Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pertho Rune of Hidden Meanings

The Norse rune Pertho corresponds to the letter "P". Other names for it are: Perdhro, Perodh, Peorth, and Fate. The tree associated with it is the Beech. Deities indicated are the Norns and Frigga. Frigga is patroness of Pertho as she is the goddess that governs birth and the Norns are involved in creating "Fate."

It's color is black. It is equivalent to the tarot card "Wheel of Fortune." In Astrology it would be tied with Saturn. 

Pertho is the sixth rune of the second aett and it is one of the most controversial runes in the futhark, as far as meaning. First and foremost it means "Secret" along with fate, chance, birth, unexpected material gain and a "surprise" are all meanings that have come to us from ancient times for this rune.  

Facing in it's normal position, to the right, Pertho is interpreted as birth.  It can also be thought of as creative energy flowing outwards. 

If this rune is reversed and faces left, instead of birth it will symbolize death. Of course a person's death should never be hinted at and should be thought of as more of a metaphorical dying of old self and birth of a new self, or new beginnings.  Old ways of doing things will be given up for new etc. But this will come from something in the past that resurfaces to surprise us. 

Pertho can also be thought of as the hidden side of ourselves; that comes to the forefront and needs to be addressed. .

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