Friday, April 1, 2011

Secrets of Magical Attack Revealed!

One of my all time "favorites," as far as a question concerning the  Occult is: "If Magicians and Shamans have supernatural powers, can they be used to attack their enemies?"

Certainly there is a widespread history of spells and curses being used to injure or even kill people. Those being enemies of the Magicians or conjurers, or enemies of the clients who pay them to make the attack. 

Examples of "Magical Attacks" include the ancient and universal theory of the victims' lives being blighted by the "Evil Eye"; "the Hag syndrome",( in Norse Mythology Hags sit on the chests of their sleeping victims, crushing, sometimes paralysing and always terrifying them) and "Psychic Vampirism," described by Dion Fortune.

But the concept of Magical Attack has come to have a special meaning drawn from the traditions of Western Magic. 

Occasionally ritual magicians have come into conflict and have engaged in "Psychic Warfare." When carrying out such an attack magicians are traditionally required to take precautions to protect themselves, especially in cases when they invoke entities that may not only attack the victim, but may also turn and attack the magician.

In general cases the Magical Attack, when there is no actual battle under way, the victim may be completely unaware of what is happening and may merely feel unwell and restless. They may exhibit a variety of physiological and psychological symptoms or suffer various psychic manifestations. 

The outward symptoms will be very much the same as in an individual who is suffering from some form of influence or obsession. The attack may be launched for a variety of reasons, but it is usually either intended to cause suffering to an enemy or to force a person to conform to the will of the magician. 

The treatment of such an attack varies according to the symptoms and the source. Usually the physical symptoms will have been treated medically, without success, before it is realized that they have a psychic origin. 

However, it must be emphasized that psychic or Magical Attacks  are rare . Most would-be Magicians or Shamans have neither the knowledge nor the skill required to initiate one. 

While there are very few accounts of Magical attacks, written from a serious occult point of view, probably the best known, is that related by Dion Fortune in her book "Psychic Self Defence", in which she tells of an attack upon her by the leader of a Magical Fraternity.

The symptoms were extremely unusual - innumerable large cats began appearing in the neighborhood and, eventually, an enormous phantom cat manifested itself. Fortune was also attacked astrally when she left her body to do some occult work. And it was here that the real battle took place, with the attacker and the victim engaged in combat while out of the body.

Fortune found she that she was badly scratched, as if by a cat - a physical symptom of astral battle. However, having triumphed over the attacker, the cats disappeared.  

I wish you Good Luck, Good Protection and Good Magic!

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