Friday, February 4, 2011

Quantum Energy Creating a New Dream

One way to change our existing dream of the outer world is to create a new dream to replace it.  This is done in a step by step process to bring the dream into manifestation. 

First, you must decide what it is that you want to "dream" into existence: be it better health, a new relationship, perhaps improvement of an old one, more money? a new car or home? 

The more people who will be involved in the experience of your new dream; and would lend you moral support, the better. As getting others into this effort will help increase the energy, making it an even more effective manifestation process. But first you must decide what it is you want. 

The process itself is divided into a short process, or "Magical Spell," and a long process. The short process is what you do all day, every day until the dream is real enough to manifest itself. This is what really creates the dream. The long process is like a meditative practice that serves to enforce the short process. 

Here is the short process for dream manifestation:

Remember your dream frequently while breathing deeply and building up positive emotions about it. 

Speak positive words and affirmations about your dream all the time, mentally and out loud. The exact words are not important but keep it in the present tense (I am, and It is).

Vividly imagine with every sense all the pleasures, benefits, and changes that the new dream will bring as if it is happening right now. Do it often through out the day. 

Do something physical to reinforce the dream like making a special gesture or touching a symbol of the dream ( a lucky coin, or charm that symbolizes the outcome, or a picture that represents the realization). Touch don't just look. 

Stay away from negative thoughts memories and reactions from yourself and other people about your new dream. If negative thoughts or comments from other people creep in immediately cancel them out with positive pictures and verbal affirmations about your dream as soon as you are aware of it. Say the positive opposite out loud or silently. 

A phrase used by many shamans and magicians is EWOP, (an acronym for: Everything's Working Out Perfectly, a reminder to turn things over to our Higher Self). 

The Long Process:
The long process is when you can spend more time clarifying, strengthening and reinforcing your new dream. You go through the same process of energizing, affirming and imagining and "Acting as if it is true"  in a comfortable place, perhaps with your eyes closed for as long as you like. It is a good idea to end with a positive physical gesture of completion (such as a clenched fist, hand over your heart).

Good Luck, Good Love and Good Magic!

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