Saturday, September 25, 2010

Magic, Quantum Physics and Energy

                                  Everything is Energy

It is not new to either Quantum Physics or metaphysics to say that everything is energy, but the logical implications are interesting because they include the idea that thought is energy. And that one kind of energy can be converted to another kind of energy (magic?). 

This happens when the pressure energy of steam pushes a turbine to convert magnetic energy into electrical energy; and it happens when electrical energy pushes through a resistant wire to produce heat for an iron. 

Heat is also generated when a group of human beings in a room get excited or do certain breathing or meditative exercises. This idea also provides a neat explanation of how thought can produce it's physical equivalent, especially when amplified by emotion or confidence. 

                                Exploring Energy Flow

To demonstrate how energy flows where attention goes; and how thought affects physical energy, pick up a chair by it's seat and feel the weight of it. Then put it back down.

Now focus your attention on the very top of the chair's back and pick it up by the seat again. If your focus is good the chair will feel lighter. Regardless of how you want to explain it, the practical fact is that if you have to lift anything you will find it easier to do if your attention is focused on the very top of the object or even in the air a foot above it.
I believe "Magic" is the taking of energy from another plane of existence and weaving that energy by specific thoughts, words and practices into a desired form or result. Or the "art of changing consciousness at will." If you found the chair lighter the second try, after focusing on the top of the chair, seems to me you just performed a small feat of "Magic".