Sunday, October 31, 2010

Norse Witch Build a Love Attracting Thought-form

Anything that improves your appearance or enhances the impression that you make can properly be termed a tool of Witchcraft.  The scent of your perfume or shaving lotion (for men) combines with the colors of your clothing to add a special something to the magnetic force that is you. 

In previous blogs I have discussed exotic love potions, they are the tools of the trade, but you need a naturally alluring you to use the tools effectively. 

Let's begin by suggesting an addition to your week's "Love Affair with Love" exercise. Practice being exciting. Try using a bit of extra eye contact. There is real Witchcraft energy that flows from your eyes. If you really think about it, this should be proof enough to yourself. How many times have you stared at the back of someone's head and watched them turn around to see who was looking at them? And you have reacted the same to others also. 

You can also send feelings of warmth and friendship along with the beam of energy that flows from your eyes. It is only necessary to will that it flow. Add that power of breath and the tingle of a special touch in Witchcraft and you will find yourself extremely desirable to someone you want to impress. 

You can excite almost any member of the opposite sex by artfully contriving to breathe on the neck of the area behind an ear as you gently touch it with your lips. 

Now that you are primed with the specifics, let's talk about interesting a particular individual. I am careful here to use the word "interest" as opposed to "control," because we don't want to drag the person to you kicking and screaming. 

With the mood of Love set just right, hold your hands out and let the energy flow between them. This is the easiest thought-form you will ever build because it draws it's basic energy from the reproduction of the species. 

As the energy field begins to take form, fill it with the image of your chosen lover and feed it the most blatantly erotic thoughts you can imagine. When you feel that your thought-form has been built to a maximum of power order it to " Go to my lover an deliver my message. Excite, entice, and fill my lover's being with thoughts of me." 

Importance of the Aura
Next time you find yourself entertaining erotic thoughts about a seemingly casual acquaintance, examine your aura to see if these thoughts are being sent to you - you might just be missing a happy bet! But don't take my word for it, it works on anybody.

Good Luck, Good Magic and Good Love,

German Alraunas, Magic Prophetesses

All the German tribes encountered by Julius Caesar and Tacitus, firmly believed in the prophetic, far seeing powers of women. These prophetesses, the Alraunas, were considered sacred and sometimes divine. Here is a list of some of the most famous celebrities of their era; very little is known about them, but some names still survive.

*Ganna, "The seer of Semones," went to Rome in 91 Ce with King Masyas, where they honored the Emperor Domitain. (Her name may be related to the Old Germanic gandno, "Magic."

*Velda, sang (perhaps with Rune-Songs) the Germans into battle during  Vespasian's reign (69-79 CE). She lived near a shrine by the River Lippe and accurately prophesied Germanic victories. Her name, also spelled Weleda, may be related to the root word for "Wisdom" and "Witch" and may actually be a title. She is described as a member of the Bructeri tribe; after a military defeat, she was captured  and taken to Rome in 78 CE, where she was treated with surprising respect, and was housed with the Vestal Virgins. Allegedly, during her time in Rome, she served as a translator and negotiator between the Romans and various Germanic tribes. She died in Rome c.80.

*Waluberg traveled to Egypt with Germanic troops in the second century CE. (Walus is an old German term for a "Magical Staff.")

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Glamour, the Magical Art of Enchantment

The words Glamour or Glamorous are inundated through the world of fashion,media and cosmetics. Websters dictionary describes the word "Glamour" as alluring fascination or charm. But where does it come from?

Glamour, or Glamoury: is the art of "enchantment", the magical art of optical illusion. Those who possess this art possess glamour and are able to disguise their appearance and make the viewer see whatever the viewed wishes them to see. 

This is an extremely seductive and powerful art. And strongly associated with Fairies. The use of applying cosmetics to create an illusion predates ancient Egypt and is synonymous with Witchcraft.  Small wonder the Add Agencies and Media Wizards have utilized such a powerful tool, thus making people and objects appear better than they really are.

