal, night and day, as well as the seasons of the year.  The movement of the Sun and Moon around the Earth assimilates a "Wheel". This, is another interpretation of Raido. On a deeper level it can be associated with this movement of time, the turn of the Wheel.

Another meaning of Raido is "magical control." This can be done through "ritual," which is actions repeated over and over. 

The negative interpretation of Raido would be travel problems, inconvenience and blockages. 

May the blessings of Raido be yours,

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Norse Hel and Niflheim (Misty Hel or Misty World)

Niflheim is the world of the dead, in Norse Mythology and religion. It is ruled by the goddess Hel, while the kingdom of Hel is the realm of the dead and ruled by Urd. Muspell is guarded by the Fire Giant Surt and his flaming sword.

Niflheim or Nifhel lies to the south of Midgard (Earth). It is an immense land of darkness and great cold, an area of torture for evil souls. 

To reach Niflheim, one has to travel downwards for nine days from Midgard on the "Helway." This road goes through great forests, deep valleys and over high mountains. There is a deep, black cave between the two levels of Midgard and Hel. 

Near the end of the Helway, the maiden Modgud guards the Gjallarbru or Gjoll (Howling) bridge over the boundary river Gjoll. Beyond the bridge are the Hel Gates (Helgind) and behind them the Hall of Death. The Goddess Hel's palace is called Sleetcold or Sleet-Den.

Hel is the lower world Thingstead of the Gods. There the souls of the dea are judged by Odin. And rewards or punishments are handed out. 

Even the Valkyries must first bring their chosen warriors to this Thingstead where they are accepted or rejected as unworthy. 

At the lower world Thingstead, the Hamingjur (individual guardian spirits, personal power, or the luck of each man)can speak for the individual during judgement. If the person is evil, he or she is deserted by their Hamingja. Those souls judged as good go to Hel where they live in eternal joy. Those condemned as evil are shackled and driven to Niflheim by the dark Elves.

May Odin Bless,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Building Magical "Thought Forms"

Man has little realization of the immortality that he is capable of giving to his creations. Each of us, with the power of immortality in our soul, is giving life to the substances  of Nature, molding them into an expression of our temperaments and personalities, and sending them out in the subtle essences of being where they float for ages. They carry with them the blessings or the curses that we have imbued them with. 

Thoughts are geometric outpourings of the mental body. They are germinated and vitalized through a union of the mental plane with the physical brain which, as father and mother, gives birth to a child- a thought. 

In order to think, it is necessary for the entity to have his,  being in the center of conscious power, a vortex, of the same rate of vibration as the mental plane. Around this, he builds the mental aura, which consists of an egg-shaped vehicle, sometimes with uniform ends, sometimes with the upper end slightly larger.

This ovoid, being attuned to Saturn, as it is (mind born), is dark indigo in color, but is pierced with the thought forms of many colors and is usually fringed with a hem of golden light, sometimes changing to green and orange. 

The body, which is the vehicle of consciousness on the mental plane, is the highest we are capable of building at the present time, the vortices of the higher bodies are still latent.

The Masters of Wisdom (the highest Initiates of our life wave) function in their mental bodies, which some are capable of molding into close facsimiles of the human form. These are the bodies from which issue the "Thought Forms," strange geometric outpourings, and many-colored waves and rays. 

These "Thought Forms" are also the children of man; having created them, he is responsible for them, as he is powerless to prevent them from going forth.

We are surrounded by our own emanation bodies, which are constantly pouring into the infinite reservoirs streams of energy (the Quantum Ocean)both constructive and perverted. These streams of energy result from vitalizing our emotions and thoughts and thereby conferring upon them the power of our immortality.

These Thought Forms are the mind-born and fire-born children of human beings. Man is responsible for these strange creatures who float around  and battle for ages before they are finally dissolved back into the Cosmos. 

If Man had the power of the "Masters" he would people the elements with these demons. But since man is still learning, we are, as yet saved from this.

Brightest of Blessings,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Norse Magic "Strings of Objects"

Much like the knotted cord or Catholic rosary, strings of objects hung in a room have a protective function. Remember the "Vampire" movies where strings of garlic were hung all over the room as a deterrent? 

