Thursday, May 19, 2011

Teiwaz Rune of Tyr

Rune Teiwaz corresponds to where your strengths lie. It is taking the initiative as well as representing honor and justice. 

In the Viking age Teiwaz was considered the Tyr rune, referring directly to the Norse God Tyr. He was the original "Sky Father" before Odin. Tyr is the god of law and order in the cosmos. His original work in shaping the universe was to open up a space in the cosmos in which further (shaping) might take place. 

Tyr is the the God of Self-Sacrifice. Tyr lost a hand to the Fenris Wolf, who was causing havoc in Asgard.

Because the gods did not want to shed the blood of the Wolf, they bound him with a magical cord. But before the Wolf would allow them to put the cord around him, he demanded Tyr put his hand in is mouth as a pledge of good faith. When the cord held the Wolf, he snapped Tyr's hand off at the wrist. 

Rune work can be done through the power of Teiwaz (the "T" stave) which includes obtaining success or justice. It is the power of the purest form of justice. This is also the rune of victory.  

When this rune shows up in a casting there may be some sacrifice of your own self interest involved. Here you would be counseled to analyze the situation, apply rational thought to any problem and act on the conclusions. 

On a spiritual level Teiwaz is the rune that embodies the values of a "Spiritual Warrior." In addition this rune has connections with death, particularly an honorable death in battle. In the Havamal it is part of the twelfth rune-charm, designed to communicate with the dead.

From the shape of the Teiwaz rune one is also reminded of a symbolic representation of the Norse World Tree, Yggdrasil, as the  sacred Cosmic Axis. 

Brightest of Tewaz's Blessings,

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