Why not combine this ancient art of "Glamoury" with "Mirror Magic?" When you are putting on your make up, imagine yourself  looking beautiful and throw in a generous portion of allure, attraction, and seduction  as well. 

Good Luck, Good Magic and Good Love,
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The Magical Power of Breath

Weather or not you like the Vedantic concept of Prana, (breath or life-force), you must understand that breath is the most necessary requirement to sustain human life. We can go weeks without food and days without water, but only for minutes without breath!

The average person breathes with the top part of the chest through the front of the nose, using less than half of the available lung capacity.

This is typical of my friend Joe who was having trouble with an asthmatic condition. The various medications the Doctors had given him were loaded with side effects that seemed worse than the original symptoms. After six fifteen minute sessions over a two week period he learned to breathe through the back of his nose into his lower diaphragm.

With the use of extra lung capacity and a bit of healing Light, he eliminated his chronic cough as well as the medicines he was on. 

How about you? Are you using your nature given lung capacity to it's fullest? Try a simple test: place your hand flat against your waist, with half above and half below the belt line on your "back." Now take a deep breath. If you don't feel the lower back muscles moving straight back as you inhale, you are missing the most important part of lung area. 

Practice making the air produce a funny sound in the back of your nose as your back muscles pull the life giving air deep into your body.

When I take a deep breath before chanting, it sounds like someone blowing up a balloon. So you will know when you are breathing properly by the sound and the extra life-force it gives you.  

Good Luck, Good Magic and Good Breath,

Friday, October 29, 2010

Uruz Rune,to Attract Strength, Health and Courage

The traditional meaning of Uruz is "Aurochs." Aurochs were a ferocious species of wild ox which are now extinct. This rune resonates to masculine energy and the vital organic energy of life and the power which holds life together. It is the power of purification. 

Uruz drives out the elements that may cause one to become weak. This is a purification that leads one to strength. Uruz symbolizes strength, persistence, durability and being adaptable to change. 

On a higher plane Uruz represents healing energy encompassing a strong restorative process. Fehu and Uruz are closely interlinked, both relating to cattle. They both work together in that they sustain life-forms on this plane of existence.

The god-force behind this rune is Thor. This rune is also linked to the element of fire. Uruz comes from the German prefix "Ur,"meaning primal. It is also associated with the name of one of the Norns, Urd.

In rune-casting it is the sign of striving toward inner goals or those that will serve fellow man. This rune is the subject of being willful, tenacious and a striving toward independence. Uruz is the rune to use for strength, health and courage. 

Bright Blessings,
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"Ulfhednar" Wolf Warriors, Norse Magic

The Ulfhednar wore wolfskins (Wolf-shirts, vargstakkar) over coats of mail, and unlike the Berserkers, who fought as squads, entered combat singly as guerrilla fighters. There were also the Ulfhamir, the wolf-shirts, who are believed to have fought, like the Berserkers, without armor. 

Some had hammered, metal plates on their helmets used to magically protect them. There is a carving from the eleventh century showing these warriors. It depicts a wolf-mask with a human head looking out and armed with a spear. 

Similar masks are used by shamans, acting as spirit receptacles when worn. One of the by-names of Odin, Grim, means 'the masked one' and the old Norse warriors wore a literally grim visage when going about their business. 

The Ulfhednar used the superhuman strength of the wolf as their basis for martial arts. Their techniques were fraught with dangers, especially for the uninitiated.

From the Volsunga Saga we can learn some secrets about the Ulfhednar. Sigmund and his son put on wolf skins, agreed to follow certain rules when they fought, 'They spoke in wolf-language,' both understood that speech. The wolf-language is a form of 'call' like the Kiai of oriental martial arts, which has a momentary lowering of the blood pressure of opponents, allowing the warrior to strike. "The Beserks bayed.....the Ulfhednar howled!"

The tradition of the wolf-warriors is not just Nordic. A wolf-like cult is also ascribed to the Celtic race. From the Irish book, "The Wonders of Ireland","For by an evil craft they can at will change themselves into the shape of wolves with sharp tearing teeth."

