Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Magic of Words

So many people today are dissatisfied with their lot in life! They are in a bad temper with the whole world, just because life is difficult. They are constantly flinging abuse at anyone whose life seems easier or whom they hold responsible for their own misfortunes. 

When they do this, although they may not know it, their words are charged with such venomous, destructive power that they can do real damage to others. You must realize that no one has the right to do this! 

When you feel the need to say something to humiliate or wound others, simply because you are being put out, don't give in to it. Complain as much as you like! Cry if you have to. But leave others alone, otherwise you will be called into account by your Karma. 

Each one of us must keep watch on our behavior and recognize the danger involved and it's destructive tendency. It is a life long battle, these "Beasts within." To revile others is a weakness, not a strength, still less something to be proud of! 

If you take the necessary precautions and try to overcome this tendency, sooner or later, you will get the better of it. But you will never get the better of it if you think that it is magnificent to behave like that. You have only to imagine what you would feel like if you had this attitude and you met your match, another individual who stood up to you and crushed and humiliated you in your turn.

Yes, people who are continually railing at others must realize that sooner or later, they are going to meet someone who is even better at it than they are. Those who are coarse and uncouth will always find others who are courser. 

No single word we utter remains without effect. Dione Fortune said, "Be careful what you say as before you die you have to eat every word!" 

This is why it is important, as soon as you realize that an unkind or unjust word about someone has escaped you, to concentrate and send that person a great deal of love and light. But even if you do this, a certain amount of damage may have already  been done and it takes time for the effects of your good thoughts  to make themselves felt. 

Mohammad's words are very profound,"The feathers have all been blown away and there is no way of getting them back." Emit positive, beneficial forces  and they will produce positive, beneficial effects. Emit negative forces and the effects will be negative. 

This explains how good and evil continue to co-exist but, on two different levels. Evil  produces evil and good produces good. 

This is why we must work had, every day to make our words intelligent, luminous and harmonious. In this way it will work wonders within ourselves. But it will also work wonders in the whole of Nature. 

True magic is the potent, living word, the word that comes from the Creator. This is the word that flows from the Divine Source. 

Brightest of Blessings,

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