Sunday, August 7, 2011

Norse Magic's Ash Sacred Tree of Yggdrassil

In the Northern Tradition, the Ash tree is of vital importantce. It is the tree that forms the cosmic axis, Yggdrassil. 

It is and was good for divination and charms, for it's bud forms a lunar crescent, linking it to the mutable qualities of Mani. Because the ash is a sacred tree divinatory tree, an image of the World Tree, and Odin's spear Gunginir, it will bring bad luck to cut an ash without good reason.

The ash tree is said to, "Court the Flash", being prone to lightening strikes, and so is considered a good conductor of magical energy and force. This is especially so when cut during the Summer Solstice. 

As the immobile Cosmic Axis, the ash has protective qualities against all ill-wishers, and cut for this purpose it is acceptable. 

The broomstick of the traditional Norse besom is made of ash wood. In Norse tradition, the sacred High-Seat Pillars of the Hof, the King's or Lord's Hall in which religious feasts were celebrated, were made of ash. 

Unlike most trees, the wood of the ash will burn when green, without sputtering. The smoke of the ash is a benevolent incense, and was traditional for new born babies first bath from the smoke of ash fire. The sap issuing from the burning ash wood was considered beneficial medicine for babies, welcoming them into the world. 

The leaves of the ash as also lucky, especially those with an even number of leaves on each side. Like the four leaf clovers these are uncommon. If this is found use this charm:

Even Ash, I do the pluck,
Hoping thus to meet good luck,
If no good luck I get from thee, 
I shall wish thee on the tree. 

The Even ash should be worn or carried in your pocket. The runic correspondence of the ash is Hagel. 

Brightest of Blessings,


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