Feats of arms attributed to members of these warrior clans, and also others bearing names of wolf and bear, are legendary. The greatest Anglo-Saxon poem is about a wolf-cult warrior; "Beowulf". Beowulf is a compound name composed of the Saxon fertility god, Beow and the wolf.   

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Norse Magic "Berserkers," (Martial Arts Tradition cont.)

"They...went without mail coats, were frantic as dogs or wolves; they bit their shields and were as strong as bears or boars; they slew men, but neither fire nor iron could hurt them. This is called "running berserk'..." 
                                                                    Ynglinga Saga

Today, the phrase 'going berserk' is used when someone flies into a great rage and attacks people or things at random, using, seemingly superhuman strength. Originally 'to go berserk' meant to go into battle wearing a bear-skin shirt.

The wearing of the bear-skin shirt was the mark of the 'Berserker', a practitioner of martial arts who went without normal chain mail armor, yet who was so strong and ferocious that he was feared by his opponents. 

The bear-skin shirt was a symbol that the Berserker could draw upon bear's strength, that super power manifested in the Eastern Martial Arts as the channelling of Chi, ie. "Life force," the Ond or (Vril) of the Northern Tradition. Bear's strength was a technique taught by Northern Martial Arts Masters.

They would demonstrate their channelling of Ond, (Vril) by the connected feat of the bear's warmth, where they sat scantily clothed or naked in the winter snow, yet did not feel the cold or suffer from it. It appears that the Berserkers were devotees of the widespread European warrior-cult of the bear. 

The power of the bear was gained at the Berserker's initiation. Hrolfs Saga Kraki tells us that among the tests, the would be Berserker had to kill the image of a beast set up in the royal hall, then to drink it's blood, when the power of the beast would be assimilated with the warrior's power. 

The Berserks were given the power of shape-shifting. This could be direct, by acting  upon and altering the perception of others, or an out of body experience.

It is clear that the Berserker was a practitioner of a specialized form of shamanic martial arts which involved not only the control and channelling of Ond, (Vril), but also psychic manipulation. Sometimes this involved combat in the astral body. 

Because of their martial prowess, Berserkers were present as key fighting men in the armies of pre-Christian Norse Kings. Harald Fairhair, a Norwegian King in the ninth century, had Berserkers as his as his personal bodyguard. 

The next blog to follow will be concerning the "Ulfhednar (The Wolf shirt, guerrilla fighters.)


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Norse Spell to Inspire Children's Creativity

circular, tubular, or spiral-shaped pasta
circular or star-shaped cereals
carrot juice 

It is probably not the best idea to feed your children all these foods in one sitting. But adding some or all of them to their regular diet can increase their creative powers.

All circular or star-shaped cereals promote creativity and circular, tubular, or spiral-shaped pastas are more mentally stimulating than old-fashioned straight, string spaghetti.

Carrot juice gives physical and mental energy as well as increasing drive and motivation. 

Bananas, almonds and dates are ruled by the element of air, which influences our thoughts and ideas.

Brightest of Blessings,

Norse Magic Martial Arts Tradition

The Northern Tradition, forged in the hardship of the ice and snow of Ice-Age Europe, was originally one of continuous struggle against overwhelming odds. 

This required self-reliance and, if necessary, a willingness to die selflessly for family and comrades, calling upon those reserves of superhuman strength, which lies within all of us. 

To be capable of these feats of will, strict training in self-control comparable to that used in the oriental martial arts was required. This was manifested in the warrior tradition, which later passed into what became armies, and technology in the form of firearms. 

The hero-traditions in Arthurian literature and the German and Norse-sagas show us that there were two main cults within the warrior tradition-that of the wolf and the bear, with a lesser, but regal, cult of the wild boar (indicative of Frey and Freya.) 

These are best known as the Berserkers and Ulfhednar. These will be described in future articles.

