Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jupiter Seal for Wealth and Riches

The planet of Jupiter is the planet of "Expansion." That being said, if you have any activity that you want to "grow," such as increasing wealth, or a business Jupiter is the planet you want to attract. 

The Jupiter Seal for Wealth and Riches is made of tin and engraved with the Table and Seal of Jupiter. It will attract good luck and fortune, will exercise protection and will assist in commercial interests, legal matters, religious affairs, and it is good for overseas travel. 

If not able to make your own Jupiter Seal Talisman; you can perhaps cut the image out from this article on a "Thursday," as Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, in either the 1st, 8th, 15th or 22nd hour.  Glue it to heavy card board and wear it around your neck.

For those that wish to make it, it should be made on a Thursday, together with it's seal, and should be made of tin. 

The Jupiter Seal Talisman although designed more specifically for business people and traders can be worn by people in other lines of activity in order to increase their general prosperity. 

The term business people naturally covers a wide variety of interests and it does not necessarily mean that you must be the "boss," or the managing director. You can be in an executive position, big or small, you can help in the serving of produce, it does not matter.

Traders also cover a wide variety of activities inclusive of food and merchandise and the wearing of this Talisman will help salesmanship weather it be the selling of an air-liner or ship, or the selling of a pound of tomatoes. The wearing of this Talisman will help you increase your general prosperity. 

Brightest of Jupiter's Blessings,

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  1. I already have a Jupiter seal, but it's for Sagitarians only.