Friday, September 3, 2010

Magical Battle For Middle Earth

First, before addressing "The Magical Battle for Middle Earth", I think we need to go back to Cosmic Law 1O1.  We should  re-introduce ourselves to some basic ideas. That being very few of our thoughts and ideas come from within ourselves.   The idea of us being "individuals," seemingly apart from one another, is in fact an illusion. This is the Veil of Maya talked about in Madame Blavatsky's "Secret Doctrine."

All is "Energy!" We are energy, animals, plant life, for that matter all organic life forms on earth are energy. All objects such as furniture, buildings, cars, televisions etc. are "Energy." The Earth, the planets, the Solar System and theUniverse are all formed from this same "Energy." 

This energy, since time began, has been called by many names: Chi, Prana, Galama etc. Suffice it to say it is the magical"Life Force,"  which builds ourselves, our world etc. 

There are no separations in this energy of which we, the animals and our world are composed of.  It is this "Energy" which makes us all one. You cannot affect one point of this energy without having an effect on the "whole." 

What gives this energy substance or form is "Thought." I believe that it is God, or the Prime Mover, or the Creator, if you will, that began this whole thing. And that it was God's gift to give us, this thought to co-create what seems like our own reality. This is also the stuff that doing magic is made of. Taking this thought from above and directing it.

It is our "thoughts" which give the illusion of form to ourselves and our world. Without this ability, we would have no playing field or "stage" to act our life out upon. Without thoughts to give things the illusion of form we would have no concept of space nor time. It would be a big void of Energy space. 

Okay, so we have established that even though we seem to be separate and apart one from another; we are really all connected by the same substance, Energy. And that it is ours and everybody else's thoughts that gives this energy the appearance of form and substance.

It is what comprises our "material world." But it is also our thoughts that connect us to everything and everybody else. Even though we have the illusion that they are our own personal thoughts; they are in fact colored or overshadowed by the thoughts of others.

Everything is Energy. But everything is  comprised of vibrational frequencies and octaves as well. The ancients called these "Gunas." We are like energy radio transmitters and receivers.

Our thoughts are the result of our transmissions as well as frequencies we receive from other people. But we receive many vibrational frequencies from other sources as well. Those being television, radios, cell phones, cell towers, HARP towers etc.

I won't go into all the particulars here but suggested reading would be books about Nikola Tesla and his inventions. If you are not a reader, they have a wonderful Discovery Channel biography about Nikola Tesla and his inventions on You Tube. Suffice it to say our Cell and HARP towers originated from the technology this man developed. But he never wanted it to take the turn it has taken in the form of Mind or "thought" control.

One hundred years ago life was much easier for people. They had only theirs and other peoples thoughts to process. Today we are bombarded with not only ours and others vibrational frequencies, but the subliminals from TV and media to buy and consume. Not to mention the somnambulent transmissions to stay asleep and (as the Wizard of Oz said, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.) These frequencies are pumped out along with "fear" frequencies 24/7.

You do not have to take my word for it do some research yourself. The signs and symbols of this technology are right out in the open for those that care to see them. For some examples, my husband Ellis and I like the movies: V is for Vendetta, They Live and George Orwell's 1984 just to mention a few. 

Look at some of the commercial logos that are used. Pepsi, an established name for a refreshing cola drink is a very old name for the "Devil." Why would they pick such a name? Hummn. For a more in depth review on signs and symbols in the media I would suggest Michael Tsarion's work. He has a great You Tube as well as books on the subject.

The black magicians who destroyed Atlantis are alive and well today in the guise of powerful politicians, corporate executives and media wizards. Their objective is powerful control and submission of mankind. This is the "Magical Battle for Middle Earth" that Tolkien wrote about in his Lord of the Rings series. Will mankind wake up in time? And if he does will he still have enough wear with all to act against this force? I hope so!


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