Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Magic of Meditation

When you decide that you want to practice meditation, you will probably conjure up an unpleasant image of sitting uncomfortably in the lotus position, your back aching and your mind racing on all the things you should be doing besides "meditating." 

This image of meditation is not only unappealing but wrong. But it explains a lot about why many people do not meditate. However, there are compelling physiological, psychological and spiritual reasons why we should practice a daily form of meditation. It is the glue that holds the mind, body and Spirit together. 

There are many ways of meditating. Meditation can be explained as an intentional concentration on one thing, which can be either secular or spiritual. 

Perhaps you have become so absorbed in gardening, reading or even balancing your checkbook that your breathing slowed and you became as single-pointed as a lioness stalking her dinner! In this state creativity flowers, intuition leads to a deeper wisdom and the natural healing system of the body is engaged. And our best physical and mental potential manifests itself and we feel satisfied from a psychological point of view. 

Spiritual meditation on the other hand, will help you become aware of the presence of the Divine in Nature, in yourself and in other people. The love and joy inherent in Spirit - that is the very core of Spirit - will begin to inundate your life. 

Today, retreat to a quiet place where you can sit or even lie down in a comfortable position, so that you can relax your body. Do not fall asleep though. Now close your eyes and let your breathing come slow and steady. Get in touch with your silence "within." Consider how you might be able to take twenty minutes a day to meditate. 

Brightest of Blessings,

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