May Odin Bless,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Your World Is What You Think It Is, Quantum Physics

Depending on your point of view, a glass of water can be half empty or half full. Depending on your plans the rain can be good for the garden, you have planted or bad for the picnic. Depending on your attitude a problem can be an obstacle or a challenge. 

These are obvious, clear and understandable ways in which our thinking affects our experience. But in more subtle ways we know that thoughts of fear, anger, worry and resentment can make us sick and diminish our effectiveness. While thoughts of confidence, determination, love and forgiveness can make us well and increase our performance.

If we extend into the metaphysical realm, we come across the idea that thoughts will telepathically attract their equivalent. In other words, positive thoughts will attract positive people and events, and negative thoughts will attract negative people and events. 

This is less obvious than the other examples, but millions of people are coming to acknowledge this concept and a careful and honest appraisal of your thoughts and your life will clearly demonstrate the effect. 

Then there is the deeper esoteric idea shared by many spiritual teachers around the world that your experience is determined by your belief, by what you believe in. And both ancient and contemporary history are full of examples where the power of thought in the form of prayer, belief and conviction changed physical conditions, events, and circumstance.

Brightest of Blessings for a Better Tomorrow,
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Rune Fehu to Attract Wealth

From the Sagas:
(Gold,Fehu) causes strife among Kinsmen;
The wolf grows up in the woods.

(Gold,Fehu) is the strife of Kinsmen,
and the fire of the flood-tide,
and the path of the serpent.

Fehu, is the rune of mobile power in the world and in the self. It flows outward like fire. It is power which, like money, must be circulated in order for it to have beneficial effects.

This is the fire of life and the movement behind all continual change in the Universe. It is the electromagnetic force flowing along the surface of the Earth-"the path of the serpent."

In Rune-Galdor this rune is beneficial for works intended to draw wealth or riches. It is also a great source of vital energy. It is a rune by which other rune forces can be projected or sent out. 

In a divination Fehu indicates that wealth may be involved. But at the same time there may be conflicts brought about because of it. There will be new beginnings in life. 

Negative aspects of the rune include a tendency toward greed. If the power of Fehu is not given and received freely- with generosity- it will destroy a person.

The gods indicated by this rune are from the Vanir, in particular Niord, Frey and Freya. The gender of this rune is female. 

May the Blessings of Fehu bring you prosperity,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Norse Witch Weather Signs

                              It Will Be a Bad Winter if:
Forecasting Winter by Animals:
-Squirrels begin gathering nuts early (Middle or late Sept.)
-Beaver lodges have more logs
(or if the north side of the beaver dam is more covered with sticks than the south.
-Fur or hair on animals such as horses, dogs, sheep and cows is thicker than usual. 
-Squirrels build nests low in trees. 
-Birds eat all the berries early

Forecasting Winter by Insects:
It will be a bad winter if:
-There are a lot of spiders in the fall.
-Hornets and yellow jackets build nests heavier and closer to the ground than usual. 
-The woolly worm tells of a bad winter if, there are a lot of them crawling about.
-he has a heavy coat.
-the black band on his back is wide ( the more black than brown he is, and or the wider the black stripe the worse the winter.)
-When butterflies:
migrate early, winter will be early. 

Forecasting Winter by Plants:
It will be a bad winter if:
-Apples and grapes mature early.
-Onions grow more layers
-Trees are laden with green leaves late into the Fall.
-Bark on the trees is thicker.

Forecasting Winter by Weather:
-Two frosts and lots of rain mean cold weather is near.
-A late frost means a bad winter.
-If the first snow stays on the ground for three days, another snow will come on top of it. 
-If it frost before November 23rd, it will be a bad winter. 
-Lots of low rolling thunder in the late fall means a bad winter.

Forecasting Winter by the Moon:
-The number of days old the Moon is at the first snow tells how many snows there will be that winter.

Forecasting Weather:

It will rain:
-If cows are laying down in pasture. 
-If there is a ring around the Moon.(Count the stars in the ring and it will rain within that many days)
-If the Sun sets with clouds.
-If smoke goes to the ground. 
-If birds fly low. 

