Sunday, May 15, 2011

Norse Creation Stories

In Norse mythology, life began without any one creator. In the beginning there was a magic filled gulf (Ginnungagap), today we would refer to it at the Quantum Ocean. It was bounded on the north by cold and darkness (Niflheim) and on the south by fire (Muspell).

Life began at the place where the positive energy of Muspell melted the negative energy of Niflheim. These flashing sparks of life and hailstones of cold combined to produce the life seeds of all matter. 

From the Sun's warmth on the whirling life-seeds came Audhumla, the great cow, and Ymir, a Giant. Audhumla licked  a being, Buri, out of the salty ice. Both Ymir and Buri were asexual beings, capable of spawning offspring without a mate. 

Ymir perspired in his sleep, producing his Giant children. Buri produced a male being called Borr. Borr married Bestla, one of Ymir's Giantess daughters; their children, were Odin, Vili and Ve. These offspring created the first the first human man (Askr or Ash) and woman (Embla or Elm) out of living trees by giving them a new form, intelligence and a soul.

But Ymir was terribly cruel, so Odin and his brother's killed him. The whole race of Giants drowned in Ymir's blood, except for Bergelmir (Mountain Old) and his wife who hid in the great World-Mill. From this pair came all the Jotnar, or Giants. 

The great World-Mill was used to grind the mold that made earth. Odin and his brothers put Ymir's body in the millstones. From his flesh they made the Earth from his bones the rocks and mountains. His jaw and teeth became boulders, his blood the rivers and the seas. His brain and skull were set in place to make the sky. The bodies of the other Giants were also ground up to make sand an pebbles. 

Odin set the heavens swinging around Veraldar Nagli (World Spike) which is the North Star, also known as Odin's Eye. He hung bright sparks of fire from Muspell inside Ymir's skull as stars. 

The Sun and Moon, which were larger fire sparks, were carried across the heavens in chariots made by the Elf-smith sons of Ivaldi. Children of the vanquished Mundilferi, a rival of Odin's, were appointed to drive the chariots. 

Mundilferi's daughter Sol drives the Sun Chariot with the horses Arvaker (Early Dawn) and Alsvid (Scorching Heat). Her brother Mani drives the Moon chariot. With him are two kidnapped children, a boy Hjuki and a girl Bil. Bil was petitioned by the skalds to sprinkle magic song-mead on them from the Moon. The Milky Way was known as Bil's Way, named after the girl who rides in the Moon Chariot with Mani.

The chariots of the Sun and Moon are eternally chased by two evil wolves. Giants in disguise. Skoll (Adherer) chases the Sun; Hati (Hater) chases the Moon. At Ragnarok the wolves will catch and eat the celestial bodies. 


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