Friday, April 15, 2011

Norse Magical "Times of Day"

Some points of the day are more powerful than others. At certain moments or times the thresholds between realms are more tenuous and more easily penetrated. 

These times would include:

Noon: the precise moment at midday when the Sun passes from East to West.

Geisterstunde, known as "The Hour of Spirits," in certain areas of Germany, this is the hour between 11p.m. and midnight, excellent for magic and divination.

Midnight, the "Witching Hour."

"The Hour of the Wolf," despite the name, this isn't one precise moment but the wee hours after midnight, but before dawn when sounds, emotions, and dreams are magnified in power. 

There are those who believe that the hour immediately proceeding midnight, culminating at the stroke of 12, is ideal for benevolent magic, while the hour immediately following is the most powerful for magical spells stemming from anger and a fierce desire for justice. This is wonderfully portrayed in the book and movie, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," by John Berendt. 

Good Luck, Good Love and Good Magic!

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