Monday, August 23, 2010

How to Give Your Love Life a Quantum Leap!

Welcome to my Blog! I am a follower of the Northern path.  As well being as a daughter of Freya. Freya  is the mistress of Love, Magic and "Enchantment." I would like to start by giving you a little Magical "gift" in the way of a ritual or "spell" to add some oomph to your love life.

This is best performed during a waxing moon ( when the moon is building) and on a Friday night as Friday is "Freya's Day!"

Anoint your brow, heart and genital with your favorite love oil. I like rose, cinnamon or rosemary. All the while visualize your perspective Lover, that is if you have one picked out, if not then visualize the features of the Lover you would like.  You are building a "Thought form" here to manifest itself on the physical plane. Looking at yourself in the Mirror,

Chant 3 times:
"Now this oily essence Fair,
Adds great power to the Air,
Attracting Spirits of the Light.
Bring me Love both day and Night.
This spell and Charge are true you see,
And as my will so mode it be."

Now Chant 3 times:
"Freya, goddess of love hear my cry,
With out true love my soul will die.
Freya love goddess come to me,
And bring the Love I ache to see,
Venus, Cupid, Eros hear
This Call I send you loud and clear.
Odin, Thor and mighty Zeus,
This invocation to you is for good use.
Bring a Love that's strong and bold,
I charge you Mighty Gods of Old.
My true love Must Now come to me,
And as my will so mode it Be."

Complete your ritual by giving heartfelt thanks to all the spirits and elementals who have participated and dismiss them with love. Tell them to go forth in peace and harm no one on their way. And to all the Gods of Old give them loving thanks for all their help and love.
Blessed Be!

I would be happy to hear of your progress towards a loving relationship.

And Brightest of Blessings to You!

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