Saturday, September 11, 2010

Magic Spells That Keep Your Love True

                            Magic Spell to Keep Your Man Faithful

Want to keep your guy from having a wandering eye? Or do you suspect he is staying at work late too many nights for it to be "just" work?  This magic spell is sure to keep your man at home where "you" can love him up.

Orange juice
Coriander seed
Kitchen matches
White Taper candle
Paring knife

Although oranges can influence the occurrence of love and marriage, it is said that drinking orange juice can tone-down an out of control sex drive. Serving your guy a glass of orange juice each morning before he goes out to work is the equivalent of giving him a "cold shower. 

As he heads for the door slip some coriander seeds in his pocket. These are known to insure his fidelity. Give him a kiss good bye and wave seductively. Then take a kitchen match and strike it on the heel of your shoe while whispering, "Be True." Go to the bedroom and light  a white taper candle into which you have carved your initials with a paring knife.

Okay,  fair is fair,  so now it it the guys turn to keep the woman faithful.  This one is a little more complex because, well we woman are more "Complex." 

                             Magic Spell to Keep a Woman Faithful 

plastic wrap
1 string that has been bound around a whole chicken 
40 twist ties
1 anklet (your choice, diamonds are great; but not every one can afford such extravagance.) 

"To keep your woman home tie a withe around her feet." So says an old Irish spell. A withe is a band made of twisted, flexible shoots usually straw. The closest substitute you'll find are every day "twist ties."

Some authorities claim that the saying goes more like this, "To keep your wife at home you shall tie a hen around her feet." Now I am not actually suggesting you tie a wife's feet with hens or twist ties to keep her from leaving. 

What I am suggesting is that you "bind" her left ankle with a pretty anklet. Preferably with diamonds and gold ( or a reasonable facsimile) as these symbolize fidelity and a lasting relationship.  The way she unwraps your gift will foretell her faithfulness in the future to you. 

Wrap the anklet in plastic wrap (the clinging kind). Then braid forty twist ties around the "chicken" string, like when you make lanyard.  Forty ties symbolizes the perfect couple in witchcraft. Make two strands of twenty ties each and use the string as the center of the braid. Bind the gift by tying a bow with your string of braided twist ties.

Present the package to your woman and watch closely. She "must" open the gift with out breaking the string. But you can not tell her to do so. If she breaks the string is an omen that faithfulness is not a part of her nature, or that perhaps being devoted to you is against her will. 

To insure success, try tying a very loose knot and giving her a long leash with lots of loop holes. She must also open the plastic wrap without tearing it. If she tears it, she will "break your heart."

When the anklet is revealed, if she puts it on herself it means she is selfish in bed and hard to satisfy. If she asks you to help her fasten the clasp, rest assured that your money was well spent and that the two of you will live happily and faithfully ever after.

I wish you much luck and brightest of blessings!