Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Freya Magic Cat Spell

Cats are sacred to the Norse Goddess Freya. In Norse Shamanism the Volsi venerated the cat. I have a cat with beautiful blue eyes, named Kee Kee who has assisted me in this spell.  I have used her in my magic many times.

A cat's brain is always in an alpha state, so it is easy to communicate with physically. So-called cat experts would say that cats are hallucinating when they stare at certain spots of the room. But we know that they are seeing the spirit world. Cats become familiars the more you pet them.

Here is some cat potion you can use to anoint your cat, bringing him or her protection and magical empowerment, followed by a cat spell.

                                                  Magical Cat Potion

1 dram catnip oil                                       1 dram olive oil
1 dram heliotrope oil                                  shedding fur of a live magic cat (just a few strands)
large pinch catnip leaves
Blend all ingredients and keep in a magic bottle.

                                                   Magic Cat Spell

Putting a cat in the Magic Circle is not always a good idea, because during a ritual they often decide to get up and leave and have a snack. It is better to use fur or whiskers to represent the cat in the circle. Never cut a cat's whiskers! They will use their whiskers to judge the width of their bodies. Gather them up when they fall out. For the following spell you will need:

cat potion above                                    1 magic mirror
1 statue or picture of a cat                      1 bowl of cat food or sliced chicken or turkey for special treat
1 white, 1 black, 1 yellow candle            1 wand
1 small bowl                                           1 black magic bag
1 thurible and charcoal                            3 foot black cord
                                                               Parchment and 1 black pen

Light the candles and anoint with cat potion, and say: I call upon Freya to come to this sacred space and bring their power and love to cast this spell.

Pick up the picture or cat statue and pass it through the smoke of the incense. Place the "cat" in front of the magic mirror as if the cat were looking into it. On your parchment write:
"Cat, Cat show to me what my future is to be. Cat, Cat to me send a future I may shape and bend. Cat, Cat protect the animals and the human race. I ask that this will be approved in the eyes of Freya, by my will so mote it be.

Place three drops of cat potion and whiskers on the spell. Roll it up and put it in the black magic bag. Then tie the bag to the black cord so that you may wear it for three days and three nights. While you wear the black bag, expect your cat to act a bit strange.She will see Freya and Faeries around you.

When you have a chance, pet her and look into her eyes to see the other world. If you do not have a cat use the stature of the picture and keep it front of your magic mirror every time you need an answer or protection. After the three days and nights, hang the cord in your living space.

If you want you can make a cat collar, taking black fabric and forming a tiny tube to fit around her neck. Place tiny crystals or some herbs inside. Or buy a collar and tie on a pentacle, but charge it in a Magic Circle first.

Brightest of Blessings,
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