Monday, February 28, 2011

Powerful Freya Love Spell

All good love spells court the favor of the ancient gods and goddesses. When this is combined with help from the nature spirits, you will find your work, and yourself, irresistible. 

Here is a sample love spell so that you can become familiar with the idea. Later you can add to it, or combine them, adding your own personality, preferably in a simple rhyme to take the age old powers of love. 

The approach is a natural one. Love seeks it's own fulfillment and you have only to help it a little bit to let it find it's fulfillment through you. As you work with the chant, you will feel a special affinity to one or two of the love deities of old.

I follow the Northern path; so I feel comfortable with Freya, the Norse love goddess. But whatever love goddess's you summon, you will feel the presence and power of your special ones a constant source of comfort and help. 

Powerful Freya Love Spell:

Freya Love Goddess hear my cry, 
Without true love, my soul shall die,
Goddess of the Vanir come to me,
And bring the one I ache to see. 
Freya Queen of men's hearts hear,
This call I send you loud and clear. 
Bring a Love that's good and bold, 
I charge you mighty goddess of old.
My true love must now come to me, 
And as my will so mode it be.

Good Luck, Good Love, and Good Magic!


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