Monday, January 31, 2011

Magical Erotic "Allure"

Today the word "Allure" usually means "enticing or seductive and is most often used to describe beautiful women. So if someone calls you "Alluring," you should be flattered. 

But in it's original Middle English usage, "Allure" was meant to describe something threatening and negative. It comes from the same root word as "lure" indicating bait, or a hunting decoy. 

My father, being a big trout fishing enthusiast, had a whole tackle box filled with fishing "lures". But thinking back on it; all the fishing lures were bright, shiny and had beautiful bright colors or movements to attract the fish. This would be much the same way as alluring women would attract men. 

Allure was initially defined as the power with which women entrapped men; by women's magical erotic powers. Even today, the dictionary definition of "Allure" suggests that it means to entice by charm or attraction. 

Charm may now imply a pleasing personality; but it was once commonly understood as synonymous with "Spell."  

Good Luck, Good Love and Good Magic,

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Magical Workings with Nature Spirits

It is possible to communicate with Nature, this is because "she" is both alive and intelligent. She is alive and intelligent because she is inhabited by thousands of creatures of every sort and kind, whose task it is to take care of stones, plants and animals. 

These creatures are known in the traditional lore of every country in the world. We can be fairly sure that they are not exactly as various religions or cultures have described them. But the important thing to know is that Nature is alive because she is inhabited; that the four elements, earth, water, air and fire, are inhabited, and that it is possible for us to communicate with these Nature Spirits who inhabit Nature and the the elements and collaborate with them in different kinds of work. 

This reality has been known for thousands of years by magi, sorcerers, witches and Magicians of every continent who try to get these entities to work for them. Unfortunately many who work with the Nature Spirits do so to satisfy their own greed, sensuality, their desire for revenge etc. and the spirits obey them.

Nature Spirits are happy to be given some work to do and they do not bother about weather it is good or bad. They do whatever they are told, simply because they are in awe of a will that is superior to theirs and capable of dominating them. 

This is why so many people use these Nature Spirits to carry out abominable schemes. Knowing this, it is up to us to get them to collaborate with us in working for a higher Divine cause. 

When you are outdoors, in the midst of Nature, try to be aware of the presence of all these spirits who inhabit the earth, and who existed long before man made his appearance. Try to make contact with them and speak to them, to admire the great beauty of the work they do on earth, under the earth, in the air and water. 

They are always pleased when human beings pay attention to them. They will adopt you as a friend and smile on you, bringing you gifts of vitality, joy, poetic inspiration and even clairvoyance. 

But don't stop there. You must get all these billions of creatures that people the Universe to collaborate in the direction of Divine Work! When you go for a walk in the woods or mountains, speak to all the creatures who are there, contributing by their activity to the life of stones, plants and animals. Ask them to come and help those, like yourself, who are working for Love, Light and Peace, and for the establishment of a Better World! 

Brightest of Natures Blessings!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rune Jera and it's Magical Cycles of Return

Correlations for Rune Jera:
Name: Jera, Ger, Yer, Ar Jer - Good Year, Harvest,Season
Tree: Oak
Deities: Freya and  Freya
Color: Light Blue
Astrology: Earth
Magical Meaning: A cycle, time, reaping rewards from past experiences, no quick results. 

Jera is shown as two halves of the year circling around each other. They are two halves of the same whole, going from light to darkness and back again.

The Jera rune has a particular association with the turning of the year. The return of the year being at Yuletide along with the return of the sun. So it represents the cycle of the "Year" and the return of the seasons. 

The element related to this rune is the Earth. The gods associated with it are the Vanir twins Freya and Frey. This is part of the reason why this rune also has an association with fertility, in particular the fertility of crops. But Thor also is reputed to have some connection with rune as well. This assumption is made because of the connection with Yuletide and Thor as Yuletide is "his" festival. 

Jera is the rune of return. It is a congenial and friendly rune. It is a good rune used for positive changes. But it takes it time to do so. For spells involving building it will be the glue that holds the matter together. It can also be used as a rune for focus for those who feel scattered. 

Even though it takes time for Jera to do it's work, it can initiate a lasting change in your state of affairs or in a person's consciousness. 

Brightest of Jera's blessings to you,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Orgone, Life Force Power of Magic and Geomancy

From many traditions, from all over the world, there is a force or a conglomeration of forces (or energy) that sustain all being. It has been given as many names as there are cultures, languages, and belief systems. 

In the Hindu system of belief it is called Prana. It is the "Prima Materia" the universal, pliable medium of alchemists, the animal magnetism of Mesmer, the "Vril" of Theosophy, Orgone by Wilhelm Reich and the Chi or Qi of Chinese Geomancy and Martial Arts. In the Northern Tradition it is called "Ond," the Odinic Breath, "The Breath of Odin."

Everything in the Universe possesses Ond, or Orgone. This Orgone can be seen as a spirit, with a special character or impersonal power. It is the active essence that belongs to both the material and magical domains. 

In plants, Orgone gives medicinal powers, in our food stuffs it is the essence that makes children grow and gives us the energy to stay alive. In living plants it is the resident soul. 

When measured by scientific means, Orgone is the quality of matter known as "Energy." But it is not just a medium for the transference of energy by chemical, magnetic, electrical and other means, it also forms the patterns of geometry and flow present in all material things and processes.

In our landscape, Orgone is drawn down from the sky to high points, It has been speculated that the "blue" of the sky is an outward show of "Orgone" energy. It flows in the the form of water or air. It's flow and direction is determined by the patterns of the land. In some places it accumulates and becomes stagnant; in other places it flows away rapidly. Where it is allowed to concentrate, these are areas that are thought of as "Places of Power" in the landscape. 

In the Norse religion these areas were understood as "Earth Spirits" (Landvaettir or Land Wights), Yarthkins etc. Each having a beneficial or harmful effects on human activities practiced there. Geomants, Magicians, traditional hunters, and farmers have always had a subtle rapport with these energies. 