The weather will be fair if:
-You hear a screech owl.
-Smoke rises.
-crickets holler. The temperature will rise.

Brightest of Blessings and Weather forecasts,
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Mermaids and Mermen Lore

Mermaids, or Havfrue Scandinavia, are represented as being sometimes good, and at other times evil and treacherous. She is beautiful in appearance.

Fishermen sometimes see her in the bright summer's sun, when a thin mist hangs over the sea, sitting on the surface of the water, and combing her long golden hair with a golden comb, or driving up her snow white cattle to feed on the strands and small islands.

At other times she comes as a beautiful maiden, chilled and shivering cold of the night, the fires the fishers have kindled hoping by this means to entice her love.

Here appearance portends both storms and bad success in their fishing. People whose bodies are drowned, and whose bodies are not found, are believed to be taken to the dwellings of the Mermaids. 

These beings are also supposed to have the power of foretelling the future. And Fortune-telling has been in all countries a gift of the sea-people. 

In an Arabian Nights Tale, "Abdulah the Fisherman and the Mermaid," the protagonist Abdulah gains the ability to breath underwater and discovers an underwater city or society. It is shown as an inverted reflection of society on land. But concepts of clothing and money do not exist. It is insinuated that this society is the remnants of an ancient civilization that lost it's advanced technologies by going astray and catastrophes overwhelmed them. Shades of Atlantis? 

The Merman, or Havmand, is described as of a handsome form, with green or black hair and a beard. He dwells at the bottom of the sea, or in the cliffs and hills near the sea shore, and is regarded as a good and beneficent kind of being.

May Niord Bless!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Enchanter's Nightshade

Enchanter's Nightshade, (Circaea lutetiana or Circaea Alpine) is Circe's plant. Circe is the Greek "witch Goddess. Other names for it include Great Witch Herb, Sorcerer of Paris, Magic Herb, and Great and Common Witch's Herb.

In German it is called Hexenkraut (Witches' Herb), it's Anglo-Saxon name was Aefthone, as it was believed to counter elf-derived illnesses. 

Despite its common fold name, it is not as toxic as other plants nicknamed Nightshade, such as Deadly Nightshade, Black Nightshade or Russian Nightshade. 

There are two species of Enchanter's Nightshade. The most common Circaea Lutetiana - is from Eurasia. It grows near streams and damp, marshy places. It is often associated with magic and witchcraft. 

There is a variation of the this cultivar that prefers higher altitudes. Alpine Enchanter's Nightshade (Circaea Alpine) is also called Circe of the Alps. 

Both plants are associated with love spells, binding charms and hexes. Enchanter's Nightshade was one of the plants whose possession was sufficient evidence to warrant an accusation of witchcraft. 

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Heimdall and the Bifrost Bridge

In the sky between Asgard and Midgard hangs the beautiful Bifrost bridge, guarded by the god Heimdall. Heimdall wears silver armor and a helmet with ram's horns.

From his tower Himinbjorg (Ward of Heaven), which sits on the highest point of Bifrost, he guards the bridge. He can see a hundred leagues by day or night, can hear grass growing, and sleeps very little. He is also called Gullintani (Golden Teeth).

The southern span of Bifrost reaches to Midgard. The bridge is built of air and water with protecting fire on it's edges. Everyday the Gods ride their horses and chariots across the bridge to the lower world Thingstead. Thor, however, has to walk his thunder chariot across as it could destroy Bifrost.

May Shining Heimdall bless,

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tyr! Invoke his Power and Protection

Name: Tyr, Tiu, Tiwaz, Tiw, Ziu
Also called: One-Handed
Incense/Oil: Pine, Juniper
Colors: Yellow, Orange
Symbols: Sword, Helmet
Stones/Metals:Smoky Topaz, Gray Agate, Steel, Bronze
Day: Tuesday
Runes: Tiwaz, Jera, Kanaz, Thurisaz, Inguz, Eihwaz

Tyr Invocation:
Asa-God of the one hand,
Bravest of all the Gods,
Hear my plea for justice.
Stand beside me in the courts,
Or any time I am accused. 
Speak into the ears of those in authority.
Grant me freedom from all persecution.

