Sunday, August 29, 2010

Love Charms To Kick Your Relationship up a Notch!

Many of us at one time or another feel that our love life could use a little help; be it either attracting a new lover or taking an old relationship and "Kicking it up a notch! Babam!" 

I create "Freya Magic Love Boxes" for just these very intentions. And speaking for myself and for my friends who have used them, I can tell you that with the proper emotion behind them, they DO WORK. And sexual attraction and Love are two of the strongest emotions there are.

Following the path of Northern Magic, I am interested in practicing "bind" runes. These are 3 runes used together for each charm desired. In attracting a Lover the the runes used are: Kenaz, Jera and Inguz. Jera relates to the realm of Midgard, one of the nine worlds in Norse Myth. The realm of Midgard, is used to draw power for all workings associated with Love.

It makes little difference if the magician is male or female. But if the operator is male and wishes to attract a female, the Inguz rune could be replaced by Thurisaz or Teiwaz as both these runes have associations with sexuality. 

The second Charm is similar to the above but rather than a transient relationship it is for a more long lasting nature such as marriage. It helps sustain the attraction and the allure. The runes to use here are Gebo, Inguz and Ehwaz. Inguz is the the most predominant rune of the Vanir and the Vanaheim. Freya the Goddess of Love comes from the Vanir. And Inguz is used to invoke the blessings of the Vanir on the relationship you wish to sustain. Gebo, shaped like and "X" symbolizes the give and take of a relationship. And Ehwaz is the accepted rune of Marriage.

To put these spells and bind runes into practice you should create a carved bind rune of the desired 3 runes.  A circle should be cast. But before casting the circle a cleansing ritual sprinkling salt and water should be done.

A candle, symbolizing a torch should be lit. And incense if you prefer. The appropriate day for Love spells is Friday, Freya's day. Meditate on Freya, the Goddess of Love and Prosperity. Freya will be found in the western quarter of the circle as she represents the maiden and the element of water. Make a heartfelt plea to Freya for your intention.

At the close thank her and bid her farewell with love. Be firm in your resolve that your Love thought form is doing it's job. 

I wish you much luck in your endeavors. E-mail me for more information.
Freya Bless,

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