Monday, September 6, 2010

Love and Apples

Apples are a "magical" fruit. If you slice one in half horizontally in the center is a star or pentacle, which has been hidden will be revealed. In ancient times apples were associated with Love, Lust and Pleasure. Hey what's not to like? But eventually Love, Lust and Pleasure fell from grace and apples became associated with the devil and witches. 

The most famous apple of all time may be the one in which Eve tempted Adam. And it has been speculated that the apple is a euphemism for sex. But apples had already had a long association with love, sex and forbidden pleasures  before Christianity came to the fore front. 

With apples being synonymous with sex and feminine wiles, they were sure to show up in Fairy tales. Such as the apple the wicked queen feeds to Snow White. 

Never the less, despite the "bad press" apples remained a prized Love Spell ingredient. There can be found hundreds of love spells which feature little more than the apples themselves. Especially the bright scarlet apples that look seductively beautiful and are so tasty too.  

Want to find out if your intended Lover is interested in your affections? Cut an apple in half and offer him half. If he accepts, he's interested. 

Brightest of Blessings to you!
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  1. Greetings Lory, My name is Dion. I wanted to introduce myself since I'm one of your followers. Followers sounds a little weird, but hey, that's what they call it. I stumbled onto your blog (fate?) about a week ago and have enjoyed it immensely. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for retelling these ancient tales and rituals and adding your own insights. I'm looking forward to your next posting.
    Peace & Love