Monday, March 28, 2011

Problems of Norse Spell Casting

Many people who are attracted to the spiritual paths of Norse Shamanism or Witchcraft become frustrated by the ineffectiveness of their spells. So let's go into the dynamics of Spell-Casting.

When our own energy is concentrated and channeled, it can move broader energy currents. The images and objects used in spells are the channels, the vessels through which our power is poured and how it is shaped. 

When energy is directed into the images we visualize, it gradually manifests into physical form and takes shape in the material world. And how many times have we heard that we should put a lot of "emotion" behind the thought or spell?

Norse Spell Casting it is not merely a matter of emoting. It became the mantra after the movie the "The Secret" to say, "Thoughts are Things" and that we should think only positive thoughts. If thoughts and emotions alone could cause things to happen thousands of people would be married to movie or rock stars. I would not be writing this article at my desk; I would be sunning myself on the Riviera. 

Even the most concentrated power is a small stream compared to the vast surges of energy that surround us. The most adept Norse Witch cannot be successful in all her spells; the opposing currents are often too strong. And these currents run in waves.

Spell Casting is more like sailing a boat. First step is to identify the flow of energy and then decide whether or not it is going where we want to go. And we must measure. Some of these currents would be our own unconscious motives, our desires our emotions, our patterns of actions and the cumulative results of our past actions. The currents are also broader social, economic, and political that surround us. 

The winds that will fill the sails on our boat are the forces of time, climate and season; the tides of the planet, the Moon, and the Sun. Sometimes all the forces are with us; we simply unfurl our sails and take off. At other times, the wind may run against the current, we may have to tack back and forth, or take down our sails and wait. 

Sensing the energy climate is a matter of intuition and experience. Some Shamans and Witches make a detailed study of Astrology or the Tarot in an effort to plan their magical workings. I prefer to just work when I feel the time is right. 

Good Luck, Good Love and Good Magic,

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