Friday, March 25, 2011

Predicting the Future From Nature

The direction a flock of geese is flying, the course taken by a spider or a ladybug, the action of smoke rising from incense or the gyrations of a candle flame have all been successfully used as methods of predicting the future. Anyone who feels a rapport with nature and natural things can do this weather they deal in shaman-craft, witchcraft or not. 

You will find nature quite cooperative if your quest is sincere and you enjoy communing with her creatures. The birds, insects and other "lower forms of life" are better in tune with the forces of change than the average human being. So we should be able to see some rationale for their ability to see the future. 

Is it beneath your dignity to ask a spider or a candle for help with your problems? If so, just ignore this short article. As for me, I have learned to accept help and valid information form any source that has proved itself reliable - and you can't test reliability without asking questions. 

The trick in shaman-craft and witchcraft is to tell your instrumentality (bird, spider, ladybug etc.) what action you will expect for a "yes" and for a "no" answer. 

There are standard ways of working with a candle, for instance. In the old witchcraft tradition a brand new candle may be used to answer one question. You simply ask your question aloud of the candle, and then light it. 

If the flame goes way up in a few seconds, the answer is "yes", but if it shrinks very low, the answer is "no." This way is fine for amateurs, and it wastes a lot of candles at best.

Instead, I would like to share with you a discovery of mine and a more sophisticated use. Several years ago I developed a wonderful rapport with a candle on my altar. I felt the flame reaching out to me one night, so I talked to it. I told it I would like to be friends and asked if it would answer me. 

I suggested that it's flame lean towards me for "yes," away from me for "no," and sideways  if it couldn't answer. Very quickly the flame leaned way over towards me and I felt an emanation or glow that I can only describe as a feeling of friendship. 

Next, I asked it to show me how it would say "no," and it quickly leaned directly away from me. When I asked if it could tell the future, the flame leaned toward me again in a most friendly manner.

For several months this candle and flame was my personal investment counselor. It accurately predicted the direction of movement of my stocks at the time. I credit it for becoming  several thousand dollars richer. When the first candle burned away, it's replacement was just as friendly. As have been subsequent candles, I have used for advice over the years.  

The same principle can be applied to the fumes from burning incense or to any of the small household insects - if you trade your killer instinct for friendship and compassion for them. Common sense will keep you from acting on the advice of your small insect friends until you have proved it's validity for yourself. 

Suffice it to say seeing the future with help from bugs and candles makes good sense as a logical combination of synchronicity and your love affair with life. 

Good Luck, Good Love and Good Magic,

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  1. Great post as I do believe in the 'signs' of/from nature. I really like this about the candle flame. Yes, absolutely..."logical combination of synchronicity and your love affair with life."