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Karmic Astrology and Cancer

The Karmic power radiating through the sign of Cancer is one of deep emotion and lasting love. You were born in one of the most sensitive and emotional signs in the Zodiac, ruled by the Moon. Your nature is like the Moon, ever-changing, volatile, moody and highly imaginative. 

You have a dark side too. You experience periods of depression so great that you feel you can hardly face life's problems sometimes. It is during these periods of change and depression that you must constantly remind yourself that you were destined to greatness, and that you must hold on just a little longer. The dark clouds of turbulence and emotional insecurity will pass. 

Because you react emotionally to every passing wind of misfortune, traumatic experiences are often drawn to Cancerians. Some of these tragedies are real and require great mental adjustment. Others are created by the instability of the sign. These problems must be faced head on and solved before they upset the delicate balance of the Cancerian mind. 

All this does not mean that all Cancers have bad luck. But it is an indication that the trends of Moon's phases often bring strange events and even tragic circumstances into Cancer's lives. 

The Moon, which is your ruling planet, makes you highly sensitive and easily swayed by the passions and emotions of those who are closest to you. As Cancer rules the fourth house in the Zodiac, it is connected with the mother and the father and all living things connected with the personal life. 

You are apt to find yourself highly motivated by your parents. Generally the mother is the most influential person in a Cancers life. This can be either positive or negative.

Just as the Moon is a reflector of the Sun, Cancer personality is a reflector of those who are emotionally closest to them. You want to please your parents; you are apt to be influenced in the choice of career by what your mother or father wants for you. You vacillate between your own choices for future career and those made by your parents. It takes a great deal of will power for the typical Cancer to break the "silver cord" that ties you to your mother and her wishes. 

You have a deep desire to protect the young and create a safe, secure home environment. You sacrifice everything for your children to give them a good life, to educate them and to protect them from life's dangers. 

As your sign of Cancer is reserved and conservative, you seldom make moves without giving great consideration to the effects on you and your family. This ultra-conservatism often causes you to lose out on some wonderful experiences in life. 

Yours is the sign of the crab, who crawls sideways to get ahead. Cancers tend to side-step life's crucial issues. They tend to try and avoid problems and challenges. They hate to confront problems head on. 

Due to the sensitivity of your sign, you may be withdrawn and shy. You wear an outer protective armor that may make you seem to be brittle, harsh and even critical and sarcastic. For this reason many people will misunderstand you. 

In reality, you are extremely sensitive and easily hurt. Like the crab who has a soft, protective outer shell, when this shell is penetrated, it represents a soft, vulnerable interior. 

Cancer often has an inferiority complex, lacking faith in yourself and your abilities. You must constantly work to reassure yourself that you are equal to, if not superior to other people. 

You are honest, fair dealing, and highly idealistic. You make friends easily. You are affable and can be charming, even beautiful in your social nature. 

Cancer has a deep religious or spiritual trend to your nature. You are very concerned about morality and idealism in the human experience. 

Your mind is capable of adapting to any line of work that requires sensitivity and perception. You would do well in sales, teaching, law, politics, electronics, computers, advertising, or even taking up writing as a full-time career. The Cancer mind anticipates public needs and knows how to quietly win support. 

Romance for Cancer:

Your sign makes you very emotional and intense in your love affairs. You are sensitive, loyal and trusting. Because of these qualities you are often hurt in love and marriage. It is vitally important that you select your true soul-mate or you will come to grief in the marriage state. 

You often build an idealized image of your future mate. You resent vulgarity and crudity and believe that love and sex are sacred and should not be flaunted or misused. 

You often like the idea of having a large family, but your Cancer nature generally limits your family to two children. You enjoy having a home of your own where you can build your family security. 

The following signs are compatible for you in love and marriage. If you are with someone you love born in a sign that is not indicated as compatible with you, remember, "The stars impel ; they do not compel." If you use determination and if you really love the person, you can still make a success of the union. 

Scorpio is a water sign and has all the qualities of charm, sexual magnetism, loyalty and sincerity that you love in a soul mate. 

The water sign of Pisces is another highly compatible sign to yours. These people have beautiful souls, high idealism, and are truthful and honest. 

You get along with earth signs of Taurus and Virgo for water and earth are compatible. Capricorn is your opposite sign and is also an earth sign. Opposites strongly attract, but they also repel. Take heed if you choose a Capricorn person. 

It is best to avoid fire signs even though they attract your emotional nature. Aries can be too bossy for your gentle nature. Leo, which wears it's heart on it's sleeve could make you jealous with their romantic escapades. Sagittarius can be too moody  and depressed for your own moody nature. Gemini is not for Cancer. 

The dark side of the Moon is apt to be your cycle of moods and depressions. The full Moon finds you highly romantic and idealistic. This is when you should build your romantic relationships. 

In summation, because you were born in the fourth house of the Zodiac, your Karmic pattern will always be associated with your deep sensitive nature, your fine emotions and high ideals. 

Brightest of Blessings, 

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