Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Norse Four Corners Ritual Of Protection

Millions of Christians protect their homes with both crucifix and prayers, Muslim homes are protected with the sign of the crescent moon. As Northern Europeans we need to start to protect our homes daily with symbols and ritual.These things need to be done religiously, which means that they need to be repeated, day after day, in order to build up power and strength.

I begin by lighting White Sage and a white candle. I place Norse God and Goddess pictures at points respectively, North Odin and Tyr, East Heimdel and Balder, South Thor, West Freya and Frey. 

I take my round prayer rug and place in the center of the room. Our Dog, Dixie loves to join me on the rug for the ritual. She is attracted to the energy; so I have to work my way around her. I stand on the rug in the center of the room, raise my small Atame' (knife) and turn completely around the circle saying:

"I consecrate this circle of power to the Ancient Gods.
Here may they manifest and bless us their children."

(Here I go back facing North, and raise my knife or wand in greeting. ) and say:

"This is a time that is not a time, in a place that is not a place,
on a day that is not a day. I stand at the threshold between the worlds, before the Gates of Asgard. "(Spiritual Quantum Physics)

"May the Ancient Ones help and protect us on our magical journey. " 

Here, I chant the 18 Armanen Runes (by Guido Von List):

Then I recite:
"I know myself hanging on the wind cold tree for nine icy nights, wounded by the spear, consecrated to Odin. I consecrated to myself; I hung from the mighty tree which conceals man, where man grew out of it's roots. They offered me neither bread nor wine. So I bent down in search. I recognized the runes. Wailing I grasped them. Then I began to increase and be wise. To grow and feel well. Words turned into words and deeds shaped into deeds with deeds.  Now I know the runes-songs like no wise man knows and none of the children of men. And should these songs oh human child become un-learnable to you, for shear endless time, grasp them as you get hold of them, Use them as you hear of them, Hail you if you retain them! "

Staying at the North point of the Circle I say: 
"May the Kinder be silent as we again draw this most sacred circle!" 
"To the North I turn, Odin master of mystery, magic and might, thee we invoke. Tyr god of justice who gave his hand to the Feneris Wolf,  thee we invoke.'

"To the East I turn, Heimdel guardian of the Rainbow Bifrost Bridge, thee we inoke. Balder God of rejuvenation and health, thee we invoke."

"To the South I turn, Thor, with Thunder and lightening enter our circle Friend of Man, and may thy Hammer Moljinar smite down all enemies of the Gods and this Kinder."

"To the West I turn, Freya Mistress of Magic, beauty, love and all works of enchantment and prosperity, thee we invoke. And thee thy twin Frey God of virility and the hunt, thee we invoke."

I turn back to the North point, turning respectively to each of the stations as I say:

"We thank you Odin, Tyr, Heimdel, Balder, Thor, Freya and Frey. And we know that you are with us to help, guide and protect us, where ever we go through out the day." 

So Mote it be!

This ritual can be used in the home, (the hof), or a sacred place in the woods. It can be done individually or by the whole Kindred. 

Brightest of Blessings,


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