Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dream Symbols and Expanded Awareness

Dreams are our "door" to expanded awareness. This is the bringing forth of dream material from our unconscious to our waking conscious. Freud called it the "Door of Dreams," or the "Door without a Key." 

Dreams besides containing objective elements, are our most direct line into the subjective processes of our Younger Self. Some dreams reflect a symbolic language. They may give insights into other people's motives, emotions or plans. Or they may even give information about external events.

Dream figures are not always an aspect of the individual. Sometimes they are the person or thing they seem to be. Although generally there is something in the individual that resonates to the external force. 

Once we begin consciously working with magical symbols and mythology, our dreams reflect those images and should be interpreted in that light. An example would be: dreams of a "snake" to a Witch or Shaman would indicate renewal or regeneration. Where as some would interpret the snake as a sign of Christian malevolence or a Freudian phallic symbol. 

The keeping of dream log, remembering them, sharing them, and re-entering them in trance or guided imagery are all ways of opening this door without a key.

By learning to take a pro-active roll in our dreams, to suggest the subjects we are dreaming, to change dreams as they happen, to confront attackers and defeat enemies, are ways of "going forth by night."

Brightest of Blessings, 

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