Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Quantum Physics of Levitation

It has been shown that gravity is an electrostatic effect. It is not some space warp or mysterious force with imponderable properties as is depicted by orthodox physicists. It follows that if matter is impregnated with sufficient quantities of negative charges, especially soft electrons, it will become weightless and even levitate. 

Some "Adepts" in the occult arts have demonstrated this ability on occasion. In spite of this, and the experimental evidence showing that negative charges are repelled by a gravitational field, conventional theorists continue to ignore it, and assume that gravity acts indiscriminately on all things alike. 

Once again, this is to be expected. If most orthodox scientists recognized the reality of such things, they would automatically have to abandon nearly all the concepts they hold dear.

Some individuals seem to have the ability to do the reverse of levitation and impregnate their bodies with an abnormal positive charge by perhaps expelling large quantities of negative charges from their bodies. They make themselves inordinately heavy by this means. It is only a first step, but at least in Quantum Mechanics they are admitting that if two "small" objects are brought close to each other, it  results in an attractive force between them, known as the Casimir effect.

A certain dwarf who had a normal weight of 123 pounds could increase his weight to 900 pounds. He demonstrated his ability on television programs  under rigorous fraud-controlled conditions. In fact, one famous strong man who lifted him up was unable to hold him, when he decided to increase his weight to 900 pounds. 

Even with this and in-numerable demonstrations of both kinds of abilities, most our scientists once again showed admirable composure and resourcefulness. They remained silent. 

Brightest of Blessings Lory

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