This Orgone energy is present in the human body, and practitioners of the crafts of magic, meditation, healing, spiritual enlightenment, and martial arts which direct and enhance this power.  

In the Northern Tradition, one aspect of Orgone, or Ond, is Hamingja, the controllable energy through which shape-shifting and other skills are accomplished. It is personalized as a guardian sprite. Sometimes this energy is visible emanating from the hands of the practitioners of healing or martial arts. Such manifestations are known from holy people in all the worlds religious traditions. 

The "halos" shown around the heads of deities and saints are depictions of this power. Outwardly, Lightning is closely allied with this. Similar energies have been found at stone circles such as "Stone Henge." 

Even though "proof " of this energy is in it's early stages, practitioners of the above mentioned crafts can make use of it without knowing what these energies are composed of. This would be in the same way that we perceive color without knowing what wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum we are perceiving.

Brightest of Blessings,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Occult Magical Talismans and Charms Revealed

Both the philosophers Pythagoras and Plato understood the power of numbers and magic in the ancient times in which they lived. They knew the value of sound, color and form and out of these, and other studies of Masters of Magic and Art of past times comes the present day charm and talisman. 

The ancient magicians, for example, knew that black and white stood symbolically for life and death and day and night durinal time. Yellow and orange signified intuition, red was for life and passion. Blue was for intellect. 

From ancient times all magicians have used color and the vibrational numerical power of names in order to carry out their "Talismanic Art." This is the occult, or hidden reason why Talismans embody numbers, symbols and signs of language. 

Although talismans are thought of as being something from ancient times they are in fact incorporated into the fabric of our modern world in so many ways.  There are many talismans that people wear weather an Egyptian black cat of the goddess Bastet,  Eye of Horus, an Ankh, scarab etc. Even the act of crossing ones fingers for luck is a "Talisman" of sorts. The first finger being the finger linked with Providence and Protection and the second with fate and misfortune. And keeping one's fingers crossed is one form of ancient voodoo for averting the evil eye. 

However few people are ever inspired to wear evil talismans on their person. This takes us back to the philosophers of the early days who were always thinking in terms of goodness in life and the overcoming of evil forces through good influence. 

Here are a few examples of charms and talismans used, as well as their functions:

Arrow heads: have served as charms since ancient times. The earliest were made of flint, but modern ones can be made of gold or silver and worn by men as a badge or by women around the neck. Their chief use is to ward off the evil eye and to protect the wearer from evil intentions. They are especially favorable for Cancer and Sagittarius people.

Axes: Somewhat similar to arrowheads  and they have the same signification, but apply more to people with Aries and Libra sun signs.

Heart: To wear a heart as a mascot is a relic of the Egyptian idea which was that people's hearts were to be weighed at the resurrection and those proving satisfactory would be accepted into heaven. The more modern interpretation is that the heart is a symbol of true love and these are given as a sign of genuine affection. They should be made of gold and are fortunate for Leo and Libra people. 

Owl: the owl is a bird symbolizing knowledge and common sense. To wear this is to attract these things. It is also a good symbol for those who are interested in education and learning. It should be made of gold or silver or copper and will apply more to Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn people. 

Knot: a knot stands for joining of things and hence knots have long been used as symbols for lovers. It can be made of gold, silver or platinum and favors Gemini and Pisces people. 

Four-Leaved Clover: is a charm of Irish origin. Each of the four leaves has a separate meaning. the first leaf on the left of the stalk helps to bring fame; the second, moving clockwise assists in gaining wealth; the third to the right of the stalk, brings a faithful lover and the fourth brings robust health. This charm is best if it is made of tin or alloy and enameled green. It is chiefly associated with the signs of Cancer and Pisces. 

The Horseshoe: is a well known bringer of good fortune, but contrary to the popular belief the points of the shoe should point "up" so that the luck does not run out, the points should really be downwards for the symbol is taken from the Moon's North and South Nodes, the North Node, who's symbol looks like a downward facing horseshoe,  is a fortunate Node and the bringer and maintainer of prestige and reputation. And the South Node (like a horseshoe facing up) is a "loss" of prestige and reputation. This influences the planet Jupiter, the planet of luck, and is associated with Sagittarius. 

Good Magic, Good Luck and Good Love,
Blessings Lory

Monday, January 24, 2011

Magical Witch's Dinner

Tonight for supper I am going to fix a favorite passed on to us by an old Italian friend. The dish is called "Witch's Dinner." It has grown to be one of our favorite's as well. 

Milly, our friend, used to tell us, "If an angry Witch came to visit you, what would you offer her? After all hungry cranky Witches are dangerous Witches, liable to cast mean destructive spells, maybe even the Evil Eye."

This Italian dish "Witch's Dinner" reputedly satisfies, pacifies and pleases even the fussiest Witch. Supposedly serving this dish to a Witch (or perhaps anyone) disarms her. The result is that it makes her wish to do good things for you, not harm.

Luckily it is an extremely simple, quick, inexpensive (even cheap) dish to prepare featuring garlic (the goddess Hecate's favorite) and some "magical" beans. 

The Latin term for them is Cicer arietinum, and they are the most widely loved bean on Earth. Also known as Garbanzo beans in Spain. And Chickpeas in English speaking countries. In Italian they are known as Cecci.

Witch's Dinner:

Two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
Peeled fresh garlic, finely chopped
One can of Chickpeas
Chopped fresh mint
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

1. Warm the olive oil in a cast iron pan.
2. Carefully saute' the garlic in the olive oil.
3. When the garlic begins to brown, add chickpeas to the pan, but not the liquid.
4. Add the chopped mint and saute' for fifteen minutes.
5. Season to taste with salt, pepper and extra mint if desired.
6. Serve on pasta or toast.
*If the mixture is too dry, add a little of the liquid from the can.

