Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seven Magical Cosmic Principles

In an earlier article we discussed the "Seven Magical Rays of Development." Now let us go on to enumerate the principles as defined by the Magus Incognito in the  exposition, The Secret Doctrines of the Rosicrucians. These Seven Magical Cosmic Principles are:

1. Correspondence - alluded to in the adage, "As above; so below, as below, so above." This principle indicates the correspondence between tangible form of matter and the energy contained within the form. Correspondence recognizes the innumerable parallels between man (the microcosm) and his universal environment (the macrocosm).

2. Law and Order - just as everything in life is relative, this principle underlies the sequential phases to any ordering process. In any action we set into process certain causes that lead us through a sequential process to arrive eventually at our considered effect.

3. Vibration - this principle emphasizes all life as energy and energy patterns as manifesting in various shapes and forms. We have seen this fact operative in our differentiated color rays, where vibratory rates of the wavelengths of light rays determine what color of the ray.

4. Rhythm- this principle returns to our idea of alternation between the dual poles of nature. Life phenomena pulsate through the rhythmic process of ebb and flow, waxing and waning, output and input, Through rhythmic living we can attain health and well-being in our own lives.

5. Cycles - not only does life alternate rhythmically between poles, but this principle indicates a continual progression in this alternation. Recall our symbol of infinity. To incorporate more than one rhythmic alternation, we would not have the singular lemniscate, but rather something akin to the ribbon candy that fascinated us a children. Our lemniscate would become a series of such figures, spiraling both upwards and downwards.

6. Polarity - This principle enumerates the duality in life. Within every living thing is contained it's opposite. Within form is the containment of energy. Within energy is the latency of manifestation in form. By becoming conscious of the polarities of nature, man has the opportunity to heed the Buddha's advice of the following the middle way where man seeks the center as the point of equilibrium.

7. Sex- recognizing two polarities of masculine - feminine in our nature, this principle indicates the need for our third factor, our mediating factor,our catalyst for union. For generation through sex comes creation, and the dynamics of life process are set into motion.

We have discussed the continuing spiral of evolution and the idea of our ribbon-candy existence in the cycles and alterations of duality. Again we interpose the number seven. In this process of earthly conditions we discover a phenomenon that will be in a further article, the Law of Octaves.

Brightest of Blessings,