Thursday, September 30, 2010

Everything Has Power, Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics says that we are co-creators, creating much of our world around us. For many people this idea is daunting and confusing.

When people play with the idea that they are the creators of their experience, they often get the strange idea that no one else has anything to do with it. From the extreme of having no power they leap to the other extreme of having all power.

On the contrary, everyone has the power to create their own experience. In any situation or event, all the people involved are creating their own experience. Everyone has the same power. 

And everything the same power. The wind, trees, flowers, stars, mountains, seas, rain, clouds and all the rest of the elements and objects of the natural Universe have the same power to create their own experience. A well trained magician,witch or shaman  wouldn't be surprised at the idea that computers are making use of humans to put themselves together. 

The wonderfully curious thing is, that we really don't have any way of proving this is so. I know my computer "Bragi" thinks it's true. In any case by taking this point of view that everything in Nature has it's own power, you learn to work respectfully with those powers, rather than trying to impose your will on dead matter. 

In true shamanic style, you will become able to learn their powers for your own use. In traditional societies the shaman or witch learns the invisible power of the wind, the movement of the jaguar, the healing power of the tree, and so on. 

While we can still do that today, as modern day shamans or witches we can also become updated by learning the power of electromagnetism, the movement of machines and the healing power of music. There is power to be found everywhere, and all power can be useful.

Brightest of Blessings!