May Tyr's blessings be yours,
Any questions:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tyr the Original Allfather or Sky God

Tyr, Norse god, the precursor of Odin and the original Allfather;goes back to the beginnings of Indo-European history. Teiwaz and Thurisaz both the names of runes in the futhark are also earlier names for Tyr.

Tyr shows his noble character in a story where he alone had the courage to put his hand in the mouth of the Fenris Wolf as a pledge of good faith.  Tyr being the patron of truth, honesty and justice caused the Wolf to trust him. The Fenris is lead to believe that he will be released if he lets them put the chains around his neck. When he discovers that they are not going to release him he bites Tyr's right hand off. Tyr knowingly pays for the deception with the loss of his hand but for the good of all. 

As a result he is the god of truth. He is invoked for swearing oaths. In war, Tyr should be invoked for bravery, valor, courage and victory.He should also be invoked for legal disputes.  Tyr's quarter is the East. 

Tyr is a solar god and may be interpreted as representing "sky" or "light." He is usually associated with the sword. But bows and arrows would have been used well before swords. So the original weapon of Tyr may well have been an arrow. Much like the shape of the Teiwaz rune, which is red and pointing up. 

May Tyr Bless,
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anything is Possible, Quantum Physics

Quantum physics tells us that in fact there really are no boundaries to what we can do. We are able to do and accomplish "anything." All that you have to do, and here in lies the rub, is Believe it.

However, because you are not alone in the Universe, the degree to which something can be shared depends on the beliefs of others around you. 

You may be able to levitate in the privacy of your bedroom, but you might not be able to do this in front of other people because of their disbelief. 

On the other hand someone else's belief in levitation may be so strong that you can do it in their presence, but not when you are with others or by yourself. This is what is experienced as "miracles" in the presence of "Masters." 

Travel between the stars is possible, but the only way it is expressed in our current culture is through movies or books (except for claims of certain individuals who may or may not have had the physical experience.)

The more people who believe that the change you want to make is possible, the easier it will be to make it. As we go further into the Age of Aquarius (we are still in it's infancy only 50 years), more and more people will come to "believe" in the power of the mind. All variables eventually achieve "critical mass."  This is the point at which water turns to ice, a spark bursts into flame etc.  So it will be with man. The belief will make it so. 

Brightest of Blessings,
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Norse Witch Love Potion #9

This potion is used for increasing the Love in your relationship or for a reaffirmation between two people who are already romantically involved. This recipe includes herbs and fruits that have been selected for their long-standing association with Love. The number of slices of fruit is for various reasons.

The lemon and orange represent the self in partnership. The three berries symbolize the triune (triad) powers of a "relationship", you, your partner, and the relationship between you both. The total of six is for devotion. Berries have long been used to attract Love. The strawberry is sacred to the Norse goddess Freya.


2 cups apple cider                       2 cups ginger ale
2 cups apricot nectar                  6 raspberries
1 teaspoon vanilla                       6 strawberries
1/8 teaspoon ginger                     2 orange slices
1/8 teaspoon cinnamon               2 small lemon peel slices

Mix the apple cider, nectar, vanilla, ginger, and cinnamon. Slowly add the ginger ale; mix gently to retain the fizz. Pour into large glasses leaving at least one inch from the top. Add 3 raspberries, 3 strawberries, 1 orange slice, and 1 lemon slice. Interlock arms, stare into each other's eyes, and drink to your love. Yield 2 servings

Variation: To bring harmony to a shaky relationship, add 1 teaspoon lavender or violet water to your love potion before serving.
Magical attributes: Commitment, Vibrant romance, understanding, passion, and wisdom
 Celebration: Handfastings, renewing vows, courtship rituals, the Great Rite, Valentines day. 

