Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thirteen, Is It an Unlucky Number?

We often hear that the number thirteen is unlucky. It is even said that there should never be thirteen people seated at the table together. 

In order to understand why thirteen has always been considered an unlucky number, we must begin by talking about the number twelve. A day is divided into two halves of twelve hours each. A year is divided into twelve months and there are twelve signs of the Zodiac. 

Twelve is the number of completion, of wholeness: in a day, a year, and in Astrology. Thirteen is twelve plus one, and this one that is added on is extraneous to the whole. It is, as it were, a foreign body, and if it is not pure, if it's vibrations are not attuned to those of the whole, it poses a threat to the whole.

This is why thirteen is considered  a difficult number which can bring trials and even death in it's train. Even the thirteenth trump of the Tarot deck is "death."

However, one can also say that the one that is added on to the twelve, represents the beginning of a new cycle, a new whole. In Initiatic Science, death is never seen as an absolute conclusion but as a beginning of new life. 

Therefore, Thirteen, is not an unlucky or malefic number, but it rejects all impurity and disharmony.  It is also an extremely active number. 

On the physical plane, thirteen is associated with the cross (1+3=4) and, consequently, with suffering. The cross is the two-dimensional development of a cube, and the geometrical representation of a cube symbolizes a prison. 

But if the number thirteen has a adverse effect on people, this is not due to the number itself, but to the way in which each one receives its influence and the influences that surround it. 

This is just as true of water, air, light and, even, of food. Each individual receives them in his own way, depending on their health, basic structure, degree of evolution and spiritual development. 

People in general think of numbers as being very remote from human beings. But in fact rivers, trees and mountains are simply numbers, numbers that have been materialized. If you look a little closer at the question, you will find that nothing exists but numbers. Everything is "number". Nature, the whole universe is built on numbers.

As for the number thirteen, it may bring good fortune to some and misfortune to others. Is that the fault of the number itself? No, it depends on who you are and whether you know how to use it or not. 

Good Luck and Good Magic,

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