Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Norse Shamanism, Dreams and Quantum Physics

In Norse Shamanism, as well as many other shamanic cultures, they held the exceptionally subtle idea that life is a dream. In point of fact, we are able to dream our lives into being. This idea, although incorporating Quantum Physics, is nothing new. In Ancient times it was understood and taught.

Our daily lives, our professions, our occupations etc. are nothing but a dream with which we identify. This does not mean that life is an illusion. It means that dreams are real and reality is a dream. The reality that you are experiencing right now is only one of many dreams. Life is an infinite series of possibilities (dreams) in the Quantum Ocean.

At first this thought seems so strange and confusing. It appears illogical because you can knock your hand against a wall and feel that it is solid. You can hear sounds around you and you can see a great many objects in detail. You think, "What's so dream like about that?"

But let's think about this a moment. The wall you struck your hand against isn't really solid and neither is your hand. Both your hand and the wall are composed of atoms (Quanta). These are mostly energy fields vibrating at different frequencies.

The only reason your hand didn't go through the wall, was because both it and the wall are vibrating at frequencies so close in range that they interfere with each other.

At this very moment, radio and television frequencies are passing right through the wall and your hand as if they weren't even there. When you struck the wall you weren't hitting a solid object.

Instead, two energy fields converged and the information was transmitted to your brain, where it was interpreted  by your memory as the experience of hitting the wall.

And the sound you hear? Let's suppose it's music from your DVD player. But really it isn't music you are hearing directly.

You are experiencing  a vibrational wave pattern moving through the air which hitsyour ear drum and is translated into an electrical nerve impulse received by your brain. Your brain then gives out a signal that you interpret, based on past experience, as music.

Finally the object you see are only seen because light energy bounces off other energy fields toward your eyes, where frequencies are translated into patterns that you intrepret as objects.

What appears to be an external reality now is really "internal" and all in your head. Now that certainly sounds like a dream!

Brightest of Blessings,

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