Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Secrets of Norse Valentine's Day Revealed

Few people realize that Valentine's Day is a continuation of the Pagan traditions of both ancient Rome and Northern Europe.Valentines day is so tied to Norse myth and religion, that it's dedicatory name is even a version of the Norse god "Vali," the archer-god, son of Odin. (Shades of Eros, ie Cupid, the little guy who shoots arrows through our heart to have us fall in love?)

The dedication of the day was transferred to one of the two St. Valentines, about whom little is known, and who appear to be a southern European version of Cupid. As with all the ancient festivals, the divinatory part of the celebration was performed at the beginning of the day according to traditional reckoning - after sunset on February 13th. 

Valentine's Eve, girls would decorate their pillows with five bay leaves, one for each corner and one in the middle, in order to dream of their lover and husband-to- be. 

Valentines Day is associated with a purification custom, which involves carrying an arch of brambles, the plant of spirit banishing. 

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