Thursday, September 16, 2010

Witchcraft and Grokking

With Magic there is a responsibility to perform service for others; rather than just self interest.Grokking is one of the tools you can use to help our fellow man, loved ones, pets, planet etc. 

Grokking can be defined in four different stages:
1. Copying - unconsciously adopting patterns in your environment.

2. Imitating - consciously adopting patterns in your environment for personal safety and development.

3. Role -Playing -consciously adopting patterns in your environment or in your mind for influencing other people.

4. Becoming - consciously adopting patterns in your environment or in your mind to change what you are (as a mystic might do)

For our purposes we want to find and use a position somewhere between 3 and 4. That is, we want to adopt the pattern of a thing so well that we can think of ourselves as being that thing and have such resonance with it that changing our behavior will change "it's" behavior. At the same time we want to remember our original pattern so we can return to it at will.

The name I have chosen to represent this delicate position is "grokking." This is a word from a book by Robert Heinlen, "Stanger in a Strange Land", in which the hero has the ability to merge with the pattern of something, know it from the inside by directing intent. 

More recently you might recall Mr.Spock from "Star Trek" who was able to perform the "Vulcan Mind Meld", "My mind to your mind....".

Grokking implies the ability to remember your original pattern and your purpose in grokking.
This is also called "keeping the 1 percent shaman." This means retaining at least 1 percent (an arbitrary metaphor) of your own self-awareness no matter how deeply you grok.

Our purpose in grokking is bring about healing and harmony. If you were to grok a sick tree 100 percent, you would feel like you were the tree and forget to do any healing. You wouldn't turn into a tree, however. Most of the time you would just snap back into your original self-awareness without having accomplished anything. A complete change of pattern requires consciously applied skill of a level that most humans will never reach.

The process of grokking is simple.
1.Close your eyes.
3.Enter a spirit body.
4.Merge with the grokee (person, animal etc)
5.Check for appropriateness of action.
6.Change your behavior.
7.Ungrokk by re-emerging with your spirit body and returning to your physical body.

Closing your eyes diminishes distractions. Energize can be done by attracting a love light and deep breathing. Entering a spirit body is like entering a dream body, but the spirit body is more like a borderless ball of pure light or energy that you create in your imagination. Imagine you have a formless spirit body rather than a physical one.

Of course all should be done from a stand point of unconditional love. Merging is done by imagining that your spirit body is merging with the spiritual,mental, emotional and /or physical pattern of the grokkee.. You want to imagine what it feels like to be what you are grokking.

My next article will concern Grokking with Animals.

Brightest of Blessings