Saturday, February 12, 2011

Loki, Norse Trickster God

Name: Loki
Also called: Father of Lies, The Trickster; Shape Changer
Invoked for: Trickery, Destruction, Big Change
Color: red
Totem Animals: Snake, Seal, Fox
Incense to Attract Loki: Dragon's blood, pepper, yew
Plants: beech, yew, Elm, ivy, Juniper, mullein, thistle
Rune: Dagaz
Day: Saturday

Loki appears to be a very ancient Norse God. Perhaps even predating the Aesir and the Vanir. He may even be the the original God of Fire going all the way back to the Stone Age. His element is Fire. He is impulsive, destructive and the immature aspect of human nature. Loki is a shape-shifter and sex changer. 

Loki has been seen as being the most "evil" of all the Gods. But this could be mainly attributed to a "Christian" concept. Christian commentators blamed Angerboda, Loki's wife, for fostering Loki's ambition to be chief of the gods, supplanting his blood-brother Odin. Eventually Loki became identified with Satan, and Agerboda as an ugly, wicked witch. 

Loki's three children will allegedly be responsible for the apocalyptic twilight of the gods. According to Norse mythology, Loki the trickster fathered three dangerous children. They were the Fenris Wolf, also known as Odin's Bane, destined to slay Odin. Jormungard, the Midgard Serpent, fated to slay Thor. And Hella, ruler of the Dead, destined to lead an uprising of rebellious spirits and ghosts. 

Loki is held responsible for the death of Baldur, Odin and Frigga's son. He is bound to a rock, where a poisonous snake continuously spits venom into his eyes.

But on the positive side of Loki's character, during his exploits with the swartalfar, when he brought back as gifts Thor's hammer, Odin's spear, and Frey's magical ship, his actions here are good. More than that here his actions seem to be selfless, as he does not keep any of the gifts for himself but gives them all to the Aesir.  As a result he has no attachments to anything. 

I do not encourage the practice of invoking Loki. Asking for his help you must always give something in return and Paybacks are "Hell" to pay. This is playing with "fire" which is always a dicey operation. But here are some examples of chants to do so at your own risk:

Chant 1: (As Master Thief)
A thief has taken what is mine.
Return it all, Loki Divine. 

Chant 2: (Other Aspects) 
Oath-Breaker, Troublemaker, 
Master of Lies, 
Blood-brother of Odin,
Cunning deceiver, evil spell-weaver,
Skillfull Shape-Changer, 
Son of Giant, Asgard defiant,
Keep me from danger.
Cunning and fire, treacherous liar,
Come to my aid,
Teach me your daring, mischievous faring,
That trouble be made.
Wondrous dark magic, Loki, teach me,
But hearken that my spirit stays free. 

Good Luck and Good Magic,

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