In the kitchen, a string of onions, garlic or hot peppers hanging up may just seem like a functional or decorative way of storing them. But the magical protective function of onions, garlic and peppers is the primary reason for hanging them in that way. 

Their smell and their many protective layers of skin are both off-putting. They are said to ward off everything from snakes, ill-wishers and Vampires. 

Strings of snail-shells, too, have a magical function, being considered a charm for promoting fertility, prosperity and well being. The spiral is the basic universal pattern of growth, and a string of spirals repeats the motif both of the spiral and the knotted-cord. In the garden too, lines of snail shells are a traditional charm for growth. 

This practice is enshined in the nursery rhyme, Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, which tells of "Cockleshells all in a row."

Brightest of Blessings

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Put the Fire Back Into Your Relationship, Magic Spell

This Norse Witch/Voodoo spell is a good one for those of you that have spent a fortune on sexy lingerie; while your partner fell asleep without noticing. 

Coffee Beans
Loose Tobacco
Cinnamon Sticks
Bay Leaves

Coffee beans and loose tobacco are used to get your lover's attention and wake them up. They also believed to heighten sexual performance and endurance. 

The combination of ginger, cinnamon and bay leaves is an old witch's formula known as Flaming Power or Flaming Desire. It is used to excite and arouse passion and desire in your lover. 

Grind fresh coffee beans, loose tobacco,* ginger, cinnamon sticks, and Bay leaves, to a fine powder. Sprinkle the powder under the mattress, kitchen table, or any where else that you can be ravaged in your lingerie. 

In some difficult cases, the powder should be spread where the uninterested partner will be sure to walk barefoot. Once the powder touches the soles of his or her feet, passion is sure to follow.  

Good Magic, Good Luck and Good Love,


Ansuz Odin's Rune

Ansuz correlates in the alphabet, to the letter "A." It is the element of "Odin," he is the god force behind this rune. As a result Ansuz's color is dark blue, the color of Odin's cloak. 

Ansuz represents transformation, communication, wisdom, consciousness and reason. Hallmarks of Odin are poetry and the Rune Songs, which are magical uses of sound. In Norse Shamanism it recognizes that we are descendants of the Norse Gods, Ansuz relates to our ancestors. It is no coincidence that Odin, the god of words and communication is the one responsible for giving us the knowledge of the Runes.

On a higher level Ansuz is the life energy of "breath". In the Volupsa it tells us that Odin gave us "Breath" or life. Without this "vital breath"we do not live.

Ansuz is the premier rune to use with Thurisaz, for unfettering (undoing things) such as phobias or anxieties from the unconscious mind. Thurisaz is used for fettering and Ansuz, as it's opposite, can be used to unfetter. 

More than transformation, Ansuz is indicative of new goals and information that changes your life. 

Odin Bless,

Monday, November 8, 2010

Quantum Physics, Separation is a Useful Illusion

In this New Age of Aquarius, people get so caught up in the idea and experience of connections and relatedness; that they become immobilized by fear of unforeseen consequences springing from the slightest thought or action. Even worse, they drown in empathy with the pain and suffering of others.

At such times it is healthy to inject a little creative separation in order to function better. Fear makes you loose sight of your role of creating a life for yourself. And the assumption for a while of the independence of all things will help bring you back into balance and perspective. 

Likewise, pure empathy, which is so promoted by today's society is dangerous. It makes you as helpless as the one who is suffering. A solution is to add a dose of separation by switching to compassion, in which you are aware of the suffering while realizing it isn't happening to you. 

Then you can help the sufferer move out of it. The main point is that there really are no limits, so as Shamans, you can feel free to create limits when it is useful to do so.

Brightest of Blessings,

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Norse Witch Spell for Protection

This a great spell to do in the Autumn. As Gourds, which are a key element in this spell, are readily available. 

Dried Gourds

Gourds hung around the house are believed to guard against evil. They are also a beautiful decorative element to the home. I have some wonderful ones that I have collected from the south west. 

Salt sprinkled around the house or added to bath water is said to purify the home and body as well as protect against harm. Salt and Gourds together give double protection. 

