Monday, April 4, 2011

Karmic Astrology and Leo

Astrologers have called Leo one of the luckiest and best signs of the entire Zodiac. It does, however, have it's Karmic cloud. The Leo qualities of being self-assured, confident and having power must be used wisely or the Leo Karma can be as severe as that of any other sign. 

Leo is born in a time of the year when the sun rides high in the heavens, shedding it's golden glory on the Earth and bringing life force to all living, growing things. The Leo personality is outgoing, generous, confident, kindly disposed and loving. You seek approval from others and thrive when people appreciate you, flatter you and respond to your love. 

The magnetism and warmth that Leo's radiate to others, in turn, generously blesses their lives - you are rewarded with honors, fame, fortune and the world's adulation. 

Your good humor makes you likable and you enjoy having a wide circle of admiring friends who bask in your generosity and kindness. If you are surrounded by people who do not appreciate your out-going Leo personality, you are apt to be irked and show another side of your nature. At this point people think of you as being self-centered, arrogant and dominating.

Like the Sun, you radiate creative energy, enthusiasm and good cheer. New projects usually thrive when you get behind them, you have a way of winning people to your side. You usually bask in the limelight, and enjoy being the leading actor on the stage of life. 

If you rise to greatness, and if you use your creative gifts well, you can rise to the heights of riches and fame. Your life will be blessed with everything good and you will never have to pay with suffering, pain and loss of fortune. This is a fate that often falls on those Leo's who are selfish, grandiose, and dominating and ruthless. 

Always remind yourself that you were born under a lucky star. But utilize your strength of character to uplift and inspire others to great deeds. Use your great qualities to help others; to educate, inspire and elevate the world. Give your creative gifts in art, music, theater, literature, and industry. 

Strive for balance in your life so that you are not constantly in the world of material possessions - money, power, fame and glory. Study and evolve throughout your life; enrich your intellect with wisdom and knowledge. Acquire the spiritual ability to rise above your own problems and misfortunes. See the broad spectrum of mental and spiritual potentials that are open to Leos. 

Karmic Romantic Possibilities for Leo:
Leo rules the fifth house of the Zodiac, the house of romance and children. You have a natural instinct for marriage early in life. Your love of children often makes you want to have two or more. You select a marriage partner with great care. So do not rush into an early marriage inspired by magnetic attraction. This person may not be your true soul mate. 

Since Leo's are highly emotional and intense, you must be sure to select a marriage partner who understands, the volatile nature of your fire sign. In general the fire signs are best for Leo to marry. 

Aries is a fine sign for love and marriage. These people understand intense emotions and they are sincere and loyal in marriage. Aries is the leader of the Zodiac, however Leo is stronger. Leo naturally takes the lead in almost everything, but you must develop subtlety with Aries, flatter them, make them feel important and turn to them for advice and guidance. 

Sagittarius is also a good fire sign for you to marry. These people are highly idealistic, charming and magnetic. They possess the creative inspiration and fire that Leo's demand in a mate. They love to travel, they are socially oriented  and know how to make and hold friends. Sagittarius rules philosophy, religion, psychic phenomena and travel, they will never be boring or dull and generally make good parents and love partners. 

Aquarius is your opposite sign and, as opposites attract, could be a very magnetic sign for you in love and marriage. However you will observe caution in such a union, for no one really ever possesses an Aquarian. They are universal in their appeal and belong to the world. 

The earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are given as second best for Leo, but they are apt to be rather conservative and conventional. They sometimes restrict Leo's free spirit. 

The signs to avoid are Gemini, Libra, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. These five signs are not suitable for marriage for Leo. Of course in romance all signs are good. 

Professions for Leo:
You possess the power for using words with great effect and drama. Because of this dramatic flair, you may select any profession where speech is important or the communication of ideas is necessary. This makes you a natural writer for TV, motion pictures and the Theater. It also makes it possible for you to write stories, articles or novels and achieve great success. 

Lastly, use your powers of super-persuasion in whatever profession you choose. Have confidence in your star-given powers to enchant others. Have faith in yourself and know that your Karmic destiny is to achieve greatness.

Brightest of Blessings,
Lory (Sun sign "Leo")

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