Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Orleans Spell for Luck in Games of Chance

Ingredients Used for This Spell:
vanilla ice cream
cinnamon sugar
strawberry topping

Fruit oils are commonly used in "horn of plenty" spells to promote luck in games of chance. Cherries, plums, lemons and oranges are also popular symbols found on slot machines.This custom stems from the Greek myth of Amalthea, whose horn became the fruit-filled cornucopia.

Tonka beans are used in Mexico as a vanilla substitute and carried by modern day shamans and witches for good luck. Real vanilla is used in love spells, but can also be ingested to win the love and favor of the gods. 

Cinnamon, as I have talked about many times in my blog, is one of the most useful spices for witches and shamans. Added to spells for healing, luck, love, and money drawing, cinnamon also makes you more psychic and is an excellent ingredient to help divine your "Lucky Lotto Numbers".  

This recipe is an adaptation of an old New Orleans favorite called "Lucky Dog." The blend is traditionally made with essential oils of vanilla, watermelon, strawberry, and cinnamon and then rubbed on the hands before gambling. 

Take a scoop of vanilla ice cream, slices of watermelon (remove the seeds), drizzle with strawberry topping or fresh strawberries, and a dash of cinnamon sugar. Eat before gambling or playing the lotto to increase your luck. 

Good "Luck" and Good Magic,

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