Add salt and gourds to your bath water or sprinkle coarse salt in a clockwise direction around the home and place gourds near all windows and doors.

Brightest of Blessings and Protection,

Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology Revealed!

Of the nine worlds in Norse Mythology, Asgard is on the highest level, with Alfheim to the east and Vanaheim to the west. The Prose Edda states that Midgard is the center of Ginnungap, an area of eleven rivers and frozen wasteland.

It is Midgard ( Earth,where man lives) that ties together all the other worlds. On the same level as Midgard is Svartalfheim to the south, Nidvellir to the east, and Jontunhiem to the west. Below Midgard lie Hel and Nifleheim. 

The Aesir gods live in Asgard, the Vanir in Vanaheim, and the Light Elves in Alfheim or Ljosalfheim (Light Elf-World).

Asgard is situated on an island in the middle of a broad dark rive which flows up through Yggdrasil from Hvergelmir. Around Asgard is a high wall. The flames of the boiling river lap the base of the wall, thus making Asgard impossible to enter except  through Odin's mighty gate.

In the middle of Asgard is Valaskjalf, the Court of Judgement or High Thingstead of the Gods. Here they discuss and decide their private affairs. The great hall is roofed with silver and all the walls are overlaid with burnished gold. Odin's great throne is here, with twelve golden seats around it for the other gods to sit in judgement with him.

Vingolf (Abode of Friends) is the beautiful sanctuary, as well as the private Thingstead, for the Goddesses in Asgard.

Also in Asgard is a smithy where the Elf-smiths, or Dwarves, such as Ivaldi's sons and Sindri's kinsmen, work in fine metals, making all kinds of implements and objects for the Gods.

(More to come, Migard, Hel and Niflheim)

Brightest of Blessings,

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Norse Magic Lucky and Unlucky Days

The cyclic quality of time is recognized strongly in the the Northern Tradition of Magic. Just as the seasons and festivals come and go, and return again, so the light gives way to darkness, and light comes once again.

Good times are followed by bad times, and so on. Each day of the year is part of seven cycles, and certain days are considered to be bringers of good or bad luck. 

Good luck is associated with correct observances of certain feast days, but in addition to each Friday the thirteenth, there are the following unlucky dates:

January 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 15, 17, 29
February 8, 10, 17, 26*, 27*, 28*
March 16, 17, 20
April 7*, 8*, 10*, 16, 20*, 21
May 3*, 6*, 7, 15, 20
June 4, 8, 10*, 22*
July 15, 21
August 1*, 19, 20, 29*, 30*
September 2*, 4*, 6, 7, 21*, 23*
October 4*, 6, 16*, 24*
November 5*, 6*, 15, 20, 29*, 30*
December 6, 7, 9, 15*, 22*, 28

These dates are considered very unlucky; they are days upon which it was considered perilous to fall ill, to start a journey, to commence any work, or to be married, apart from those marked with an asterisk* which are unlucky days also, but not so bad as to prevent action. 

Good Luck, and Good Magic,

Friday, November 5, 2010

Skadi, Magical Norse Goddess of Shadow and Snow

Skadi is the Norse Goddess hailing from Scandinavia. Scandinavia is even named after her, "Land of Skadi." Skadi is a giant and may have been part of the older local divinities worshiped before the arrival of the  Aesir. 

She was the wife of Niord for a short time, But with Niord being god of the seas and Skadi being a goddess of snow and Ice, this did not work out. Later she was married to Uller. She may even have been involved with Odin in his siring of the Skholdungs, the royal house of Denmark. 

Her name means Shadow or Harm and she is associated with mountains, winter, hunting, revenge and dark magic. She is also associated with Death. She is the goddess who after the capture of Loki, fastened the snake above his head in revenge for Loki's part in killing her father. 

Her home is Thrymheim. The runes associated with her are Eiwaz, Hagalaz, and Isa. The day associated with her is Saturday. Her color is black. Incense for attracting Skadi are dragon's blood, pepper, and myrrh.

Invocation for Skadi: 
Mistress of dark magic, 
Lady of the mountains and winter snow,
Chase my enemies far away, 
To Hel's dark realm make them go.

Good Luck and Good Magic,
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