Good Luck, Good Food and Good Magic,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Occult "Wisdom" and Transmutation

Many people think of the word, "Wisdom" as meaning "Knowledge." But I would like to give a different definition of "Wisdom." That being, Wisdom is the end result of a process of integral function. It must be LIVED to be known. Experience is the start of wisdom. Wisdom is the child of the true gnosis; it's purpose is to bring eternity into time through true natural order functioning. 

It can never be completely stated in words; it sparks a true resonance in one's mind-heart between the Microcosm (man, the little order) and the Macrocosm (the big Order) in which man is integrated and functions. The true nature of "Wisdom" is that we are to become "Serpents of Wisdom." Since the snake is a creature that sheds it's skin regularly, it is also a symbol for change and psychic transformation and transmutation. 

Ignorance of man's true relation, dependence and correlation with the larger Universe deprives man of his sanity, health, true function, and proper growth in the Galactic Order of Hierarchies which form, maintain and renew untold Universes beyond the power of number, image or word to contain. 

Wisdom, then may be referred to as energy - substance - force from eternity which can enter us after due preparation; it manifests as function within the Light, Love, Wisdom and Power of the True Gnosis. Wisdom may be termed as the non-verbal essence-seed of balanced thinking, feeling, speaking and rest. 

It is an experience; it must be experienced in daily life function until it is radiant, life-giving and healing power is felt in your bones, belly, head, heart and hands. It is sometimes called the digestion of Light; it leads to inspired, spontaneous and healthy functioning.

In sum, we have the receiver, the wisdom - energy radiation, and their proper ordering and combining to make possible a blending and application in everyday use of the higher forces from the realms of Noetic Light.

"With all thy getting, get Wisdom."

Brightest of Blessings,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Frigga, Norse Goddess of Thought Manifestation and Divination

Names:Frigga (Dutch), Frigg (Norse), Fricka (German)
Main Element: Air
Color: silvery gray
Totem Animals: Falcon, Owl, Ram, Spider
Magical Tools: Distaff
Invoked for: Divination, Marital fidelity, childbirth

Frigga is the Norse goddess of divination, matrimony and childbirth. She is the consort or wife of Odin, the Allfather, Leader of the Aesir. It is not clear which Norse pantheon Frigga herself belongs to weather the Aesir, the Vanir or some other. 

Frigga is a powerful goddess but most known for her silence. She knows every person's destiny but will not reveal it. It is speculated that even though she knows everyone's fate she does not communicate it because she realizes that the outcome cannot be changed. Here, she has a correlation with the goddess Cassandra, who knows people's fates but must also keep silent.  While Odin is a powerful extrovert, Frigga his wife is demure and an introvert. She is a quiet, less flamboyant witch than Freya.

She is a spinning goddess often portrayed with a "Distaff," an implement used for spinning. "The Distaff Side," indicates she is a wife or maternal descent. Frigga is associated with the Norns (Fates) who "weave." She spins the thread they weave and cut. Frigga is in charge of the "Prima Materia,"the raw material of which all physical reality stems from.  She spins (or brings into being) the substance (out of the Quantum Ocean) that the Norns weave.

She wears a girdle hung with keys, indicating her ability to unlock all doors with her oracular ability. Frigga has powerful associations with mediumship. 

Frigga is the one to call on to bring your thoughts (thought manifestation) into reality onto the material plane of existence. 

Brightest of Frigga's Blessings,

Friday, January 21, 2011

De'ja' Vu and Precognition Secrets Revealed

The curious experience of De'ja' vu, (which almost everyone has had at one time or another) of "having been in a place before"; or a sense of experiencing the same set of circumstances. Maybe you meet someone for the first time and have a remembrance that you have met this person before.

Intriguing theories have been proposed as an answer for this experience by J.W. Dunne in his book "An Experiment with Time." Dunne suggests that when we experience this, or a conversation becomes familiar, or a new location suddenly becomes recognizable, one may simply be remembering a precognitive dream, which has been driven back into the subconscious. 

Dunne gives many examples of his own precognitive dreams, which he recorded over several years. He firmly believed in sleep and dreams as the prime openers of the subconscious and formulated a philosophy, which he called "serialism," to account for precognition. 

In Dunne's view, time was an "Eternal Now." All events that have ever occurred, that exist now, or that ever will be, are ever lasting in existence (Quantum Ocean). 

In man's ordinary, conscious, waking state, his view is only of the present. In sleep, however, the individual view might sufficiently enlarge to allow several glimpses of the future. 

If one concedes that the future can be foreseen, it takes only an interesting stretch of imagination to grasp the idea that a Higher Self, with superior mental powers would enable it to see far ahead. Anyone connected with precognition can attest to the remarkable details expressed in predictions. Pure chance removes these detailed predictions from the realm of guessing. 

Although Dunne's theory of seeing the future runs contrary to present scientific beliefs, his book "An Experiment with Time", offers a challenge of bold and imaginative thinking. 

Brightest of Blessings,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Protect Children and Pets with a Magical Norse Elf Spell

This spell may be used to protect children. Light Elves and children have a strong affinity for each other. And an Elf blessing for pets or wild animals is a good way to establish friendly contact with the Elves.

Place an offering of milk and honey with a little ginger sprinkled in it either on your altar or outside in a sheltered place. If possible lay a few fern fronds by the bowl. Elves also like the herb Thyme and marigold petals.

Also lay out your crystal and moonstone (these are both appealing to Elves). With your wand, gently tap the bowl three times and say:

Light Elves, listen. Hear my call.
Your presence here I ask.
For ________ (child's or animal's name) needs your protection.
To safeguard him/her is your task.
Keep _______ (child's or animal's name) safe night and day,
While asleep or while at play.
Beautiful Light Elves, answer me.
I ask your presence here.
To this little one protection give
That he/she may have no fear.
Blessings to all who come to my aid.
Between friends is this bargain made. 

