Monday, January 31, 2011

Magical Erotic "Allure"

Today the word "Allure" usually means "enticing or seductive and is most often used to describe beautiful women. So if someone calls you "Alluring," you should be flattered. 

But in it's original Middle English usage, "Allure" was meant to describe something threatening and negative. It comes from the same root word as "lure" indicating bait, or a hunting decoy. 

My father, being a big trout fishing enthusiast, had a whole tackle box filled with fishing "lures". But thinking back on it; all the fishing lures were bright, shiny and had beautiful bright colors or movements to attract the fish. This would be much the same way as alluring women would attract men. 

Allure was initially defined as the power with which women entrapped men; by women's magical erotic powers. Even today, the dictionary definition of "Allure" suggests that it means to entice by charm or attraction. 

Charm may now imply a pleasing personality; but it was once commonly understood as synonymous with "Spell."  

Good Luck, Good Love and Good Magic,

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