Thursday, February 3, 2011

Norse Magic Sowulo Rune of the Sun

Name: Sowulo, Sigil (Anglo Saxon), Sol (Old Norse)
Letter Correspondence: S
Planet: Sun
God: Thor

The rune Sowulo is equated to the Sun. The Sun is the bringer of life and sustains us. It is the nurturing force of the North. This was especially true in the cold, Northern European lands. Here they valued the Sun and it's warmth and light simply because they saw so little of it.

Perhaps this is why the Sun is seen as being essentially feminine in German mythology. Sunna is the the Norse goddess of the Sun. The Sun banishes and gently and persistently destroys the forces of restriction and constraint -especially in it's form of "ice." 

In the Greek and modern Celtic schools and Wicca it is seen as masculine and the Moon as feminine. But the notion that the Sun is feminine is in fact very ancient, most likely stemming from an ancient matriarchal traditions. The female principal which predates the development of the futhark, was perceived as life giving. 

Sowulo (the Sun) is the rune or sign according to which initiatory journeys are oriented. It is by the light of the "Sol" that spiritual navigators steer their courses. 

Magically Sowulo is the most beneficial as a guiding beacon to higher consciousness. It can also protect the magician. It is the power by which the magician can break through the "Ring Pass Knot" to higher being. 

The ancient Vikings found it to give success in navigating rough seas. It promises success. 

In divination the S-stave offers hope and guidance. It also counsels you to set goals and stick to them. 

One negative aspect of this rune is that you may become deluded into thinking you have been successful, or that you have set your goals, when in fact you have not had contact with your higher self. There is caution to consult first with your higher Will and intent.  Or like it's shape, similar to a lightening flash, it can strike suddenly, destroying everything in it's wake, usually in order to prepare for something better. 

Brightest of Sowolo's Blessings,

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