Good Luck, Good Love, and Good Magic!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Magic at Halloween and Every Day!

Halloween, also known as Hallows, Hallowtide, and November Eve. "Hallow" derives from the Old English word for "holy." All Hallows Eve is still a vigil preceding All Saints Day, which is a Roman Catholic festival to the ancient Feast of the Dead. So Halloween may be interpreted as Sacred or Holy Night - which for witches it is. 

At Halloween magic spells can be cast more easily, predictions of futures and fortunes are more revealing, and dreams hold a special significance.

But isn't Hallows a great reminder that Magic flows through us, mystery infuses every encounter every day? We conjure up a shoe that cannot be found any where in the house,we coax bounty from the barren earth, transform left-overs into a feast, heal hurts, banish fears and make money stretch until the end of the month.

We have not consciously awakened yet to the realization that we are descendants of an ancient, sacred lineage of women shamans or wise women. 

Isn't magic what you are performing when you create an authentic lifestyle for yourself and those you love?  Aren't you shaping unseen forces with your creativity and soul-crafts, bringing the physical world through passion what has only existed in the spiritual realm? If you can do this unconsciously, how much more could you accomplish if you were fully aware of your powers? 

I encourage you to acknowledge your lineage and your authentic gifts of magic, shamanism and witchcraft. 

As Frances Hodgson Burnett observed, "I am sure that there is Magic in everything, only we have not sense enough to get hold of it and make it do things for us."

Hallows Blessings, 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Witchcraft and Magic

Any one engaging in magic, witchcraft and shamanism is all too familiar with the "awful warnings" given out darkly against occultism and magic of any kind. Such vague threats do more harm than any thing else, and merely arouse fears without supplying any means of avoiding the pitfalls. 

The facts, that are rarely talked about, are that magical practices bring out fairly rapidly the normally hidden side of any person. Meaning that their latent characteristics will objectify. If these characteristics are good, then results would be beneficial, but if bad, then the opposite. 

All that happens, is that once a channel of communication has been established by magical means between the Inner and Outer Self, a kind of short circuit occurs, and surges of energy take place from one state to another. 

Objective and subjective energies coming directly together without adequate control cause tensions liable to result in serious explosions or erosions. Spiritual, mental and even physical diseases can be the outcome.  But so are the opposite conditions of improved health, strengthened mind, and the greatest benefits of the soul, or KA. It all depends on weather our circuit was properly arranged before the power or (magic) was switched on. 

People who would benefit from Magical Mystery practices would be well balanced, healthy, intelligent, patient, hard-working and creatively imaginative people. I know, I know it sounds like an old fashioned character reference, but moral qualities are of greater importance to humanity than Magical abilities. 

So this is the very important first step on the road to Magic. Going within! Weather one should engage in Magic or not is a big question and a big responsibility. It is rather like that of the modern problems concerning the selection of suitable people for controlling Atomic Energy. 

PS: Any questions I welcome your feedback

The Magic of Love and Encouragement

In this Age of Aquarius, the fast paced age of the mind and technology, we have new problems to face. Close relationships are getting harder and harder to sustain in a climate of so much fear, doubt, anger and stress. Tempers are getting shorter, life becomes more impersonal with text messaging and e-mails.  The tendency is to criticize everything and every one.

It leaves one asking themselves the question, "Where's the Love?" What can we each do in our own personal lives to reverse this?

Fear, anger and doubt give rise to negative criticism and judgement, which cause separation, which diminishes love. Criticism kills relationships. And this is any kind of relationship be it spouse, parent-child etc. On the other hand, praise builds and rebuilds them, because praise is an act of love, that clarifies and strengthens relationships. 

When you give praise you reinforce the good that you praise and it increases and grows. When you criticize you reinforce the bad that you don't like and it also increases and grows. 

