Sunday, April 3, 2011

Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu Continents of Mystery

Throughout history, people have tended to look back toward an exclusive age of perfection; a time when human achievements were greater, lives were happier and the world was generally a better place. 

In religious terms, this often meant a time when the gods lived upon the earth. In secular terms, it has lead to theories of prehistoric civilizations whose technologies exceeded, or at least equaled, that of the modern world. 

Because none of these early civilizations left conclusive, visible remains, the theories concerning them have to explain their almost total disappearance. Most have done so by locating them on continents that subsequently sank beneath the oceans, never to be found again.

Personally, I feel that all things, including civilizations are cyclical. And that man has reached high degrees of science, civilization and religion many times in the past only to have them destroyed. I believe we have had many "Golden Ages" in the past and will again in the future.

There are three principal lost continents of the past. Atlantis, located in the Atlantic Ocean, has attracted the widest belief. Stories about Atlantis were recorded by Plato (c428-347 BC), his Timea/Crimea. These stories have held the popular imagination ever since. Plato, a Greek philosopher, described Atlantis as an advanced civilization, which was destroyed because it over stepped it bounds and became evil. 

A number of authors during the nineteenth century, wrote extensively on the subject. They featured many religious, occult (great use of "mind power" doing the work that our machines do today) and anthropological theories. Today research suggests that historical references to Atlantis may have come from a civilization based on the Mediterranean coast line. 

The second continent, Lemuria may have been the original Garden of Eden. Some theories say it was located in the Indian Ocean and some that it was in the Pacific. The British zoologist Philip Sclater and the German biologist E.H. Haeckel called the continent "Lemuria" after the lemur, which is found in Africa, India and Malaysia. 

Life on Lemuria was generally held not to have reached the advanced civilization of Atlantis. Helena Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner believed Atlanteans were descended from the Lemurians. 

The third principal lost continent, Mu, was located in the Pacific Ocean, according to discoverer, Colonel James Churchward, it boasted a highly advanced civilization that was destroyed by natural causes. 

A slightly different set of theories places such lost civilizations "inside" the Earth, which is said to be hollow, with openings at the ends. 

There is the Hawaiian Huna belief, the theory of "Ancient Astronauts, by Erich von Daniken in his book "Chariots of the Gods"(1971). This theory holds that in ancient times extraterrestrial beings visited Earth, possibly mating with humans and teaching them astonishing advanced technological and esoteric knowledge. 

This would explain the extraordinarily sophisticated early feats of construction and engineering - such as the Egyptian pyramids. 

Although this theory is scoffed at by many,there are ancient depictions of beings who appear to be wearing space suits (for example in the Val Camonica Cave paintings in Italy). They can be seen in Europe, Africa and South America as well.

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