Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eihwaz Norse Rune of Yggdrasil

Norse Name: Eihwaz, Eoh, Yr, Ihwar
Alphabet Correspondence: EI, I, Y
Tree: Ash, Yew, "Yggdrasil"
Deities: Odin, Uller
Color: Dark Blue
Tarot Card Indicated: Hanged Man
Astrology: Scorpio

Quick Reference Magical Meaning: End of a matter, situation or problem. Drastic change. "Daring" to take on a problem or situation. Death of a relationship. Negative: Old conflicts an situations cause trouble.

Eihwaz represents the yew or ash tree, as a result in the Northern tradition the Yggdrasil tree is indicated in this rune. It also represents the human spine or backbone of the body. Just like Yggdrasil contains the nine worlds and supports creation;  our  psychic centers  contain eight chakras, allowing an exchange between the the psychic and physical levels. The human body is counted as the "ninth" center.  

The element of Eihwaz is hard to define, since Yggdrasil and our energy centers partake of all the elements. Eihwaz like Yggdrasil is rooted in the Earth, but extends skyward. The elements air and Earth are the more significant ones pertaining to the Eihwaz rune. 

Eihwaz is one of the most powerful runes to be used as the back bone of a bind rune. It is the rune that comes up most often in rune-casting, when we are unsure if we should do something or not. If Eihwaz shows up it is telling us to "Go for it!" 

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