Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love Magic Attraction Spell

This magic spell is best worked on a Friday evening.  Friday is sacred to Freya, the Norse equivalent of Venus. Venus is the goddess of friendship, courtship, love, romance, marriage, and family. The planet Venus is also associated with creativity and peace. 


Rose Water

Vanilla bean or extract
Gold glitter or two gold stars
Almond oil

This love magic recipe comes from a New Orleans voodoo spell. Prepare this magical perfumed oil using almond oil as a base. Add seven drops of rose water, three drops of lemon extract or three drops of lemon juice, a vanilla bean or seven drops of vanilla extract, and gold glitter or two gold stars. Anoint your pulse points before going out or add to bath water for a magical love attraction bath. 

Good Luck, Good Love and Good "Magic"


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