Monday, April 11, 2011

Bring Harmony and Magic of Feng Shui IntoYour Home

Thousands of years ago in ancient China, practitioners of the mysterious art of placement known as Feng Shui (pronounced "Fung Shway") advised emperors and nobles on how to bring more harmony, health, prosperity and good fortune into their lives through inspired interior design. 

Based on allowing the cosmic breath or essential Earth energy known as chi, which the Chinese believe infuses all life, to flow freely in harmony from nature, the esoteric seers of Feng Shui offered advice on everything from auspicious burial sites (for a comfortable afterlife) to the planning of entire imperial cities. 

Today this profound and pragmatic Eastern art has come to the West, as more of us become open to living new lives through ancient wisdom. American banks, corporations, and restaurants setting up operations in Asian cities, recognize the importance of hiring Feng Shui consultants to advise them on every aspect of the design process. 

All of us can make simple and affordable changes to our homes and workplaces that will spark our natural potential to be as alive, receptive and as focused as possible. In these rapidly changing times, simple Feng Shui adjustments can help bring clarity, peace, joy and prosperity. 

Some suggestions on how to transcend the mundane through the mystical include hanging a brass wind chime inside your front door  for clarity; having books in plain view as you enter your home to increase your insight. 

Hang a round mirror in your bedroom to bring more love, compassion, and understanding to an intimate relationship. Place flowers in your bedroom, kitchen and study to cultivate good luck; and hang a mirror on the wall adjacent to or behind your stove to reflect the burners, which are symbols of wealth and prosperity. 

If you are stuck in a rut or an unpleasant situation, move twenty seven objects in your home that have not been moved in the last year. This will enhance your ability to move forward in life. 

While attempting to bring more order to our lives, experiment with Feng Shui to bring more harmony into our homes. Clear closets and junk drawers or move furniture around to dust behind it. Trust me you will literally feel the Chi begin to swirl about you as positive energy is released throughout your surroundings. 

It may seem illogical and inexplicable to rigid Western minds that good fortune can become ours by hanging mirrors or positioning our bed and desk in a certain way. But it certainly cannot hurt to be curious and experimental. It may even bring good Fortune and New opportunities your way.

Brightest of Blessings,

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