Brightest of Blessings and Protection,


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Magical Rune Consecration and Divination Methods

Before using your runes in any form of divination; they should be consecrated. This is best done between the New and Full Moons. Hold your bag of runes in your hands and say:

Allfather, Odin, Rune-Master,
Lead me to true knowledge
Of the sacred runes.
Freya, Mistress of Magic,
Vana-Goddess of seidr,
Reveal to me the future paths.

The runes should be kept in a bag large enough to get your hand inside. Gently stir the runes and say:

Urd! Verdandi! Skuld! 
( the 3 Norns, Past, Present, and Future.)

Without looking, draw out three. Lay them out in a horizontal line, starting from the left. The left rune will be the past, the center the present, the right rune the future. If the future position is unclear, you may draw up to three more runes to clarify it. 

Another way of foretelling by the runes is to cast them on a square piece of cloth or fur. This is done by selecting nine runes without looking. Hold them in your hands and say:

Allfather Odin, Rune-Master,
Lead me to true knowledge
Of the sacred runes. 
Freya, Mistress of Magic,
Vana-Goddess of seidr,
Reveal to me the future paths. 

Hold the runes in your hands over the cloth and concentrate on your question. Gently toss the runes away from you onto the cloth while saying:

Urd! Verdandi! Skuld!

The nearest runes are read as the past or things moving away from the questioner. The further out on the cloth, the further into the future is the influence. Any runes that land with the rune not showing are not read. This also applies to any runes that do not fall on the cloth. 

Good Luck, Good Love, and Good Magic!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aquarius, "Age of Aquarius" Quantum Physics Interpretation

The new laws of Quantum Physics and Magic tell us all is energy. That there is an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean.

Everything known or even unknown in the Universe exists as a packet of "Quanta" in the Quantum Ocean, held together by a "Matrix." Some packets strengthen each other through the laws of "Resonant Frequencies," (like attracts like). Some packets weaken others. (Unlike frequencies detract one another)

It is Now, the time for Aquarian Energy Astrology. All you need to know to use his is your basic Solar chart and the packets of energy already contained in the Quantum Ocean, which will make you stronger, healthier, wealthier and wise. Some of the energy packets in the Quantum Ocean that you can use are Colors, Gems, Scents, Metals, Ruling Planets etc. 

Your basic Solar chart will tell which of the above Quantum Packets are beneficial to you. Then all you need do is bring them out of the Quantum Ocean and into your life by wearing them, meditating upon them or just being in their energy field. 

Powers of Aquarius:

The Water Bearer is the symbol of Aquarius and symbolizes powerful individual energy. Aquarius is an Air Sign and gives the feeling of intelligence and independence to all around it. Your strongest virtues are great intellectual power, the ability to communicate, understand abstract concepts, and the love for the new and avante-garde. The qualities you most need for balance are warmth, feeling and emotion. 

Romance for Aquarius:
Aquarius has a tendency to have happy friendships that are more important to them than marriage and romance. They seem to do better in un-commited relationships. Aquarius has an urge to be free, independent and self sufficient. As in "You do your thing and I will do mine." But for those Aquarians who are married the situation could be more complicated. Aquarius tends to be a bit self absorbed. But if they are able to learn that life is give and take, and try to understand things a bit more from their spouse's perspective; all will go well.

The deepest need of Aquarius is the need to know. And to get to the bottom of any situation.

Your gems are black pearl, obsidian, opal and sapphire. Your metal is lead.  Find a way to keep these Quantum Packets of Energy near you so that they can strengthen your Aura. 

Aquarius's  colors are: Electric blue, gray, ultra-marine and blue, wear them, decorate your home with them. Breath these colors into your Aura. 

Your scents are Azalea and Gardenia. Burn this in your home in the form of incense and let it seep into the walls and furniture. 

The most compatible Astrological signs that will strengthen your energies are Gemini and Libra. Seek them out as mates, friends and co-workers. Incompatible signs would be Taurus, Leo and Scorpio.

Uranus is your ruling planet. Take time to read all you can about Uranus and make yourself a magical amulet.

All of the above are packets of Quanta energy in the Quantum Ocean that are beneficial to the Aquarius energy structure.

There are many more but this should give you a a good start and understanding into the new science of Aquarius  Quantum Energy Astrology.

Brightest of Blessings,

Monday, January 17, 2011

Metaphysics, Occult and the Unifying Principle

Metaphysics is a word originally coined by Aristotle, which means "beyond physics." It not only encompasses physics, but it goes far beyond it and considers the origin, meaning and function of all life as well. Since many kinds of phenomena are encountered in this broad field, which is completely beyond the scope of academic science, it is natural for the scientific community to deride anyone who takes metaphysics seriously.

Now that we are are fifty years into the Age of Aquarius it should be apparent that all things are interrelated. But in order to gain a good understanding of any broad subject it should be examined from all sides. Since all things are interrelated, there must be a few basic principles, which underlie all phenomena.

The repeated pattern of the Universe has given rise to the most important principles of all, the old hermetic axioms. This axiom is generally stated, "As above, so below", just another way of expressing the interrelationship of all things. 

The proper usage of this axiom has been a powerful tool in unraveling many previously unexplained phenomena. By it's application, physical phenomena can be used to better understand metaphysics, the occult and vice versa. 

The true meta-physician, shaman, witch, wizard etc., must have a through understanding of the causes underlying so-called physical phenomena, as well as laws directly associated with their own area of specialization. 

The true scientist must also be a consummate  meta-physician. In a real sense of the word, "scientist" and "meta-physician" are practically interchangeable since they both have such a broad view of the world. 

The physical sciences and metaphysics have been largely divorced from each other because of a lack of understanding of the basic unifying principle. Each has it's own subdivisions detached from one another. Occult and physical phenomena are merely special effects of the same general laws.

The proper use of hermetic principles, used with clues available, makes it possible to arrive at the central core of the cosmic scheme, gaining a better understanding of our own planet. There will be future articles on this subject to come.

