Friday, May 13, 2011

The Magic and Power of Your Hands

Everything that passes and is transmitted is through the hands. Whatever you touch bears the imprint that you leave on it and that only you can leave on it. The fact that one can identify someone from his/her fingerprints and that, among all the billions of men and women in the world, no two fingerprints are identical, is proof enough that the hand is capable of expressing the unique character of it's owner. 

Everything that passes through your hands, all your fluids and emanations, contain the essence of your being. A true medium, someone who is truly clairvoyant, only needs to pick up an object that you have handled, to know all you strengths and weaknesses, your state of health and the events of your present and previous life. 

You leave your prints on everything you touch. When you give someone an object, you are giving them at the same time, something of yourself. As a result if your life is not what it should be, the gift will transmit the negative waves that you have put into it. This will happen even if it is a rare and expensive present.

Our hands are like antennae. They have the power to attract and capture magical currents of energy from the Cosmic ocean in which we all are in. If the currents we receive are weak, it is because our consciousness is asleep or busy with other things. 

True Magi, Shamans, Witches are beings who know how to use their hands in order to receive or project forces, to retain or reorient them and amplify or diminish them. We see a wonderful portrayal in this with Gandolf pointing a finger against the forces of darkness in "The Lord of the Rings".

But if the hand can be used for hostile purposes, it can also be used to create love and harmony. When you see people fighting, you can raise your hand and they will feel compelled to calm down and be less aggressive. They will feel the beneficial waves you are sending them. 

There is really only one thing man needs to align himself with the Universe. This would be learning to stretch out his hand to receive the forces from above and project them onto himself and others in order to restore balance, cleansing, healing and giving life. The Tarot card of the Magician shows this. 

The hand is important in every day life as it is a means of communication between men. When people meet or part, what do they do?  They wave or shake hands. For most people a handshake or a wave is are purely conventional gestures that they do mechanically. 

But for someone who is fully awake to what he/she are doing, the gestures  are tremendously significant. They are an effective tool that they can use to encourage, console and give others a great deal of love. A handshake or gesture of greeting should be a true communion, potent, harmonious and alive! 

Our hands are not only a means of communication with human beings; they are also a means by which we can make contact with nature. When a true magi opens their door in the morning, they salute the whole of nature, the trees, the sky, the sun. They raise their hand and say good morning to the day and the whole of creation. 

Yes, the hand is an instrument of Magic! All the marvels that human beings accomplish today, thanks to their hands, is nothing compared to what they could do. 

The hand is a living being with it's own brain, nervous system and stomach. Yes, just as the Universe is reflected in the different organs or our body, the organs of the body are reflected in our hands. The hand stands in exactly the same relation to our body as the body to the Universe.

Brightest of Blessings,

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