Monday, February 14, 2011

Karmic Astrology and Virgo

The Karmic destiny for this strong sign is to rise above the gravity pull of Earth into the celestial realms of inspiration, nobility and greatness. 

You were born in the sign of the Zodiac which gives you a head start over most people; you have Mercury as your ruling planet. Mercury rules the workings of the higher mind and gives you the ability to communicate your ideas to others with great ease.
Your sign is called the Teacher in the Zodiac. Many Virgo women go into the teaching professions, and Virgo men are generally seen in positions where they must communicate their knowledge with others. Virgo's are natural teachers, speakers, writers and creative artists. 

Your nature is dual; Mercury makes you practical and at the same time, a dreamer. Your head is in the stars, but your feet are firmly planted on the Earth. This is one of the reasons why so many Virgos go into work that requires the use of the higher mind, while also demanding practicality. Professions such as cosmetologist, accountant, executive secretary, court room reporter, legal assistant, and lawyer are excellent for Virgos. 

Your sign makes you an excellent diplomat and peacemaker; you have the ability to influence others and make them do your bidding.

You take to higher education with ease and if you were not permitted to go to college because of financial restrictions when young, you naturally seek out wisdom through books and life experiences. 

The ruling passion for most Virgos is to be of service and to give something of value to the world. Your mind is extremely efficient and you enjoy attending to numerous details. This makes you an excellent organizer and worker. 

You are very critical and instantly see imperfections in yourself as well as others. You are your own worst critic and constantly strive to achieve perfection in your personality. You excel in any work where  you can use your instinct for social service; you desire to achieve perfection and elevate the standards of the world. 

Strive to get into work where you can use your fine intellect, your sense of discrimination and your organizational ability. If you choose the artistic professions - music, art, interior decoration, cosmetology, designing, inventing, composing, acting, singing or playing an instrument - you should strive to achieve perfection. But, do not overburden yourself with too much criticism and analysis.

You are an idealist and always working on achieving high goals. Seek out people who are in the creative and artistic professions and you will find your greatest longest lasting friendships.  

Strive to avoid being overly critical of other's faults; do not zero in on their limitations. Avoid pointing out these defects in others, as it will make you extremely unpopular. People like to think of themselves as heroes in life not villains. So learn how to curb your tendency towards fault finding; it will help you advance your own personal interests. 

Your inclined to be almost too honest for your own good. You sometimes trust people too fast, giving them the opportunity to take advantage and cheat you out of what is rightfully yours. 

Romance for Virgo:

Your sign is the most reserved and cautious in romance. More than any other sign, Virgos need to have emotional security in love and marriage. As this sign is sensitive to environmental factors. It is vitally important that you have peace and quiet in your romantic life. 

If you marry the wrong sign it will have serious effects on your nervous system, making your frustrated and miserable. You will be happiest if you pick a partner who equals your high idealism and standards.

Earth signs are  the most compatible with Virgo. The sign of Taurus is ideal. Taurus mates are affectionate, loving and become good parents. Capricorn is another good sign for love and marriage. But it must be a highly developed Capricorn as they can be Karmically severe.

Although water signs are good for friendship for you, Cancer is the only sign suited for marriage. For marriage you should avoid the signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aries, Leo, Gemini and Libra. 

Karmically your sign has been given some of the greatest talents and potentials for achieving success. If you can avoid being caught up in tiresome boring details, recognizing the unlimited horizons of your inner potential, you can rise to the achievement for great goals in your life. 

Brightest of Blessings,

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