Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Developing Precognitive Dreaming

Precognitive dreaming is common to a great number of people and can easily be developed by others. The major stumbling block to precognitive dreaming is the dreamer's inability to remember his/her dreams. Once the knack of remembering is acquired, one will be surprised to learn that precognition is not an art that must be studiously learned, but a natural occurrence. 

As all psychic experiences come from the lower, primal self and sleep is the state most conducive to psychic events, the low self, during sleep, has greater freedom to cognize the future and manifest its cognition through the element of a dream, 

Precognition in dreams can manifest as symbols, which need to be interpreted, or as actual visions, which need no interpretation The use of symbology is far more common in dream. Therefore the individual who is able to remember his dreams is urged to keep a dream notebook and try to decipher the symbols and precognitive flashes. 

For those who cannot remember their dreams, here is an easy way to train oneself to do so:

Just before falling asleep instruct your lower self to remember all dreams. Give it the suggestion to wake you up each time you have dreamed. 

Have paper and pen by your beside, ready to record your dreams. This will also act as a physical stimulus to the low self, impressing it with the seriousness of your intent. 

Each time you awaken, carefully record all your impressions, each however fragmentary. 

It is not unusual for one to take some time before he remembers his/her dreams in detail. The important thing is to record something each time upon awakening. If, at first, no impressions are recalled, record your mood. How did you feel when you awakened? You may very possibly carry the emotions you experienced in your dream into your immediate waking state. 

As the technique is developed it will become evident that dreams of the future are not primarily given to warnings of accidents, deaths, or other troubles. It is the normal, daily events that are seen for the most part, and symbols are most frequently used to relay this information. 

The vision of startling clarity is usually reserved for either changes or events of monumental import to the individual. Or it can indicate changes affecting the lives of many.

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