Brightest of Blessings,

Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Magical Season for Soul Crafting

Huge ice sickles spill from the gutters on the porch roof. The winter air outside today is thin, frigid, icy and stinging.  In winter we live in anticipation, waiting for the warmer, gentler days of spring to come. But this "dark" season has a purpose. 

The most ancient spiritual wisdom was centered around the predictable shifts in seasonal energies. Rituals revolved around sowing, reaping and cycles of light and darkness. 

For centuries Eastern healers - particularly practitioners of Chinese medicine - have considered the impact the seasons have on our bodies, minds and souls. But the symbiotic relationship between human beings and nature has been virtually ignored by Western medicine, until recently. 

Today physicians are acknowledging that some people suffer deep depression in the winter time because they are extremely sensitive to darkness. Light therapy restores their subtle energies to a healthy balance. Both my husband I enjoy the benefits of Dinshah's Color therapy, where one takes plastic filters,of different color, and  clips them onto a little portable lamp. My personal favorite for a lift from the winter doldrums is the color "Orange". I picture myself basking on a beach in the warm orange sunshine.  

Learning the Soul-craft of seasonal healing can bring new depth to our journey to wholeness. In the natural world, winter is the season of rest, restoration, and reflection. 

The twelfth-century German mystic Hildegard of Bingen suggests an easy way for us to begin exploring the richness of this seasonal Soul-Crafting:

Glance at the sun. 
See the moon and stars.
Gaze at the beauty of Earth's greetings. 

Brightest of Blessings, 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Norse Spell to Appear "Beautiful" and Desirable

The holidays have passed.  We all feel a bit down and perhaps a bit misshapen and dowdy this time of year. With snow and ice it is difficult to get out to the gym or go for inspiring walks. The question arises what is one to do to for a quick fix to"appear" desirable and appealing to your loved one?

Apples have long been used by Witches for love, health and beauty spells. One old wives tale mentions eating half a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar a day to retain youthfulness. I do this myself and am frequently told by others, how young I look. 

Norse legend tells how the gods and goddesses eat Idun's apples to keep their good looks. Remember the fairy tale of the "Princess and the Pea?" Peas, especially snow peas, are sacred to Venus, the goddess of beauty. To place a pea pod under your pillow will actually insure that you get your "Beauty rest!" Avocado is another food sacred to Venus. It is rich in oils, it is used in countless beauty products to rejuvenate the skin. Where as cherries promote self-confidence and happiness, both keys to feeling beautiful. 

Take an apple and cut it in half horizontally. You should find a five pointed star in the center. This is the witches magical symbol, representing the human form in all it's perfection. The top point is the head, the center points two arms, and the bottom points the legs. Visualize yourself as a glowing, perfect star-form. 

Color also plays a part in this ritual. If you want to look great for romantic reasons, use a "red" apple. To make someone "green" with envy use a green one. Gold apples, such as golden delicious, are for people in the Arts or who want to make an impression on the public. Eat half of  whichever color apple you choose and put the other half out for an offering. 

Next peel an avocado. Slice the fruit in seven pieces removing the pit. (Seven is the sacred number of Venus) Smash the pieces into a paste making a facial mask for yourself. 

Now take seven snow peas in your right hand and seven cherries in your left. Consume them alternately. The left hand rules the subconscious and the unseen world, while the right rules the conscious and seen world. 

As a result, you are creating beauty within yourself as well as without. It should be ideally done three days before the big "planned event. "

Good luck, Good Love and Good Magic!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ramblings of a Norse "Pagan"

Modern spiritual devotees today sometimes classify themselves with pride as "Pagans." But the word pagan in this sense doesn't specify one particular faith but encompasses all non-Christian or non-monotheistic traditions, including Wicca.

Pagan signifies any non-monotheistic (one god) faith, devotee of that faith "or" someone who resists Christianity. This would be with the exception of Jews and Muslims whom the Church classified as "infidels." Pagan literally means "rural, "from the country" or "rustic," from the Latin root word, pagus.

Some explain the term by suggesting that only "hicks" stubbornly held on to superstitious beliefs, as opposed to "sophisticated" urbanites who embraced Christianity, but this is incorrect. Roman soldiers used the word "paganus" as a contemptuous slang for civilians, non-combatants or "stay-at-homes." 

Early Christians, who envisioned themselves as "Soldiers of the Holy Cross" engaged in sacred battle, picked up the slang but used it to refer to those "not" enlisted in the army dedicated to Christ. By the fourth century Pagan referred to anyone who offered devotion to local spirits or deities.

Ancient people never classified themselves as Pagan. They called themselves by whatever name was used for their specific tradition, clan or community. Christians identified other people as Pagans because of those people's resistance to Christianity. As a result Pagan identified what you were "Not," not necessarily what you are.   

Brightest of Blessings,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Isa, Rune of Ice

Isa is the third rune of the second aett. It is associated with the element of Ice. Ice being frozen water is solid and non-moving. It represents a resistance to change. And metaphorically it is the "Ring Pass Knot," that is spoken of in all spiritual quests. That being an obstacle or obstacles that has to be surmounted before one can go forward on their journey to higher consciousness and the God-force. 

Isa corresponds to the letter "I" in the alphabet. It is connected with Verdandi, the Norn who rules the present. Since it is the present that keeps things as they are, preserves and conserves. Isa is crystallized Spirit into Matter. It is a period of absolute stillness and the solidifying factor in all things.

The rune Isa represents "intense focus" on a particular matter. It can cause one to become imbalanced, becoming obsessed by one particular subject.  Materialism or pursuit of wealth could be considered such a focus.

Isa enforces the idea of unity or focus on a single point in life. This may be detrimental or lead to egomania or dull stupidity.

But there is a positive side to Isa. It is a great rune to use for protection; as it can stop or "freeze" negative forces from coming at you in their tracks. Magical warfare is rare, but if one is subject to psychic attack "this" is one of the runes to use in your arsenal.  

