Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Magic of Blessing

In today's world that is becoming more and more materially dense and Spiritually sparse the concept of wishing another person "Blessings" might seem outmoded and just plain corny.

One of my favorite movies is "Metropolis." This 1927 German classic film is set in the somewhat distant future (some say 2000, others 2026.) It takes place in the city of Metropolis, with it's huge towers and vast wealth. It is the playground to a ruling class living in luxury and decadence. They and the city are sustained by a "much larger population" of workers who labor as virtual slaves in machine halls, moving from their miserable, tenement-like homes to their grim, back-breaking ten hour shifts and back again. 

The movie aside, today we spend so much time working and worrying about bills; trying to keep what we think of as "ours;" that the idea of sharing with others, even a kind word, is becoming a lost concept.

But to bless is to reinforce actual or potential good by word, image or deed. When you acknowledge beauty, admire skill or accomplishment, or appreciate kindness your are giving a "Blessing." We can give to others through our words; we can "Bless" each other. With very little effort; it is imparting a wonderful gift.

What the Shaman does that's extra is to bless potential.  "May you have a safe journey," "I wish you success in your venture," "May the wind always be at your back"are examples of this type of blessing. And remember telepathic blessings can be just as effective too. 

Brightest of Blessings!

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