Where a spouse or lover are concerned, as doubt about yourself, each other, or the relationship is allowed to come out, then the tendency is toward criticizing perceived or imagined faults and failings. If it happens quickly and openly it is a short lived relationship, and if it happens slowly and subtly it's a long, unhappy relationship that breaks when one partner can't stand it any more. To be blunt the relationship contains more pain than pleasure. 

But a relationship, (any relationship spouse, parent-child),in the process of falling apart because of criticism can be revived and made happy again by removing criticism and adding strong doses of praise and compliments. 

This is easier, of course if both participants in the relationship participate; it is possible but difficult if only one does it. The key to success here is simply to increase your appreciation of what you do like about the person, and increase your tolerance of what you don't like. Telepathic praise is just as important as verbal praise, and it is sometimes a better way to begin. 

Because you see, the love is actually always there. It is just the fear, anger and doubt that cover it up.

Brightest of blessings my friends,
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Norse Runes Magical Gateways of Power!

Runes are both spiritual and magical gateways, (or vortexes.) Inaccurately described by some as just an "alphabet," this is not exactly accurate and only begins to suggest the power of the runes.

Runes are a system of sacred symbols. The Runic alphabet is referred to as a "futhark." The oldest known full futhark is the "Elder Futhark," or the Common Germanic Futhark, which consists of 24 characters in a specific order, much as an alphabet has letters arranged in a specific order. 

                              Runes of the Elder Futhark
Runes are used for spell-casting, meditation, divination and to contact and communicate with spirits. 

Runes are particularly associated with Odin: according to his myth, Odin hung himself from the Word Tree for nine nights in order to acquire knowledge of the runes. 

A mystical meaning of the runes is that they are a radiant energy or "mystery." Each rune may be interpreted and has literal, magical and spiritual meanings. Each rune is affiliated with at least one Norse Deity and expresses their power and energy.

It is the audible, phonetic sound, when properly intoned with each rune; "Rune Song," which open up doors and vortexes with their vibrational frequencies. 

"Rune is also closely associated with words indicating witches and witchcraft. The Old German "runa" indicates a "whisperer" and is believed to refer to wise women or witches. 

In addition to it's other meanings rune literally means "lot" and they are used for divination. Here runes are placed in a bag and either individually drawn or randomly cast and then interpreted. 

In ancient Viking Lore the runes were painted on the wrists of women who were giving birth to ease the birthing process. Protective Bind-Runes and symbols were painted on shields and helms of warriors going into battle. The symbol "The Helm of Awe" was a particular favorite to confound enemies.  Thresholds of homes and Viking Halls were painted with runes thus providing protection for those within. 

Today, runes are also incorporated into Magic Spells. As I mentioned before each rune is identified with one or more Nordic deities. Each rune radiates a specific "power" and may be used for various magic purposes. 

Runes are considered especially beneficial for protective magic. They are often used to power tools and objects. Runes are easily incorporated into candle magic spells. 

Beautiful runes crafted from various materials, such as glass, precious stones, as well of wood can be purchased. However if you want your runes to resonate to your own "Divine Blueprint", your DNA you should hand craft them yourself. Cutting strips of Birch (resonates to Freya) or Oak (Odin), carving them and staining them with a few drops of your own blood. 

May Freya and Odin Bless,

The Sphinx

                                           The Sphinx

Who has fathomed the mystery of that expressionless face gazing out into the desert toward the place of the rising Sun? That creature with the body of an animal is the sin-body of man-Guardian of the Threshold - and like the true constitution of man, it is unknown to the majority of people.

Before the candidate can go forward in the spiritual work that he was ordained to do, he must wrest the secret of sin from the silent watcher. 

By concentration and consecration, he must correct and master one after another of his own vices, until he can offer to service of the Masters a life without blemish. Then he will be accepted. But few there are who want a life without blemish. 

All want power, but how few can take the sword of quick detachment and plunge it through the heart of that leering specter - Their own lower nature - the Dweller on the Threshold!

This was an excerpt form Manly P. Hall's small booklet "Unseen Forces. 

Brightest of Blessings,