Isa is a powerful force for concentrating the "Will" when one feels that they have become too scattered or that life has become chaotic.  

"Ice," or Isa is also a way for you to constrain or constrict those elements that you wish to "freeze" or bring to a standstill.

Brightest of Blessings,

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Valkyrie Warrior Goddess Freya Invocation

In Norse Mythology the Goddess Freya is the leader, or Queen of the Valkyries. Valkyries, (pronounced val-kye-reez), are described as being the "Choosers of the Slain" in battle. They are female attendants of Odin and they direct the course of battles, choosing the most valiant warriors for Valhalla. 

In Old English they were called waelceasig. Tradition says there are thirteen of them. Brynhild as Sigdrifa (Victory-Giver) was a Valkyrie. She initiated Sigurd into runic wisdom. 

They are helmeted goddesses with spears crowned with flames and mounted on flying horses whose manes dropped dew or hail. They can also turn themselves into Swan-Maidens. They are death angels, mare-women (the "horse" is representitive of the Norse cult of the Volsi). Valkyries are associated with horses, wolves, fearlessness, war and death. 

Invocation for Freya as a Valkyrie Leader:

Queen of the Warrior-Women,
Freya of the Black Swordhand, 
Mistress of Magic, enchantments deep,
You who beckon to fallen heroes,
Harken to this, your child. 
I would weave strong magic for protection,
Deep magic to bind and chasten.
I lift up my sword to repel all attackers.
Beware, foul troublemakers!
For Freya whispers her spells in my ear.
Freya, Queen of the Valkyries, stands at my side.

May Freya's Blessings be yours,

Friday, January 7, 2011

Crystal Skull, Magic and Mystery Revealed!

The crystal skull was discovered in the ruins of a Mayan city during a 1927 archaeological expedition. It is a large, clear, quartz crystal, fashioned perfectly into the size and shape of a human skull. Observers claim that strange sounds, light effects, and even odors emanate from it at times. 

One of the most interesting aspects of the skull is that it maintains a constant temperature of seventy degrees Fahrenheit, regardless of the surrounding temperature, even when placed in a refrigerator at -28 degrees Fahrenheit. Many people have contended that the skull has exerted influences that produce bad luck. But one owner maintained a positive attitude toward it, and seemed to lead a charmed life during the years it was in his possession.  

Many high priests of the past were evidently "adepts" in the so-called black arts. As a result they were able to create powerful entities, or thought-forms, programed to protect objects such as rare gems or tombs they considered sacred. This accounts for the long list of misfortunes connected with such things as the Hope diamond and King Tut's tomb, which cannot be explained away by coincidence. 

Experts estimate that it required about 300 years to carve the skull from the original crystal. Since a lot of tedious work seems to have been expended on the skull, it is logical to conclude that an entity endowed with unusual powers was created to protect it. This is more than evident because the crystal tends to maintain a constant temperature. This could not be accomplished without intelligent and purposeful application of external energies. 

Soft electrons from a heat source would normally enter the skull and disintegrate, releasing large quantities of hard electrons. This could raise the temperature of the crystal to damaging levels. However, the crystal skull automatically provides a very high concentration of soft electrons tending to concentrate on the outer surface. This surface charge then repels external soft electrons projected from a heat source, and maintains the crystal at a constant temperature. Fire-walkers apply the same principle to their feet. 

When the skull is exposed to a low temperature, it provides a continuous flow of unstable soft electrons, which disintegrate inside the crystal. This generates heat, compensating for the heat losses to the outside. Some "adepts" have similar abilities, and can generate and draw high concentrations of such particles into their bodies, rendering themselves immune to extreme cold. 

Other evidence supports the conclusion that the crystal is embodied by an entity. Sensitives see a fluctuating aura around the skull. This aura often extends further from the skull than the aura of an ordinary crystal of the same size. In addition, the skull tends to respond to one's thoughts and attitudes by various light effects mentioned earlier. 

The major characteristic distinguishing a life form from a so-called inanimate object or dead body is it's ability to produce large concentrations of soft electrons. Crystals concentrate abnormally large quantities of soft electrons and display other characteristics of life forms. An embodying or protecting entity could function more efficiently through a crystal and produce the effects described, than through ordinary rock. 

Brightest of Blessings,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quantum Physics and Magical Resonance

Resonance has two meanings that can be applied to the human energy field. One, related to electricity, is "the condition of adjustment of a circuit that allows the greatest flow of current of a certain frequency." In human terms this means that the state of mind and body determines what kind of energies will most influence it. 

To put it simply, what ever fear you have will resonate to, or be influenced by, additional fear around you; and whatever confidence you have will be more resonant to additional confidence. This is why the most important first step in healing is to build up a person's confidence. 

The other meaning of resonance, from a Quantum Physics point of view, is "the reinforced vibration of a body exposed to the vibration, at about the same frequency, of another body." To make it more comprehensive, this means your fear will tend to increase the fear of those around you and your confidence will tend to increase the confidence of those around you. 

The proximity and strength of human energy fields are closely related because, generally speaking, the closer you are to the source of the field, the stronger - more energized- it usually is. Your Aura extends infinitely, but your mental and sensory attention usually do not. 

Frequency considerations aside, human beings tend to be more influenced by physical energies perceived through the physical senses (sight, sound, touch etc.)than by mental energies perceived through mental senses. So proximity is an important factor. 

The strength of a field has to do with energy intensity, which has to do with vibrations. The quality of vibration has two components, frequency and amplitude, or to put it another way rate and intensity. Using ocean waves as an example, the number of waves in a hundred yard stretch would determine the frequency of the waves. The size of each wave would depend on the amplitude. Obviously there would be more energy in six-foot waves than two-foot waves. In the human Aura, frequency is determined by focus and amplitude by emotion. 

