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The Love Goddess Freya

Freya is the little known "Love Goddess" of Northern Myth and Religion. She is never the less one of the most renowned of all the Goddess's.  She would be the equivalent of the Roman Goddess Venus. She has a twin brother Frey and her father is Niord (much like Poseidon) ruler of the seas. She should be invoked for Love, Sex, War and Witchcraft. Freya is summoned for childbirth and being a Valkyrie from the Vanir she chooses half of all those warriors who die in battle.

The meaning of Freya simply means "Lady", indicating a women of royal birth. This is assumed since her twin brother Frey's name is interpreted as "Lord". One can conjecture that  these are clearly titles and not more personal names and that  through the passage of time the original names were lost. 

She is most compatible with Odin. And it is reputed that it is Freya who taught Magic to Odin. Both engage in sorcery and both are able to assume animal forms to roam the world. Freya can assume the shapes of a blue heron or a red tailed hawk. 

Freya's totem animals are cats. And she has been portrayed driving a chariot drawn by two cats called, Beegool, and Treegool (Honey and Amber). Some have speculated that her cats were white or gray. But I say with names like that they had to be ginger or honey colored, much like the color of Freya's hair. These days Freya can successfully be invoked for any person who abuses cats. Another one of her patron animals is the sow which symbolizes fertility. As her brother, Frey's totem is the golden boar. 

Freya is the owner of the Brisingamen necklace comprised of amber. It is told that she aquired it as a reward for sleeping with four dwarves. And weather this was literal or metaphorical is not known; as the four dwarves symbolize the four elements. The necklace symbolizes the "fifth" element, with can only come into existance by the integration of the other four. But it is also told that Freya cried tears of amber at the loss of her husband, Bragi. As a result, Amber is sacred to Freya. 

Friday is considered "Freya's Day!' And is considered a lucky day for weddings, going out on dates etc. This is one of the reasons why Friday is considered "Date" night. 

In the early Medieval period, Freya was patroness of  type of Love songs called mansongr. These songs were oblitherated by Christianity and they later resurfaced as songs to the Virgin Mary.  Like most goddesses in Northern Mythology, Freya is a solar goddess. As the Sun in the North was seen as feminine. 

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