Putting all this together, it means the sub-conscious is influenced by the strongest, nearest,most resonant field. If you walk into a room of people in a state of potential anger (meaning there are things in your life that anger you, but you are not presently feeling anger), and there is a person in the room who is currently very angry but not showing it openly, it is likely that you will start feeling increasingly irritated and angry without knowing why. If the person is angry about something which would also make you angry, the effect on you will be greater. This is field strength, nearness and resonance at work. 

If you have a subconscious habit to suppress your emotions you may tighten your muscles, and the longer you stay in the room the more ill or drained you may feel. And it is important to realize that the person did not drain you or make you ill, your reactions did. 

It is not just people who can influence your emotions. Physical environments can, too. A little bit of stress carried into a highly energetic environments like an air-conditioned offices or a busy shopping mall can be amplified to a large amount of stress accompanied by fear or anger depending on your habitual reactions to stress. 

The practical knowledge to be gained from this explanation is that, while you do create your own emotions, the intensity of those emotions may be influenced by someone or something in your environment. Rather than waste time trying to figure out why you are having the emotion, then, the smart thing to do  is go ahead and do something about it. If you like the experience enjoy it. If you don't, there are some techniques you can do to combat it such as white light, love light etc. This will be  elaborated on in future articles.

Brightest of blessings,


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Karmic Astrology and Egyptian Mysticism

Karmic Astrology, as practiced  by the ancient Egyptians, held out the hope that all the signs of the Zodiac would have equal opportunities. No sign was better than another and each sign when achieving that particular signs potentials, could bring success, peace, health, happiness and riches to the person who used Karmic Astrology wisely and intelligently. 

In Karmic Astrology, as taught by the ancient Egyptians, there was no hint at predestination - the theory that a person is born into a cycle of bad luck or evil. Quite the contrary, each person shapes his/her destiny according to the dictates of his own conscience. His/her own volition and free will are the determining forces that shape the Karmic birthplace and destiny. If a person chooses the upward path, no matter what his/her birth sign, they will achieve glorious fulfillment of their destiny.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the three earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, were Karmically tied to the Wheel of Fate by physical bonds; a desire for power, fame fortune and physical desires and appetites. These desires, unless transmuted into spiritual values, could tend to Karmically destroy a person. 

There were three air signs in the Zodiac, according to the belief of the ancient Egyptians. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, were inspired to high and noble causes. They are the inspirational souls who communicate their great ideas to the world and improve the world in which they live. A desire for peace, harmony, idealism and balance inspire these signs to strive for high achievement. If they fail in this effort and give way to Karmic forces of destruction, evil, war, and hatred, they are then Karmically destroyed and must be reborn into new cycles to try once more to achieve their high Karmic goals.

The fires signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, were given a totally different type of force field. The possessed creative imagination that made them harbingers of new ideas in art, music, literature, invention and government. The were given the qualities of high idealism and leadership that made them outstanding in their fields. When these three fire signs live up to their great Karmic destiny, they become the illumined souls of the Universe. 

The three water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, all share a similar Karmic fate. They were given the qualities of sensitivity, deep emotions, loyalty, a love of home, children and mate, as well as a desire to create beauty and dwell in eternal peace. The water signs represent the spiritual side of Karma, and when these signs rise to their great potentials, they can achieve release from the Karmic Wheel of Fate. 

There is a Karmic thread which runs through all the lives of those born in the twelve different signs of the Zodiac. The Egyptians built their entire system of Astrology around the basic law of Karma and re-birth. They were one of the the first to observe this great Cosmic Law. 

Brightest of Blessings

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Magical Passage of Time and Quantum Physics Revealed!

Most people imagine that the events that lie in what we term the future are "fixed" on a sort of moving belt that we call time, and that time moves the event out of the future into the so-called past. 

In Quantum Physics it is perceived that there is no past or future only the "Now." But if you really reflect on this you realize that there is no such thing as present. Utter the word "Now", and even as you utter it, part of the word has vanished into the past. It is rather like trying to define a point or line that isn't there. 

Something that Quantum Physics fails to address is that it seems that time has something to do with consciousness. If there is no present, how then is it that events are spaced out? If there is no present, then events must be either in the future or in the past. Yet, "Now" seems to be very real to us. Nevertheless, even the illusive now has something queer about it. Sometimes now seems to be much longer than other times. The passage of time is strangely "elastic." 

It is difficult even to attempt to conjecture on the nature time. But let me attempt to give my own description, and please bear in mind that I am not an authority on Quantum Physics, in spite of the fact that I am able so see events before they happen.

Let us suppose that one has a very long table, and at intervals of every two or three inches a small object has been placed. First a button, then  matchbook, a pin, a bead, and so on until 50 or more objects have been spaced out down the table. Now the room is plunged into darkness. 

A person who has no knowledge of the objects on the table enters the darkened room. (In effect he is born.) He is handed a very tiny, low-powered flashlight with a beam sufficient to illuminate only one object at a time. He directs the beam on the first object, the button. The beam of light represents his consciousness. For a second, he recognizes and appreciates the object he has illuminated. 

Then he moves the beam on to the second object, and at the same time, the first one vanishes into darkness again. Object one, by vanishing, has moved into the past. Meanwhile, object two, being illuminated, is in the present, whereas object three and all the subsequent objects are in the future. 

Finally, after he has illuminated each object in turn, he reaches the last one, and his illumination - his consciousness in a "beam sense"  - goes out. (The moment of physical death.) Then somebody enters the room and switches on a big light over the table, and the examiner discovers that he can see all the objects at same time. In short, his tiny beam of consciousness has been exchanged for a greatly enlarged one. 

Now that we have reached this inadequate comparison, we might add that a clairvoyant has a second tiny lamp which he/she can direct upon the objects far down the line. The person who is not clairvoyant has to direct his little beam on each object in strict rotation. 

All this is "not" to say that the future can not be changed in many ways. I may be wrong, but long experience has shown me - or appears to show me- that the stuff of the future is very pliable and can be molded by our thoughts. I will write more about "this" later. 

 Brightest of Blessings,

Monday, January 3, 2011

Norse Magic Wooden Hofs and Sacred Pillars

The ondvegissulur, or high-seat pillars were considered the most sacred part of the halls or temples, (hofs) of the Norse Pagan era. The wooden pillars supporting the roof of a hallowed building are sacred in their own right, as they correspond to trees of the "Sacred Grove."

The posts, which stood on either side of the high seat, were carved with the Inguz rune (God's Nail), and peppered with consecrated, iron nails hammered in during sacred rituals. 

When Norse settlers emigrated to the then uninhabited island of Iceland, a number of them took their high seat pillars with them. When the ships drew near to Iceland, the high seat pillars were thrown overboard so that where ever they came ashore; this would be the place the settlers would come ashore. 

Among the settlers were Thorolf Mostrarskegg, who had an image of Thor carved on one pillar, Thord Skeggi, Ingolf, Hrollaug and Lodmund. Thorolf Mostrarskeg and Thorhadd the Old both transported entire wooden hoffs from Norway to Iceland, including the hallowed soil on which they had stood. 

Only wood from trees marked out in some special way is suitable for high-seat pillars. Hallstein, son of Thorolf Mostrarskegg, called upon Thor to send him high-seat pillars. Shortly after, a tree was washed ashore from the sea on to his land. It was 63 ells in length (a magic dimension 7 x 9)and two fathoms thick. This was sufficient wood to make high-seat pillars for every farm in the neighborhood. 

It is a universal tradition with sacred wooden architecture that after a period of time, the sacred virtue of the wood is lost, and the temple, or hof must be reconstructed. 

This is still carried out in he Shinto religion of Japan, which has many direct parallels with the Northern tradition of Europe. There, a spiritually out-worn temple is replaced by a new one next to it within the sacred lay lines. The new Shinto temple is identical in design and dimensions with the old one, which is demolished once the new one is complete and consecrated. There are records that the same tradition once existed in Northern Europe. 

Brightest of Blessings,

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Magical, Psychic ,"PLANTS", Their Secret Lives Revealed!

Much has been written in recent years concerning previously unsuspected life of plants. The best and most comprehensive account yet written about work and research in this field is the book entitled, "The Secret Life of Plants", by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. 

The book tells about some amazing discoveries found from experiments done with plants. Plants display all the psychic attributes of highly developed humans and perhaps even to a higher degree! They also display emotions similar to those which humans experience. If isolated they become lonely and deteriorate. They respond in the same way humans do to various kinds of treatment. 

The scientist, Jagadis Chandra Bose, proved that their nervous systems are even more efficient than those of a humans and react more readily to various stimuli. The work of Bose in promoting better understanding of plants far transcends that of anyone before or since. 

Much of his important research in this field took place around the turn of the last century. The ingenious instruments he devised to measure the growth and behavior of plants have never been duplicated for some strange reason. They could magnify these processes by as much as 100 million times" He was a physicist who overshadowed all of his contemporaries in this field. 

In an excerpt from the book, The Secret Life of Plants,(page 116) is the following statement from Bose, "In my investigations on the actions of forces and matter, I was amazed to find boundary lines vanishing and to discover points of contact emerging between the living and non-living." These findings verify that all manifestations are creations of intelligences. 

The monumental research done on plants during the last 50 years brings up an interesting question: Why does the plant, a supposedly lower life-form, exhibit attributes which are apparently superior to those of humans? The answer is simple. Plants are an integral part of Earth and the Earth and other planets are embodiments of the logos, Divine plan. If it were not for plants, life as we know it could not be sustained. 

Through plants there is at least an indirect channel to the consciousness of the logos. Plants probably have a few more surprises in store for us when more profound investigations are made into their nature. 

Brightest of Blessings,

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Taurus, Quantum Energy Astrology

The new laws of Quantum Physics and Magic tell us all is energy. That there is an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean.

Everything known or even unknown in the Universe exists as a packet of "Quanta" in the Quantum Ocean, held together by a "Matrix." Some packets strengthen each other through the laws of "Resonant Frequencies," (like attracts like). Some packets weaken others. (Unlike frequencies detract one another)

It is Now, the time for Aquarian Energy Astrology. All you need to know to use his is your basic Solar chart and the packets of energy already contained in the Quantum Ocean, which will make you stronger, healthier, wealthier and wise. Some of the energy packets in the Quantum Ocean that you can use are Colors, Gems, Scents, Metals, Ruling Planets etc. 

Your basic Solar chart will tell which of the above Quantum Packets are beneficial to you. Then all you need do is bring them out of the Quantum Ocean and into your life by wearing them, meditating upon them or just being in their energy field. 

Powers of Taurus:

The Bull is the symbol of Taurus and symbolizes powerful individual energy. Taurus is a Earth Sign and gives the feeling of Endurance and Loyalty to all around it. Your strongest virtues are Patience, Stability, and a Harmonious disposition. The quality you most need for balance is "Flexibility," since you are "Fixed" sign. 

The deepest need of Taurus is for "Comfort," material ease and Wealth.

It's gems are Coral and Emerald and metal is copper. Find a way to keep these Quantum Packets of Energy near you so that they can strengthen your Aura. 

Taurus colors are Earth tones, Greens, Orange and Yellow, wear them, decorate your home with them. Breath these colors into your Aura. 

Your scents are Bitter Almond, Rose, Vanilla and Violet. Burn this in your home in the form of incense and let it seep into the walls and furniture. 

The most compatible Astrological signs that will strengthen your energies are Virgo and Capricorn. Seek them out as mates, friends and co-workers. Incompatible signs would be Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Venus is your ruling planet. Take time to read all you can about Venus  and make yourself a magical amulet.

All of the above are packets of Quanta energy in the Quantum Ocean that are beneficial to the Taurus energy structure.

There are many more but this should give you a a good start and understanding into the new science of Taurus Quantum Energy Astrology.

Brightest of Blessings,